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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: masonheTOK


Religious System Knowledge: Religious System Knowledge What is religion?: What is religion? An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and worship of a superhuman that controls the powers of life. What practical problems can be solved?: What practical problems can be solved? Through religion, people create morals. Religion helps make people be ‘good’. Ex. Christians believe that God would punish them if they do something bad. So if a Christian sees money on the street, he/she will not steal money due to his/ her belief. Importance: Importance Religion is important because it helps how different groups of people view the world in order to make sense of our lives about how we should live. Emotion, Perception, and Reason: Emotion, Perception, and Reason Emotions in religion: People “feel good” in church, doctrines, and preaches regardless if the evidence is convincing to be true. Perception: People begin to view what is good in this and world and what is bad. Reason: They are convinced by the religious morals and beliefs.

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