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Published on February 23, 2008

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Religion & Spiritual Religion & Spiritual 50 Spiritual Classics Basket Of Flowers, The Author Author Tom Butler-Bowden translated from the French by J.H. St. A Reader Reader Richard Poe Marguerite Gavin Price Price $ 24.98 $ 12.95 Discover the books that have already changed the lives of Wrongfully accused of theft, a gardener and his young millions. This unabridged guide to the literature of the spirit daughter maintain their innocence throughout their trial and surveys 50 of the all-time classics. conviction. James encourages Mary with lessons from nature and the gospel of the L... Addicted to Mediocrity Buddha's Teachings Author Franky Schaeffer Author Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, Tokyo, Japan Reader Nick Bernard Reader Jonathan Reese Price $ 9.95 Price $ 12.95 In this provocative book, Franky Schaeffer shows how Christians today have sacrificed the artistic prominence they Like all great religions, Buddhism teaches the importance of enjoyed for centuries and settled instead for mediocrity. The spiritual, or holy, values. This religion teaches that, if a person evidence for this sa... has a pure mind, everything he does will be pure and decent and that... African and African-American Religion Buddhism Author Dr. Victor Anderson Author Dr. Winston King Reader Ben Kingsley Reader Ben Kingsley Price $ 12.95 Price $ 12.95 Some thirty to forty percent of Africans practice traditional religions, many of which survive in Western monotheistic Siddhartha Gotama, quot;The Great Wayshower,quot; lived in the faiths. These traditional religions, generally tied to ethnic sixth century BCE in the Hindu culture of an area near groups in the su... modern Nepal. After six years as a Hindu ascetic, Siddhartha renounced asceticism after... Page 2 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Changed Life and The Greatest Thing In Code Name God: The Spiritual Odyssey of The World, The a Man of Science Author Author Henry Drummond Mani Bhaumik Reader Reader Pamela Garelick Stefan Rudnicki Price Price $ 9.95 $ 14.95 Once again, these beautiful and deeply moving reflections by Born in the impoverished Indian province of Bengal, Dr. Mani renowned nineteenth-century Scottish evangelist Henry Bhaumik became a scientist and co-invented the laser Drummond can be enjoyed as originally intended, as a technology that made LASIK surgery possible. Upon realizing sermon designed to inspire a ... that fame and fortune c... Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, The Confessions of Saint Augustine Author Author Hannah Whitall Smith Saint Aurelius Augustinus Reader Reader Marguerite Gavin Bernard Mayes Price Price $ 16.95 $ 26.95 quot;The truths I have to tell are not theological, but practical. This is a timeless work, completely applicable to everyone They are, I believe, the fundamental truths of life and who has experienced the struggle between good and evil in experience.quot; —from the book his own soul. Augustine was raised by a devout Christian mother. He abandoned th... Classical Religions and Myths of the Mediterranean Basin Confucianism and Taoism Author Author Dr. Jon David Solomon Julia Ching Reader Reader Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley Price Price $ 12.95 $ 12.95 After the Ice Age, hunting and foraging communities evolved The name quot;Confuciusquot; is a Latinized version of quot;Kong Fuzi,quot; to a more settled, agricultural life; belief in savage animal meaning quot;Master Kong.quot; Kong Qiu (551-479 BCE) taught a spirits was replaced by a belief in domesticated spirits. With system of moral wisdom that would become a predominant the inventio... social force in China, from... Page 3 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Dogmatic Siblings End of Christendom, The Author Author Clint Gaige Malcolm Muggeridge Reader Reader Full Cast Production Frederick Davidson Price Price $ 1.99 $ 9.95 Infinite power discussed over coffee. Malcolm Muggeridge contends that Christendom is quite different from Christianity. In this book, Muggeridge explores the prevailing downfall of Christendom. He makes a cogent and convincing argument that now is a time to rejoice, “for it is precisely when every earthly hope has been explored and... Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Author Foxe's Book of Martyrs Anne Catherine Emmerich Author John Foxe Reader Nadia May Reader Robin Lawson Price $ 19.95 Price This book, one of the sources for Mel Gibson's motion picture, $ 26.95 The Passion of the Christ, is taken from the eighteenth- century journals of the Catholic nun who had visions of John Foxe carefully compiled records of the suffering and scenes from the life o... persecution of Christians. The Book of Martyrs became a sensational best-seller as a result. As interesting as fiction, it is written with ... Dorothy Day Author God in Sandals: When Jesus Walked Robert Coles Among Us Author Reader Margaret Montreuil C. M. Hbert Reader Price Mark Rosenwinkel $ 16.95 Robert Coles first met Dorothy Day when he worked in one of Price her Catholic worker soup kitchens. He remained close to this $ 23.95 inspiring and controversial woman until her death in 1980. His book confronts candidly the central puzzles of her life. This intimate biography about the human side of Jesus is an imaginative journey through the Biblical narratives of his life so that, by sharing in the experiences of those who knew him, we, too, ca... Page 4 of 60 Religion & Spiritual God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Hinds' Feet on High Places Everything Author Author Hannah Hurnard Christopher Hitchens Reader Reader Nadia May Christopher Hitchens Price Price $ 16.95 $ 27.99 Hinds' Feet on High Places is one of Hannah Hurnard's best- From the author hailed as quot;one of the most brilliant journalists known and loved books, a beautiful allegory dramatizing the of our timequot; (London Observer) comes a book that redefines yearning of God's children to be led to new heights of love, the debate about religion in public life. joy, and victory. God of All Comfort, The Hinduism Author Author Hannah Whitall Smith Dr. Gregory Kozlowski Reader Reader Susan O'Malley Ben Kingsly Price Price $ 16.95 $ 12.95 Sometimes uncertainty clouds our relationship to what we Hinduism is a very broad term for the religious practices and know to be the truth. Hannah Whitall Smith shares with doctrines of the Indian people. This tradition is believed to listeners her wisdom and understanding of the great rewards have begun in about 1800 BCE with religious poems known awaiting those who accept God’s love. as the Vedas. The... God Of Second Chances, The How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization Author Don Baker Author Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D. Reader Raymond Todd Reader Barrett Whitener Price $ 12.95 Price $ 16.95 Subtitled The Remaking of Moses, this book offers encouragement for the hurting and the heartbroken. What we No institution has done more to shape Western civilization need in the midst of life's bewildering experiences is not an than the two-thousand-year-old Catholic Church and in ways explanation but a deeper u... that many of us have forgotten or never known. This book by best-selling author... Page 5 of 60 Religion & Spiritual I Met God Judaism Author Author J. Neil Schulman Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder Reader Reader Brad Linaweaver, Jack Ben Kingsley Landman, J. Kent Hastings, Price Price $ 33.95 $ 12.95 The content of this book goes to the very center of Judaism is more than a religion; it is a civilization including a libertarianism and free thought. I am directly challenging Ayn people, a language, unique laws, a system of ethics, custom, Rand's epistemological and ontological premises with respect a homeland, and a theology. Judaism focuses on the proper to whether it is rati... and righteou... Into the Region of Awe: Mysticism in C. S. Know What You Believe Lewis Author Author Paul E. Little David C. Downing Reader Reader Larry McKeever Simon Vance Price Price $ 14.95 $ 14.95 Know What You Believe has helped countless new and C. S. Lewis is generally regarded as a commonsense longtime believers understand the basic truths of their Christian whose theology is understandable and practical. Christian faith. The book clearly explains what the Bible And yet, from his memoir Surprised by Joy to The Chronicles teaches with regard to the Holy ... of Narnia, from his nonficti... Know Why You Believe Islam Author Author Paul E. Little Dr. Charles Adams Reader Reader Larry McKeever Ben Kingsley Price Price $ 14.95 $ 12.95 Know Why You Believe will help you think through the Approximately one-fifth on the world's population is Muslim, answers to such questions as: How do I know there's a God? concentrated in an area on either side of the equator and Are miracles possible? Why is there pain and evil? Know stretching from Morocco in the west to the Philippines in the Why You Believe is a thinking... east. Islam mean... Page 6 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Language of God, The Many Ways to Say I Love You Author Author Francis S. Collins Fred Rogers Reader Reader Francis S. Collins Various Price Price $ 17.95 $ 12.75 Dr. Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, is A treasured collection of reflections on the joys and one of the world's leading scientists—yet he is also a man of challenges of family life from the man who welcomed unshakable faith in God and scripture... generations of parents and children into his neighbourhood... Letter to a Christian Nation Mere Christianity Author Author Sam Harris C. S. Lewis Reader Reader Jordan Bridges Geoffrey Howard Price Price $ 11.95 $ 16.95 In response to his award-winning bestseller The End of Faith, Mere Christianity brings together what Lewis sees as the Sam Harris received thousands of letters from Christians fundamental truths of the religion. Rejecting the boundaries excoriating him for not believing in God. that divide Christianity's many denomin-ations, Lewis finds a common ground on ... Life of Thomas More, The Native Religions of the Americas Author Peter Ackroyd Author Professor Ake Hultkrantz Reader Frederick Davidson Reader Ben Kingsly Price $ 36.95 Price $ 12.95 The Life of Thomas More went straight to the top of the London Times' best-seller list when published in the United Forty thousand years ago, Siberians traversed the Bering Kingdom. It remained in that position for over a month, Strait to enter the Western Hemisphere. The emigration to garnering the kind of pra... America occurred in three waves: the Amerind (ca.40,000 BCE), the Na Dene (ca.7000... Page 7 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity Problem Of Pain, The Author Author Dr. Jean Porter C. S. Lewis Reader Reader Ben Kingsley Robert Whitfield Price Price $ 12.95 $ 12.95 Christianity arose within the social and spiritual dislocation of For centuries, Christians have been tormented by one the Roman Empire. Jesus, perceived by authorities as a question above all: If God is good and all-powerful, why does threat to public stability, was executed in about 30 CE; his he allow his creatures to suffer pain? C.S. Lewis sets out to crucifixion and... disentangle this kno... Orthodoxy Prophet and Other Writings, The Author Author G. K. Chesterton Kahlil Gibran Reader Reader Fred Williams Jonathan Reese Price Price $ 16.95 $ 14.95 G. K. Chesterton was a journalist, playwright, poet, In this collection of works by mystical poet Kahlil Gibran, the biographer, novelist, essayist, literary commentator, editor, human soul is presented as essentially noble and good. His orator, artist, and theologian. A serious attack in 1903 against best-selling poem collection, The Prophet, is a discourse on Christianity by Robert Blatchford, well-known newspaper love, good and evil, religion, and death. In The Forerunner, editor, impelled Chesterton to seize the gauntlet of... Gibran makes clear that we are masters of our own... Practice of the Presence of God and As a Protestant Christianity Man Thinketh, The Author Author Dr. Dale A. Johnson Brother Lawrence: James Allen Reader Reader Ben Kingsley Edward Lewis Price Price $ 12.95 $ 9.95 Protestant Christianity began in the early 16th century as a The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence is a reform movement directed against Roman Catholic doctrines record of the conversations and letters exchanged between and practices. Early leaders such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Brother Lawrence and people in his community, who came to Zwingli, and John C... him for advice. As a... Page 8 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms Seductive Image, The Author Author C. S. Lewis K. L. Billingsley Reader Reader Ralph Cosham Frederick Davidson Price Price $ 12.95 $ 16.95 In one of his most enlightening works, C. S. Lewis shares his Americans fiercely defend the right to privacy, yet we open ruminations on both the form and the meaning of selected our homes, our lives, and our minds to a constant barrage of psalms. In the introduction he explains, quot;I write for the messages from television and film. Billingsley takes us inside unlearned about thin... the Hollywood mindset that produces today’s popular films and TV programs. He shows that a small group of people... Religion of Small Societies, The Shadow of the Almighty Author Professor Ninian Smart Author Elisabeth Elliot Reader Ben Kingsley Reader Elisabeth Elliot Price $ 12.95 Price $ 23.95 “Small societies” are the surviving peoples of ancient, indigenous cultures that now exist in and around modern quot;He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what nation-states; Eskimos, Lapps, the Dayak people of Borneo he cannot lose.quot; So wrote Jim Elliot at age twenty-two, (Indonesia), and the Ainu people of northern Japan are just a sweating over Greek roots and patristics at Wheaton College. few examples. Typically these are tribes of hunters, quot;Seven years later,... gatherers,... Shinto and Japanese New Religions Screwtape Letters, The Author Author Professor Byron Earhart C. S. Lewis Reader Reader Ben Kingsley Ralph Cosham Price Price $ 12.95 $ 14.95 Japan has so many religious traditions that it has been called A masterpiece of satire, this classic has entertained and a “living museum of religious traditions.” Buddhism (originally enlightened readers the world over with its sly and ironic from India) passed through China and Korea before entering portrayal of human life and foibles from the vantage point of Japan about 500 CE. Also at about this time Confucianism Screwtape, a highly placed assistant to “Our Father Below.” and Daoism (also called Taoism) were transmitted to... At once wildly comic, deadly serious, and strikingly... Page 9 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Skepticism and Religious Relativism Terror in the Name of God Author Author Dr. Nicholas Capaldi Jessica Stern Reader Reader Ben Kingsley Jessica Stern Price Price $ 12.95 $ 16.95 In philosophical