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Published on December 28, 2007

Author: WoodRock


Slide1:  USAFE Reintegration: Process, Roles, and Functions Reintegration :  Reintegration Purpose Concept Process Roles/Functions Evaluation Reintegration Tool Box USAFE Reintegration: Purpose:  USAFE Reintegration: Purpose To successfully reintegrate Airmen with families, friends/community, and work centers following 90+ days deployment Concept:  Concept A gradual readjustment from the deployed environment to the home community is beneficial to Airmen and their families Effective reintegration following long-term deployments is a retention and readiness issue Gradual reintegration provides time for: Sufficient medical screening and follow-up Decompression Gradual adjustment of families Communication/relationship awareness Completion of required re-deployment/personal tasks This process is standardized and mandatory in USAFE Process:  Process Pre-arrival At deployed location At home station Day of arrival Decompression day Reintegration days Post reconstitution leave follow-up Large group and Individual/Small group Pre-arrival – 30 days prior:  Pre-arrival – 30 days prior Pre-arrival – deployed location Airmen screened by first sergeant/commander Begin completion of DD Form 2796 Airmen receive reintegration briefing Pre-arrival – at home station Spouses briefed on reintegration challenges Childcare workers briefed on children needs Supervisors briefed on workplace challenges Unit prepares welcome home activities Arrival – Day 0 and Day 1:  Arrival – Day 0 and Day 1 Arrival Day 0 Length: 30-45 minutes Turn in completed DD Form 2796 and Deployed Medical Record Turn in any weapons Turn in any classified documents Receive welcome from commander Receive reintegration schedule Be released to family and friends for 24 hours (minimum) Medical personnel begin screening DD Forms 2796 Decompression Day 1 Length: Minimum 24 hours Rest, decompression, personal time Complete urgent tasks (car insurance or car registration needs, change of address, housing needs) Visit children’s school, stop by work center, see friends, visit colleagues, check mail Screen medical records and schedule critical appointments (medical staff) Reintegration Process – Half Days 2 and 3 :  Reintegration Process – Half Days 2 and 3 Day 2 Length: Half day 0900-1300 (1400) Participate in required medical procedures Meet any scheduled medical appointments Receive Reintegration Briefing – Part I Receive Safety Briefing File travel voucher Decompression time Day 3 Length: Half day 0900-1300 (1400) Turn in mobility bag/equipment Complete unit-specific re-deployment requirements Complete personnel actions Receive Reintegration Briefing – Part II (Communication Workshops) Receive community notices Meet medical appointments Receive commander’s welcome back (individual) Turn in Reintegration Checklist Program Structure:  Program Structure MSG/CD Installation Reintegration Officer Unit Deployment Managers Reintegration Sponsor (For Individuals and Small Groups) Roles and Functions: MSG/CD:  Roles and Functions: MSG/CD POC for the base reintegration process Installation Combat Care POC Provides overall supervision of the reintegration process Appoints Installation Reintegration Officer Briefs installation commander on reintegration efforts Roles and Functions: Installation Reintegration Officer (IRO):  Roles and Functions: Installation Reintegration Officer (IRO) Oversees/administers the base-wide reintegration process Provides weekly updates to MSG/CD on base reintegration needs Receives data on returning airmen from Unit Deployment Managers Coordinates reintegration agencies schedule Coordinates pick up of weapons and classified documents Coordinates installation receptions/celebrations Roles and Functions: Unit Deployment Managers (UDM):  Roles and Functions: Unit Deployment Managers (UDM) Manages the unit-level reintegration procedures Tracks arrival of Airmen from deployment Provides weekly arrival information to IRO Activates unit Reintegration Sponsor for individual reintegration Collects DD Forms 2796 and Deployed Medical Records Roles and Functions: Reintegration Sponsor (RS):  Roles and Functions: Reintegration Sponsor (RS) FOR INDIVIDUALS AND SMALL GROUPS Ensures each returning member receives individualized attention Picks up/welcomes deployed member and transports to base Secures accommodations, if required Provides copy of Reintegration Checklist Schedules appointments and informs member Schedules reintegration briefings Updates UDM and IRO on reintegration progress Reports any signs of risk to appropriate agency Ensures entire reintegration process is completed Schedules one-on-one “welcome home” with commander Follow up and Evaluation:  Follow up and Evaluation Post reconstitution leave contacts Telephone contact 30 days after return from leave Personal contact using survey 3 to 4 months after leave Combat Care Survey completed during second week after return from reconstitution leave Anecdotal data collected from health care providers Reintegration Tool Box:  Reintegration Tool Box USAFE Reintegration Checklist 10 Reintegration information tri-folds Airmen, spouses, children, workplace supervisors, friends Other topics: stress, finances, work center challenges, single airmen and single parent Briefings and lesson plans Reintegration awareness (deployed location) Computer-based training or live briefing/discussion Communication with spouses/friends/children Safety Spirituality Workplace supervisors Childcare providers USAFE Airmen, Civilian, and Family Reintegration Manual

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