Reflections and research for human rights

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Information about Reflections and research for human rights

Published on October 12, 2016

Author: Ondera15



2. Questions For Reflection(s)

3. What do you think of human rights? When most people think about human rights the first thing comes to mind is the voting procedure. However, my first thought of human rights is the equality pay and how men get paid more than women. So the idea that I have in mind is to make a poster to show people why this is unfair and should be tolerated anymore. I want to show the public why this is a serious matter and should not exist anymore as it just creates more negativeness and uncertainty around the world.With all of the information that I gather I am going to make a TV campaign to support human rights. In the world there are men and women who work for the same hours but you in the majority that men get paid more than women just because of their gender. I have no clue why this is going but I think it should be stopped as soon as possible so that is the whole point of me making thisTV campaign.An example of this situation is the difference between a 17 year old and 27 year old. Most bosses nowadays see it as the more older you are the better pay.This means that teenagers get paid less because of their age.They would work the same hours but it would still mean that the younger group would get paid less. I want to make sure that this message is across and solved.

4. What other themes I considered and why? • The other theme(s) that I considered while taking a look at my options was possibly education as I can relate to it my self because I'm in education and taking a course in my favourite area, media. It will be easy for me to talk about it as I have experienced a lot while my time in education.This can be from primary school all the way up to my time present time in college. Also, I would be able to express my feelings on how they could improve the education of students in secondary school or in universities.

5. What discussions with other class mates have you had and how have they helped? • I had very good discussions with my class mates about my chosen topic and they gave positive feedback about the topic chosen.They also gave me good ideas on what I could do to make my poster as effective as possible.The discussions that I had with my class mates also involved their views and opinions on this topic and the majority agreed with the idea that it is not right that women get paid less than men.They think that the paid should be equal.Women and men work for the same hours daily but still there is a pay difference between the both genders.That is why I'm going to create a campaign hoping that I get my message across. My class mates also said that one problem in the world that hasn’t been solved yet is, equality.The reason for them saying this is because they is a lot of separations between gender and physical descriptions. People are too easily judged on their physical description and are being overlooked for many things.This has to change.

6. Why does this then matter to you? • This topic really matters to me as I want to get things straightforward and want this problem to be answered, as why are women being paid less than men?They work for the same hours but they are separated in many areas.Women look weak in the eyes of society and men look overpowered just because they are men.This is a question for the government/society or whoever decided that this happen and that I'm hoping for this to be answered by the use of my campaign. I'm going to do my best and bring my A game to the table.

7. Who would be interested in this theme? • I think that people would be very interested in this theme as it is a topic that is talked about a lot and with the statistics that has been shown, human rights is one of the most researched topics on the internet and there is unanswered questions regarding this theme. I hope to put these questions in the minds of the government or who ever deals with these situations with the help of my campaign. People will be interested to read into this topic and find out more regarding this theme.

8. What initial ideas have you had for a possible poster, radio advert andTV advert campaign? • Although I haven’t yet decided what my final design is going to look like, I have a few initial ideas which I'm hoping is going to help me decide what my final piece is going to look like. So how I thought my poster is going to look like is to have a picture of coins stacked up in two row separated apart, one of these for women and the other for men.The stack on the left hand side is going to be the women’s stack and how much they earn, and the one on the right is going to be the men’s stack which is a lot higher than the women's as it shows that men get paid more than women although they work for the same hours. My chosen slogan is “Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay”.That how far I’ve got at the moment but I'm hoping to come up with more ideas throughout this procedure.

9. Research

10. Innocence en Danger This is a poster campaign which shows a man with a smudged face and a love heart possibly being the factor causes the face to be all over the place. I think that this poster is really effective as it shows the communication of the people online who may not be telling the truth (catfish). I know this from the rhetorical question on the right hand side on the poster which say “who’s really chatting online with your child” which is a question possibly for the parents of a particular person who has been chatting to older people than them.The image itself is quite graphical and you can tell that it has been really edited in possibly Photoshop as it may have took time to do so. The title ‘Innocence en Danger’ possibly has the meaning that the people talking online may not be true and are in danger of something bad happening to them if they don’t really know who they are talking to.

11. Spring This is a real life campaign that has been published possibly for audiences to make the most out of spring as it is a time of festive treats and pure fun.The image consist of a man in his underwear who is lying down on grass trying to ensure that he makes the most out of spring. Right on top of his middle section, you can see the title of this poster campaign, written as ‘SPRING’ which obviously represents that time of the year. Furthermore, under the title you have the slogans which are really effective as I feel that they basically sum up what spring really is.

12. Dove Campaign For Real Beauty This is another real campaign poster which is really impressive and is about the company ‘Dove’ used as a body lotion. The image is showing a couple of women who are all half naked.The reason for this is because they want to be natural and show their skins to reveal to possible Dove clients the effects of using this lotion.The company are trying to attract customers by the use of this campaign.

13. Secondary Research Into Human Rights • The pay gap is even bigger for working mothers and minority women. It’s been well documented that minority women and working mothers earn less than their white and single working counterparts annually. If you’re a working mom, your Equal Pay Day would actually fall on June 4. African-American women would have to work untilAugust 23, and Hispanic women would have to work until November 1 of this year to match men’s wages in 2015. • The pay gap varies greatly from state to state. If you’re looking for less pay disparity, head toWashington, D.C.:Women there are paid 90 percent of their male counterparts (the smallest gap in the country). Louisiana, meanwhile, has the largest gap, with women earning just 65 percent of their male coworkers’ salaries. • Women start at a disadvantage right after graduating college. A recent study by the American Association of UniversityWomen found that exactly one year after graduating college, full-time women workers earn 7 percent less than what men were making a year after graduation.And if you’re thinking it’s probably because male graduates chose more lucrative career paths, think again:The study compared female and male students who worked in the same field, clocked the same hours, and graduated with the same degree, and yet women still tended to make less money. • Once women start to work in male-dominated fields, salaries in those jobs tend to go down. The pay gap used to be justified by pointing out that women often worked in lower paying jobs than men. But as women have started to move into previously male-dominated careers, the pay in those jobs has begun to decline. For instance, parks and recreation median hourly wages went down 57 percent after women began crowding out that job field.And the same trend occurred once large numbers of female designers (a 34 percent decrease) and biologists (an 18 percent decrease) entered those fields. • It’s going to take more than 100 years to close the pay gap. Back when the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963, women made 59 percent of what men earned.As more women joined the workforce, the gap had closed to 72 percent in 1990. But in more than 20 years, advancement on pay equality has stalled and the gap currently stands at 79 percent. If we continue with such modest gains, the World Economic Forum predicted it would take 118 years until the global pay equality is finally achieved.As Kristen Schaal sadly put it, at this rate, it’s more likely we’ll have flying cars and life on Mars before we get equal pay between men and women. •

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