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Published on April 18, 2008

Author: Marcell


The Regional Events Strategy and 2012 Olympics – what it means for the Region :  The Regional Events Strategy and 2012 Olympics – what it means for the Region David Andrews Chief Executive Context:  Context Why Major Events Strategy Opportunity & Definition 2012 parallel process RES and Northern Way Process:  Process Steering Group MES/2012 MJA Matchpoint 5 Cities support Soft launch MES Findings:  MES Findings Region has no competitive advantages Networks poor Infrastructure aging But… Willingness to succeed Need to focus effort & resources on key strengths 5 Strategic Event Hubs:  5 Strategic Event Hubs Sheffield – Sport West Yorkshire – Cultural Diversity North Yorkshire – Outdoor Activities The Coast – Maritime Activities Leeds – Business & Entertainment Likely Event Type & Impact:  Likely Event Type & Impact Integrated Region Wide Approach:  Integrated Region Wide Approach Programming – Identify suitable events Attracting & Staging – Event bidding team Small portfolio in early phase of MES Utilise 5 cities expertise for delivery Delivery Roadmap:  Delivery Roadmap Benefits:  Benefits Direct impact Additional Expenditure Improved facilities Community linkages Indirect Brand awareness Inward investment 2012 Olympics :  2012 Olympics 2012 Olympics - Current Status :  2012 Olympics - Current Status Olympic Project Manager Experienced advice Facilities Audit Presentations to 82 community leaders Sub-regional support network Olympic offer defined and distributed to IOC Media engagement and support Hearts and minds – YF, Yorkshire Culture, Sport England Real vision – making 2012 work for us – catalyst for change Action Plan:  Action Plan Action Plan – Specific Requirements:  Action Plan – Specific Requirements Develop requirements profile of each country -compare to current Yorkshire offer Develop gap analysis Define strategies to close gaps Recognise sport is key to business success Action Plan – Assess Capability:  Identify necessary local capabilities Harness existing capability Develop required capability Adapt current practices to suit market need, e.g. exclusive use of venues Action Plan – Assess Capability Action Plan – Establish Relationships:  Action Plan – Establish Relationships Understand decision-making process Identify important relationships Develop and implement relationships building plan – regional, national, international Action Plan – Define Timing:  Action Plan – Define Timing Consult bid Define timing Execute in stages Region is ahead Need to keep ahead Immediate Actions - Olympic Steering Group:  Immediate Actions - Olympic Steering Group Facilities audit – implications, opportunities, timetable, action Accommodation audit Begin ‘relationship audit’ – sport, government, business Establish/reinforce GB sports relationships -BOA, BPA, NGBs Establish Ambassador Programme Continue low cost public awareness campaigns Utilise support assets Prepared 6 July party Immediate Actions - The Big Picture…:  Immediate Actions - The Big Picture… Initial overviews of the following initiatives should begin to be formed Major Events Plan – launch Prepare for Olympic Opportunities Conference Establish Yorkshire & Humber Olympic Task Force detail plan - ready for execution Identify Chair Beyond December 2005:  Beyond December 2005 November/December Regular meetings of Task Force Establish short, medium, long term goals Preparation of Services Network Register Regional orientation process for NGBs Presence at major international sport fora including for NOCs Engagement in NOC fora Establish Sub-regional Task Forces Beyond December 2005:  Beyond December 2005 Identify regional affinities and links to: Previous sports visits/events Tourism (USA, Germany and Commonwealth Countries) Business - China Cultural – Indian sub-continent, Northern Europe Develop strategies to leverage: Previous hosts – China/Beijing? Role of 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi? Slide22:  Leveraging the 2012 Games Market region as nation’s premier elite training camp destination Promote region as the preferred destination for pre-Olympic and Paralympic training and competition Focus on: profile/financial status of NOC/NPC/sport region’s sports targets business markets communities with strong cultural links to the region Implications for Overall Strategy Slide23:  Implications for Overall Strategy Leveraging the 2012 Games Develop strategies, structures, systems and partnerships - ensure sporting relationships are supported by parallel tourism and business initiatives for sustainable economic and social benefits post-2012 Recognise that mutually beneficial outcomes for hosts and guests alike will be key to sustainable long-term success Slide24:  2012: Our Games, Our Future

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