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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: mcaggia



Brief presentation that highlights the differences between the regions of colonies among the 13 British American Colonies.

for Unit 1A (sections 3.1)

 Although the 13 original colonies all were part of the British Empire they had little in common

New England Colonies •Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut •farms were small •many populous towns •rich seaports, such as Boston •industrious: small businesses, milling grain, sewing clothes, furniture making, and ship building (also gun-making, paper) •emphasis on the Puritan Work Ethic

Middle Colonies •New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware •“bread colonies” due to their wheat and grain crops •abundant natural resources provided for sawmills, mines, and ironworks •major seaports: Philadelphia, New York City •industry and agriculture benefited from immigration from Germany, Holland, Sweden, and others

Southern Colonies •Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia •large plantations and small farms •tobacco and rice were major crops, also indigo and grain •relied on slave labor •major port: Charleston, SC, Wilmington, Richmond, Baltimore •very little industry and commerce, primarily agriculture •government and economy run by the wealthy and influential plantation owners •many laws focused on controlling slaves

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