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Information about REIKI -- Power of Healing.

Published on May 25, 2007

Author: Vision


Slide1:  Warning: Do not practice Reiki without a Master Reiki:  Reiki What is Reiki? History of Reiki How Reiki works Applications of Reiki Levels of Reiki Training Reiki Treatment Methods Reiki Attunement Process I will live the Attitude of gratitude and count my. blessings I will not worry I will not anger I will earn my living honestly I will be kind to myneighbour and every living thing. Five Principles of REIKI Just for Today …….. What is Reiki?:  What is Reiki? Rei = Universal Ki = Life Force Energy Synonyms of Ki Chi in China Prana in India Ka in Egypt Holy Ghost in Bible Orgon by Dr Reich Pneuma in Greek…. History of Reiki :  History of Reiki In pre-patriarchal India, Lord Shiva brought it to this planet and encoded in human genes Gautam the Buddha discovered it Jesus the Christ was trained on it in Tibet In late 1800 Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered form ancient sanskrit Tibetan Sutras Dr Chijiro Hayashi became master in 1925 and initiated 13 Masters Ms Hawayo Takata received for Mastership from Dr Hayashi in 1938 . She trained 22 Reiki Masters in USA/ Canada Paula Horan and William Rand did lot of work in India on Reiki and trained Masters. Dr Chijiro Hayashi Ms Hawayo Takata Dr Mikao Usuii Vedic Mantra for Hasta – Chiktsa:  Vedic Mantra for Hasta – Chiktsa AyaMxmaoxhstaaoxBagavaa, nayaMxmaoxBagava<ar:x| AyaM maoxivaSvaBaoYajaao, yaM iSavaaiBamaSna:x|| Aqaa-ta maorI pa`tyaok xhqaolaIxBagavaanax(eoSvaya-SaalaI) hO; AcCa Asar krnao vaalaI hO; AiQakaiQak eoSvaya-SaalaI hO | maoro haqa maoM ivaSva ko saBaI raogaaoM kI samasta AaOYaiQayaaM hO; maoro haqa ka spaSa- klyaaNakarI, sava-inaraogainavaark AaOr sava-saaOndya-sampaadk hO || How Reiki works -I:  How Reiki works -I Inside every human being there is a subtle system of channels (nadis/meridians) and centers of energy (chakras) which look after our physical, intellectual,emotional and spiritual being Reiki flows through this system Ida/Pingla/Sushumna are main Nadis for flow of Reiki Pingla Ida Sushumna (Manipura) How Reiki works - II:  How Reiki works - II All beings are given a spark of Ki at birth, which is stored in them for life This Ki energy has its own force field, known as Aura, which has colours. Along spine there are seven energy transformers in form of vortices known as Chakra Flow of Reiki removes blocks and balances Chakras and increases Ki Chakras impact Endocrine glands and which results in healing How Reiki works - III:  How Reiki works - III . Chakra Vs Endocrine Glands and Emotional Intelligence Crown/Pineal-Synergy,Intuition,Spirituality Brow/Pititutary- Forgiving, Discrimination, Emotional Throat/Thyroid-Communication, collectivity Heart/Thymus-Fearlessness S_Plexus/Pancreas-Contentment Sacral/Gonads-Aesthetics Root/Adrenals –Innocence/ Transparency The Human Chakra System:  The Human Chakra System Applications of Reiki:  Applications of Reiki Physical Ailments Healing Proximity Distance Emotional and Stress Healing Goal Achievement Relationship Issues Abundance Plants /Animal Healing Healing the Earth Spiritual Advancement Levels of Reiki Training:  Levels of Reiki Training First Degree for self and others proximity healing Second Degree Distance Healing Third Degree Master Healer Fourth Degree Master/Teacher Fifth Degree Grand Master Reiki Treatment Method Ist:  Reiki Treatment Method Ist First Degree –By laying hands on various positions on body covering all chakras and related organs Reiki Treatment Guide:  Reiki Treatment Guide Reiki Treatment Guide:  Reiki Treatment Guide Reiki Treatment Method IInd:  Reiki Treatment Method IInd Second Degree – By Using Symbols Power Symbol (Cho-Ku-Rei) Emotional Healing Symbol (Sei-He-Ki) Distance Healing Symbol (Hon-She-Ze-Sho-Nen) Reiki Treatment Method IIIrd:  Reiki Treatment Method IIIrd Third Degree – By Using Master Symbol Dai-Ko-Myo Reiki Attunement:  Reiki Attunement Reiki in not taught but is transferred by a Reiki Master during an attunement process. This Process opens the crown,heart and palm chakras and creates a special link with Reiki source. The person receiving attunements become a Reiki Channel for one lifetime. Reiki energy has intelligence of its own and flows automatically based on the requirement of the person receiving Reiki. Reiki Attunement Process:  Reiki Attunement Process Basic Methodology Decorate the Attunement Room. It should be separate from main Room :   Flower Candle Attunement chair       Master Tibetan Bell Counter Clock wise(ccw) Light the candle and Energize the room, especially in corners in CCW direction Invite Reiki : -Attitude of Gratitude ; “I thank Reiki, all the masters and ………….(own name)” -Draw Symbols Master /HSJSN/SK/CKR (M123); - Say “ Reiki , you are kindly invited to do the attunement of ……………….. for ……….Degree Call the person while standing on left side of door and bow and bring him to chair without touching. Tell the person to sit comfortable with feet flat on ground Ask to fold hands in Namaskar mudra, close eyes and say “ Don’t open till I say so”, Ask to take a deep breath. Ask to relax. Say “Thank you”………………………………………………….Contd/-

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