terms, religions can be understood as the Based on her vast research, Stern lucidly explains how search for purpose, goals, meaning, and order. It is a search terrorist organizations are formed by opportunistic leaders for what we might call the cosmic order -- some greater who recruit the disenfranchised. structure within whi... Thinking About Moral Issues Susanna Wesley Author Author Dr. Richard DeGeorge Kathy McReynolds Reader Reader Cliff Robertson and Robert Nadia May Guillaume Price Price $ 19.95 $ 12.95 We all know that murder, lying, and stealing are wrong. Many This inspiring biography recounts the life of a woman who of us have also made up our minds on controversial topics used her strong leadership and faith to raise well-educated like abortion or capital punishment. Yet we continue to have and spiritually disciplined children. Susanna Wesley was one disagreements about such topics as we struggle to find what of church history'... is the “right” answer to moral problems. Religious... Ten Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes (But Can't, Because He Needs the Job) Author Author Paul Strathern Oliver quot;Buzzquot; Thomas Reader Reader Robert Whitfield Oliver quot;Buzzquot; Thomas Price Price $ 9.95 $ 9.95 In Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a quot;How did it all begin?quot; quot;What happens when we die?quot; These concise, expert account of Aquinas’s life and ideas and are just two of the questions Reverend Oliver quot;Buzzquot; Thomas explains their influence on man’s struggle to understand his hears centrist Christians asking as he travels across the existence in the world. United States, and he knows that their voices are not being heard. They're people of faith, not of politics, and they... Page 10 of 60 Religion & Spiritual Tomorrow's God Author Neale Donald Walsch Reader Neale Donald Walsh Price $ 15.95 This audiobook contains an astonishing prediction. And that prediction comes from an astonishing source. Author Neale Donald Walsch says it comes directly from God. We Are Their Heaven Author Allison DuBois Reader Allison DuBois Price $ 17.95 The inspiration for the hit television series Medium, Allison DuBois now brings listeners into her psychic experiences. Recalling her communication with spirits who have touched her over the years... World According to Narnia, The: Christian Meaning in C. S. Lewis's Beloved Chronicles Author Jonathan Rogers Reader Brian Emerson Price $ 25.95 In The World According to Narnia, Jonathan Rogers takes you further into the imaginative world of C. S. Lewis, showing how the story lines and characters from Narnia sing with biblical truth. The particular magic of the Narnia stories is their ability to awaken the reader to the imaginative... Page 11 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Meditation Religion & Spiritual / Meditation Page 12 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Meditation AM and PM Yoga Meditations Brainwave Suite Author Author Gael Chiarella Dr Jeffrey Thompson Reader Reader Gael Chiarella Dr Jeffrey Thompson Price Price $ 11.98 $ 17.98 These guided Yoga Meditations can open up a whole new Lush ambient music combined with natural brainwave dimension of your life. They are easy to follow and bring frequencies... positive results from the very beginning... Brainwave Symphony Awakened Mind System Author Author Dr Jeffrey Thompson Dr Jeffrey Thompson Reader Reader Dr Jeffrey Thompson Dr Jeffrey Thompson Price Price $ 17.98 $ 11.98 Natural brainwave frequencies combined with specially The Awakened Mind System uses pulses of sound combined chosen works of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and other with a lush ambient soundtrack. As you listen, your own great masters lets you orchestrate your state of mind. brainwaves begin to reflect the Awakened Mind pattern Creative Mind System Brainwave Journey Author Author Dr Jeffrey Thompson Dr Jeffrey Thompson Reader Reader Dr Jeffrey Thompson Dr Jeffrey Thompson and Owen Morrison Price Price $ 11.98 $ 17.98 The programme uses breakthrough audio processes which Natural brainwave frequencies combined with guided imagery stimulate the Creative mind pattern in your own brainwaves, and ambient music take you on an inner journey of the mind, which brings you to a natural state of heightened creativity body, heart and spirit... Page 13 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Meditation Gateways to Now Yoga of Sound, The Author Author Eckhart Tolle Russill Paul Reader Reader Eckhart Tolle Russill Paul Price Price $ 11.95 $ 14.98 A Life-Changing New Audiobook From The Author Of The Russill Paul masterfully blends the tremendous power of New York Times Bestseller... ancient chants with an ensemble of traditional indian and contemporary instrumentation... Yoga Meditations Author Various Reader Various Price $ 14.98 Based on the teachings of The Kripalu Center, these guided meditations attune you to the ever-present life force flowing throughout all levels of your being... Yoga Meditations Collection Author Various Reader Various Price $ 14.98 A powerful guided meditations master teachers lead you into the depths of your heart and mind... Page 14 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Alternative Therapies Religion & Spiritual / Alternative Therapies Page 15 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Alternative Therapies High Energy Living Author Sudhir Jonathan Foust Reader Sudhir Jonathan Foust Price $ 11.95 In this original audiobook, Sudhir Jonathan Foust has designed a series of guided experiences that allow you to tap into your core vitality and grow energized, vibrant, and fully alive. MindBody Health Audio Series: Dealing with Death & Dying of Loved One Author Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht Reader Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht Price $ 19.95 Working through loss of a loved one with original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Manage emotions, return to new normalcy earlier while transmuting negative energy into positive growth. Optimum Mind Performance Series: Prosperity Awareness Author Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht Reader Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht Price $ 19.95 The subconscious mind works as a servo-mechanism, or radar. Whatever you play, you get. Bring prosperity to you by working in the theater of your mind. Page 16 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Inspiration & Devotion Religion & Spiritual / Inspiration & Devotion Page 17 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Inspiration & Devotion Abraham (Unabridged) Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, The Author Author Bruce Feiler Edwene Gaines Reader Reader Bruce Feiler Edwene Gaines Price Price $ 7.49 $ 14.98 Traveling in war zones, and ancient shrines, and sitting down Overwhelmed and terrified, she turned toward her faith for with the world's leading religious minds, Feiler discovers the reassurance, sustenance, and finally for direction... untold story of the man who defines faith for half the world... God's Comfort Call, The Author Author Various Oriah Mountain Dreamer Reader Reader Various Oriah Mountain Dreamer Price Price $ 5.95 $ 16.95 In times of illness, anxiety or sorrow, when hope is most Oriah shows us how to discover and live fully our true selves elusive, the Bible stands as a beacon of eternal solace and and heart's desires. strength... Conversations with My Dog God's Wisdom Author Author Zig Ziglar Various Reader Reader Zig Ziglar Various Price Price $ 24.95 $ 5.95 A very unusual conversationalist reveals very unusual Bible passages exploring God's guidance for our lives. conversations with his dog. Featuring beautiful classical music interwoven thoughout the program. A powerfully inspirational listening experience you'll return to again. Page 18 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Inspiration & Devotion Greatest of These is Love, The Spiritual Literacy Author Author Various Mary Ann and Frederic Brussat Reader Reader Various Jayne Atkinson and Howard McGillan Price Price $ 5.95 $ 10.95 Celebrate the most sacred gift we have—and share it with An audiobook that belongs in every seeker's home, Spiritual loved ones—with these eternal, awe-inspiring selections, Literacy answers the universal question, quot;How can I live a which include passages from Ruth, the Song of Solomon, spiritual life every day?quot; Corinthians and John There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Jesus, the One and Only Problem Author Author Beth Moore Wayne W. Dyer Reader Reader Laural Merlington Wayne W. Dyer Price Price $ 24.95 $ 12.95 Walk the dusty roads of Israel. See a man on a hillside Wayne W. Dyer shows us that there is an omnipresent teaching. At the dinner table with sinners. Encounter God's spiritual force right at our fingertips. only begotten - His beloved One. Walking in Your Destiny New Revelations, The Author Author Juanita Bynum Neale Donald Walsch Reader Reader Sandra Burr Various Price Price $ 24.95 $ 15.95 Embrace the greatness God has put within you! The human race has reached a Time of Choosing.... Page 19 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy Page 20 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy Abortion and Euthanasia Arthur Schopenhauer Author Author Dr. David James Dr. Mark Stone Reader Reader Robert Guillaume Charlton Heston Price Price $ 12.95 $ 9.95 British and American common law traditionally prohibited Schopenhauer emphasized the dark aspects of existence. abortion only after quickening (when the mother feels fetal Evil, pain and suffering are not aberration: they express the movements). But after the U.S. Civil War, states began inner nature of the world. He is pessimistic about the true absolutely prohibiting ab... nature of existence;... Aristotle Autobiographical Reflections Author Author Thomas C. Brickhouse Eric Voegelin Reader Reader Charlton Heston Bernard Mayes Price Price $ 9.95 $ 14.95 Aristotle, known as quot;the Philosopherquot; by later thinkers, This is an ideal introduction to the ideas of Eric