Reflecting evidence and integration: highlighting a spectrum of ePortfolio use at UW

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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: RJohnRobertson



"Reflecting evidence and integration: highlighting a spectrum of ePortfolio use at UW" R. John Robertson, ePortfolio and Online Learning Support, UW-Oshkosh and Saundra Solum, Instructional Technology Coordinator, UW-La Crosse. LTDC West
April 25th 2013

Reflecting evidence and integration: highlighting a spectrum of ePortfolio use at UW R. John Robertson, ePortfolio and Online Learning Support, UWOshkosh and Saundra Solum, Instructional Technology Coordinator, UW-La Crosse April 25th 2013

Abstract We will highlight how our campuses (UW-L and UWO) are using, exploring, or developing ePortfolios at different stages of student progression and for different purposes noting the challenges and the potential of such an approach.

Introductions R. John Robertson, ePortfolio and Online Learning Support, UW-Oshkosh Saundra Solum, Instructional Technology Coordinator, UW-La Crosse

What is an ePortfolio? An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of artifacts that shows your learning over time. Artifacts may include writing samples, photos, videos, observations... Reflections are the key component, telling why the artifacts was chosen, what you learned from the process...

Theory of ePortfolios “Many people writing about e-portfolios believe that the benefit of e-portfolios has more to do with the active process of e-portfolio development than with the portfolio product itself. They see the development of the ePortfolio over time as key.” Stefani, Mason, Pegler (2007)The Educational Potential of ePortfolios: supporting personal development and reflective learning p19

Why a learning ePortfolio? "The use of the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to comment on their own learning using their own words. Traditionally, students have received feedback from others. In the ePortfolio process, students are critically analyzing their own learning, making connections and planning next steps in the evolution of their learning. They are becoming aware of their own learning strengths and can build upon them as continue in their learning journey." Carleen vande Zande, UWO Assistant Vice Chancellor Curricular Affairs & Student Academic Achievement

Using D2L for ePortfolios Remember there are many platforms that could be used to create an ePortfolio of student work. Assessing ePortfolio use is a balance of pedagogical fit, reliability, usability, appropriateness, and support needs.

D2L ePortfolio Integrated into D2L, providing a studentoriented file store and tools to craft web-based presentations or showcase of work without needing to code with HTML.

ePortfolio ● Admission to major ● Individual course project/Senior showcase or capstone project ● Major and/or department assessment ● Program assessment ● Professional development plan/Career

Admission to Major UW Oshkosh College of Business uses ePortfolios as part of their process of admission to their majors.

Senior Capstone Project Several UW-L departments have their seniors create an ePortfolio showcase or capstone project using a variety of structures, from competencies, projects, service/volunteer experience, and so on. Community Health Education Political Science Student Affairs Administration School Psychology Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Course ePortfolio Several courses use a course based ePortfolio, which has been used by our interviewing class, several English writing classes, education classes, and art classes.

Major/Department Assessment School of Education at UW-L and UWO use the ePortfolio for program assessment. At UW-L each student creates a pre student teaching ePortfolio and a post student teaching ePortfolio. Faculty complete a rubric for each ePortfolio.

SOE ePortfolio The students collect artifacts that illustrate how they teach and how they think about teaching and learning in a variety of contexts in which teaching and learning occur for each standard; and write a reflective narrative that includes their knowledge, skill, and disposition for each standard.

Program ePortfolio In the context of the University Studies Program at UWO our larger reform of our General Education Program the ePortfolio is used at program level.

A Course in USP Contributes

USP is seeking to help students relate their courses to a larger framework Signature Questions Liberal Education Essential Learning Outcomes Disciplinary Knowledge

Program ePortfolio Students use this ePortfolio content in the Connect course - a transition point in their 4th or 5th semester. They reflect on their ePortfolio of work and their progress so far and undertake a related significant piece of advanced writing.

Career/Professional Development Although many UW Careers Services already use ePortfolios in some form, the introduction of myD2L this spring provides further opportunities to transition their ePortfolio beyond their studies. There is an opportunity for the UW Career Services to use the ePortfolio for job and career portfolios.

myDesire2Learn Students may move their ePortfolio presentations, artifacts, and reflections to myD2L when they graduate allowing them to keep their presentations into the future.

Conclusion Video Sam Looker Director of WBIS (first year writing)


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