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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: humbertogomezsequeira



This is an essay on the separation of the human being from nature by the theocracy who exploits ignorance and fear.

The Darwinian Primate Review of the Thought Without Divine Breath Editor: Humberto Gómez Sequeira-HuGóS Number 1 — February 28, 2014 — Los Ángeles, CA, USA Religion Separates the Human Being from Nature Nature and the kingdoms of organisms that engendered are the result of the Big Bang. The understanding of this concept dispels the creationist hallucination—incited with illiteracy, obscurantism and fear—that the Church, with the collaboration of the State, uses to keep millions of human beings—who live in the misery that the feudal lords called popes create—enslaved to their avarice, opulence, and indifference. However, knowing the universe requires freedom, volition, courage and determination. These natural properties—which human beings developed during their evolutionary-revolutionary struggle to understand and engage with nature—continue to be extirpated from our social brain by the men and women of the trinity of god who control the power of the State and the mind of the believers: the bankers, the politicians, and the arms dealers. They create the conditions that generate insecurity, fear, and the sense of powerlessness via the theft of the national wealth; the prime rate; the minimum starving wage; unemployment, homelessness, hunger and the war budget. The social insecurity that the inefficiency of the capitalist mode of production and the avarice of the bourgeoisie create is used by the preachers of the Apocalypse as matter of fact to

prove the consequences of "man's separation from god." This is one of the main hallucinatory allegations of the popes and their reason for making the holy war: that the human being is not a natural organism endowed with the same elements and dynamism of a star. There is not a separation between nature and the human being. This is not possible. If a human being does not drink water or if the Sun stops combusting, they die. The relation that nature and the human beings have is free—without meaning, intention or taxation—and the source of realization of the human being's chemical self. This is what the popes do not want; therefore, they invented religion as the instrument they use to keep humanity separated from nature, living and dying in ignorance and fear.

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