Relations between Russia and Turkey

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Information about Relations between Russia and Turkey

Published on August 20, 2008

Author: avatarlanguages_students



Alexei's presentation about Russian-Turkish Relations - Alexei is a student at

The relations Russia with Turkey began when Turkey conquested Crimea in 1475.  The turks oppressed the Russian merchants in Azov and Cafe.

The wars: 1676−1681  1686−1700  1710−1713 1735−1739  1768−1774  1787−1792 1806−1812  1828−1829  1853−1856 1877−1878 Always, the relations Russia with Turkey was stressed

Turkey supported the Crimean`s Tatars in the marches against Russia. In 1676 began the first war Russia with Turkey. The Russo-Turkish wars were 10. The Turkey soldiers

The Russia won 7. The European states, Britain and Austria, supported Turkey in this ones. The last war 1877-1878 became the best victory of Russia in the opposition with the Turks. The Russia soldiers

The Ottoman management killed many local Christians in the last years an of the Ottoman empire. In the second world war Turkey declared a neutrality. Gasi Osman Pasha (Turkish Field Marshal)

In 1952 Turkey entered NATO. The relations between Russia with Turkey practically were not improved after the USSR collapsed. Suvorov (the Russia commander)

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