Voegelin, a created a huge body of work that was virtually synonymous man whom many regard as the greatest thinker of our time. with philosophy for over 2000 years. His most well-known Here we encounter the stages in the development of his doctrines include the not... unique philosophy of ... Aristotle in 90 Minutes Avicenna and Medieval Muslim Philosophy Author Author Paul Strathern Professor Thomas Gaskill Reader Reader Robert Whitfield Lynn Redgrave Price Price $ 9.95 $ 12.95 Aristotle wrote on everything from the shape of seashells to Islam is a monotheistic religion that affirms the existence of sterility, from speculations on the nature of the soul to One absolute and perfect God. As it spread by conquest in meteorology, poetry, art, and even the interpretation of the 7th century, Islam encountered many new and foreign dreams. Apart from ma... traditions, includin... Page 21 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy Baruch Spinoza Confucius in 90 Minutes Author Author Thomas Cook Paul Strathern Reader Reader Charlton Heston Robert Whitfield Price Price $ 9.95 $ 9.95 A Portuguese Jew living in Holland, Spinoza sought a life of In Confucius in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, quot;supreme and unending happinessquot;. Unable to find deep expert account of Confucius's life and ideas and explains their satisfaction in the usual pleasures of social life, politics or influence on man's struggle to understand his existence in the business (or in ri... world. Bertrand Russell and A.N. Whitehead Confucius, Lao Tzu, and the Chinese Philosophical Tradition Author Professor Paul Kuntz Author Crispin Sartwell Reader Lynn Redgrave Reader Lynn Redgrave Price $ 12.95 Price The 20th century English philosophers Bertrand Russell and $ 9.95 Alfred North Whitehead will be forever linked by their The golden age of Chinese philosophy dates from the birth of collaboration of Principia Mathematica, a three volume Confucius (551 BC) until China was unified (and learning technical work that used pur... suppressed) in 221 BC. China's great Confucian philosophers were Confucius, Men... Case for a Creator, The Consolations of Philosophy, The Author Lee Strobel Author Alain de Botton Reader Lee Strobel Reader Simon Vance Price $ 23.99 Price Lee Strobel investigates the latest scientific discoveries to see $ 14.95 whether they form a solid basis for believing in God. Read by Alain de Botton draws on the work of six of the world's most Lee Strobel. brilliant thinkers to offer this panoply of accessible, entertaining wisdom to guide us through our most common problems. From the frust... Page 22 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy David Hume Drugs and Alcohol Author Author Nicholas Capaldi Dr. Rod L. Evans Reader Reader Charlton Heston Robert Guillaume Price Price $ 9.95 $ 12.95 David Hume sought to create a comprehensive quot;science of quot;Drugs,quot; a broad and vague term, usually refers to mind- manquot; in order to understand human nature and human altering chemicals that people ingest. But this covers a wide actions. He saw a constant social and political tension range, including medical prescriptions, legal stimulants (e.g. between liberty and authority, and... caffeine and tob... Descartes in 90 Minutes Duns Scotus and Medieval Christianity Author Author Paul Strathern Professor Ralph McInerny Reader Reader Robert Whitfield Lynn Redgrave Price Price $ 9.95 $ 12.95 René Descartes spent most of his childhood in solitude, a The Roman Empire became Christian in 323 AD; about two situation that also came to characterize his adult life. centuries later, the rest of Europe began converting to Fortunately, these countless lonely hours helped Descartes Christianity. Medieval culture blurred the line between the produce the declaration... sacred and the secular, an... Descartes, Bacon and Modern Philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche Author Author Professor Jeffrey Tlumak Professor Richard Schacht Reader Reader Lynn Redgrave Charlton Heston Price Price $ 12.95 $ 9.95 Rene' Descartes (1596-1650), the father of modern Nietzsche condemned nearly all of the religious and rationalism, abandoned traditional paths to knowledge and philosophical thought of his day to blunt terms (e.g., God is developed a new method of seeking truth. Descartes doubted dead). He says the only reality is this world of life and death, everything to eliminate precon... conflict and chang... Page 23 of 60 Religion & Spiritual / Philosophy Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Human Rights and Civil Rights Author Author Professor John E. Smith John Arthur Reader Reader Charlton Heston Robert Guillaume Price Price $ 9.95 $ 12.95 Hegel created a vast speculative and idealistic philosophy, Individual rights morally protect a person against oppression where truth is found not in the part but in the whole. Nature is by the powerful (such as the democratic majority, the an organic whole shot through with rationality akin to the government

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