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Published on June 27, 2009

Author: decina



all pictures in motion, rain, arrows. Lovers, special friends, marriages, relationships, lovers who don't understand you have moved on

Reflective images of you run wildly. One often wonders was is it ever worth all the effort? The entangled web we try not to get caught in, yet we mistakenly drift right towards it.

Allowing ourselves to be taken in multiple directions.

For a brief moment, almost felt like time had worked itself backwards but forward maturely? By far, the most beautiful feeling.. one couldn’t make sense of .. A fantasy is all we can hang on to.. Until time coincides with what we really feel… Traveling to that destination by plane or car embracing the thought that we will soon be in each other’s arm.

Leaving reality to become even clearer. Our lives are on diverted paths, fantasies, brief thoughts and moments are all we had.

Reverse back 17yrs is what held me at a brief standstill?

Copyright By Decina, ES I have since beautifully moved on and so should you now.

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