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Information about reincarnation

Published on January 29, 2008

Author: Dante


REINCARNATION: QUESTIONS WE ALL ASK THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (PASADENA) AUSTRALIA Tel: (03) 9528.1011 :  REINCARNATION: QUESTIONS WE ALL ASK THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY (PASADENA) AUSTRALIA Tel: (03) 9528.1011 WHAT IS REINCARNATION?:  WHAT IS REINCARNATION? REINCARNATION is derived from the Latin, meaning ‘re-infleshment’, the coming again into a human body of an excarnate human soul. The repetitive re-imbodiment of the reincarnating Human Ego in vehicles of human flesh – this being a special case of the general doctrine of Re-imbodiment. This general doctrine of re-imbodiment applies not solely to man, but to all centres of consciousness whatsoever, or to all monads whatsoever; wheresoever they may be on the evolutionary ladder of life, and whatsoever may be their particular developmental grade thereon. The meaning of this general doctrine is very simple indeed. It is as follows: every life-consciousness-centre, in other words, every ‘Monad’ or Monadic Essence’, reincorporates itself repeatedly in various vehicles or ‘bodies’. These bodies may be spiritual, or they may be physical, or they may be of a nature intermediate between these two, ie. ethereal. This rule of nature, which applies to all monads without exception, takes place in all the different realms of the visible and invisible universe, and on all its different planes, and in all its different worlds.” – G. de Purucker COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT REINCARNATION:  COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT REINCARNATION COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT REINCARNATION:  COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT REINCARNATION BOOKS ON REINCARNATION:  BOOKS ON REINCARNATION Some books in our library and bookshop on reincarnation: Leoline L.Wright Reincarnation: a lost chord in modern thought. This is a really good introduction to the whole subject from a theosophical perspective. Any of the series of books by Sylvia Cranston on the subject of reincarnation give more detailed information from many different perspectives: Reincarnation: the phoenix fire mystery; Reincarnation: a new horizon in science, religion and society; and Reincarnation: an east-west anthology. William Quan Judge The scope of reincarnation. G de Purucker The Esoteric Tradition Vol. 2, pages 593 to 704. Reincarnation is explored by several authors in a special issue of our magazine Sunrise: Sleep, Death and Rebirth: Gateways of Life. November 1980. The author wishes to acknowledge the ideas and content of the following website in the production of this FAQ:

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