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Published on September 4, 2007

Author: Goldye


REKINDLING HOPES IN A FORGOTTEN TERRAIN:  REKINDLING HOPES IN A FORGOTTEN TERRAIN Dr. Amita Singh Associate Professor Centre for the Study of Law and Governance Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi NASSCOM report on ICT growth in India in US $ Million:  NASSCOM report on ICT growth in India in US $ Million Surfacing intricate connectivity :  Surfacing intricate connectivity Between technological systems , state institutions and the process of defining human history Inverse proportionality between infrastructural growth required to sustain technology and democratic state.(Hirsh 1965 and Posner 1961) Motivation to create governance structure whether private or public to support technology not equitable development. (Francis Fukuyama andamp; Caroline Wagner 2001:191) Generic Traits of Technological State:  Generic Traits of Technological State decision making / controls shift from state apparatus to technological regimes governed by the efficiency doctrine group dominance at the expense of others Women ,ICT & Governance:  Women ,ICT andamp; Governance TARAHaat- Bundelkhand Change Initiatives Gujarat Sanitation Programme - PURBA MIDNAPORE ICT Applications: Why?:  ICT Applications: Why? least developed regions in the country in which Per capita income lower than Rs.8000 versus the national average of Rs. 13,193 in 1997-98 . Less than 51% of rural men and 20% of rural women in the region are able to read and write in Bundelkhand . Severe patriarchy ratio of working factories to 100,000 people is lower than 1.6 in the Bundelkhand versus 6.3 in the rest of Central India. Crop productivity is among the lowest in the country Water logged or Rocky outcrops and boulder-strewn plains . region suffering from acute ecological degradation. Logging and mining activities denuded landscape and erosion. human population growing fourfold since 1961. Objectives of ICT Applications::  Objectives of ICT Applications: Motivating to participate in governance programmes Generating hopes through entrepreneurship Networking resource markets Overcoming market mafias Emboldening price determination of indigenous produce Methodology of ICT Applications ::  Methodology of ICT Applications : Change Initiatives; Nabannah,West Bengal Daily diary writing Communicating about skill development Training in computers Record keeping TARA-Haat: Developmental Alternatives,BundelkhandMP. Networking market sales Street theatre Advocacy campaigns through Singing, sloganeering. Making problems visible; :  Making problems visible; Need for school education! Education for entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurship for freedom! Freedom for empowerment! Agricultural Knowledge & Skills:  Agricultural Knowledge andamp; Skills Crop patterns Use of chemicals Patenting indigenous knowledge Sharing information Overcoming Gender Stereotyping::  Overcoming Gender Stereotyping: Child care for men Mechanical repairs for women Exchange of work evolves personalities 8 - Selected indicators: (Ranking from 1 to 10):  8 - Selected indicators: (Ranking from 1 to 10) Transparency Participation Accountability Ease of Service Delivery Social Well being Replicability Partnership Sustainability Catalyzing Governance!:  Catalyzing Governance! Giving voice to women in the marketeg;TARA-Haat Developing Self-help groups in solving local problems eg; complete sanitation in Poorba Midnapore-UNICEF project Developing skills,eg;Change initiatives Demand driven development,eg; Gujarat urban governance Towards Sustainability!:  Towards Sustainability! Networking NGOs with local governance. Local resource development through appropriate technology Generating self-help groups with local government bodies Engendering markets Reinventing women’s voice References::  References: Centre for Science and the Environment.  1999. The Citizen's Fifth Report: Part II Statistical Database.  CSE: New Delhi, 256p.  Development Alternatives. 1999. Reversing the Downward Spiral: Understanding the influence of livelihood systems on the resource base in Bundelkhand. Development Alternatives: New Delhi, 118p. Government of India. 2000. India 2000: A Reference Annual.  Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, p. 321.  Rawlins, Barbara, et al. April 1999. Checkdam Assessment Study: Final Report  Development Alternatives Bundelkhand Region. 53p + annexes   Thanking you:  Thanking you Greetings from women in India

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