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Information about Rejuvination

Published on January 12, 2014

Author: lucyb111



geography a level rejuvination

This is a knickpoint. As you can see there is an irregularity in the gradient of the river. There is also a lot of white water as well as rapids which shows that there is a lot of hydraulic action. A number of factors can cause knickpoints most commonly they are caused by rejuvenation. When a river is rejuvenated the adjustment to the new base starts at the sea and slowly works its way up the rivers course. The river gains cutting power in the form of vertical erosion which helps to adjust the profile of the river. The knick point is where the old profile joins the new. This is a river terrace. As you can see river terraces are flat pieces of ground that run parallel to the river. They are on both sides of the river bank.

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