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Published on September 28, 2007

Author: lusi


Slide1:  Office of Electricity Transmission and Distribution September 2003 Marshall Reed U.S. Department of Energy Slide2:  A new Program Office like EERE and FE Reports to the Under Secretary Derives funding from EWD programs only What is the Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution Slide3:  How We Got Here “…It is a plan to modernize our electricity delivery system. It is a plan which is needed now. It is needed for economic security. It is needed for national security…” George W. Bush February 6, 2003 May 2001 May 2002 September 2002 Slide4:  San Francisco ‘00 Chicago ‘99 New Orleans ‘99 Atlanta ‘99 Delaware ‘99 New York ‘99 Detroit ‘00 West Coast ’96 18 18 17 San Francisco ‘00 Chicago ‘99 New Orleans ‘99 Atlanta ‘99 New York ‘99 Detroit ‘00 West Coast ’96 Northern California ‘01 Delaware ‘99 Texas ‘03 Recent Major Blackouts Midwest, Canada, & New York - Aug. ‘03 Slide5:  Major Transmission Bottlenecks Slide6:  Past grid studies remain un-implemented Electric system essential for U.S. economic and national security Neutral facilitator of solutions that benefit the entire country – federal agencies, regions, states, and consumers Need for U.S. DOE Leadership Slide7:  OETD Mission To lead a national effort to modernize and expand America’s electricity delivery system to ensure economic and national security. Slide8:  OETD Structure Office of the Director Electric Power Systems Operations and Analysis Program Electric Power Systems R&D Program Slide9:  Electric Power System R&D Transmission Systems Including high capacity conductors Distribution and Integration Including interconnection of distributed energy Electricity Storage Superconductivity Slide10:  Electric Power System Operations and Analysis Electricity Policy Modeling and Analysis Provide check/balance to the FERC Electricity Restructuring Electricity Import/Exports Including Presidential permits Power Marketing Administration Liaison Slide11:  National Electric System Vision and Roadmap Process Vision Roadmap Implementation Partnerships Action Agenda Goals Priorities RD&D Regulations Market Designs Industry Today Industry Tomorrow TechnologiesMarkets Policies “Pathways to Success…” Slide12:  Who Will Our Partners Be Electricity Consumers Electric and Gas Utilities Independent System Operators Equipment Manufacturers IT Companies State Agencies Other Federal Agencies Canada, Mexico, and other countries Trade Associations Environmental and Labor Groups Slide13:  Modernizing and expanding America’s electric delivery system is a Presidential priority DOE leadership is needed now to implement solutions that benefit all stakeholders New Office of Electric T&D is focused on both near and long term needs National vision and roadmap process key to building stronger public-private partnerships Conclusions Slide14:  Evaluation of 3M Advanced Composite Conductor: The Aluminum Matrix Composite (AMC) conductor as a replacement conductor can double the capacity of existing lines DOE/ORNL funded 3M to develop the AMC starting in 1998 ORNL and 3M will evaluate the conductor in high current tests at ORNL, and field tests at WAPA Cost could confine initial use to niche applications and upgrades of short, strategic lines Advanced Conductors Communications and Controls:  Communications and Controls Enables aggregated control of integrated systems across multiple sites Energy Storage:  Energy Storage Superconductivity Goals:  Superconductivity Goals Wires: HTS wires will carry 100 times the current without the resistance losses of comparable-diameter copper wire. Equipment: HTS equipment is half the size of conventional alternatives with the same power rating, and has only half the energy losses.

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