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Published on April 21, 2008

Author: redgrove



A RedGrove presentation by the Groovy Team

Hi! I'm Emma... your guide to discover RedGrove

And I'm John... I am also part of the Groovy Team

And we'll be joined by Cameron to show you around ...

Cameron? Are you here? ?

Aaah, here you are! Feeling fine? Z Z Z

Sure she's fine... Look she's dreaming of us... Z Z Z

OK... let's get started then... Z Z Z

Let us introduce you... the RedGrove Homepage Z Z Z

Where are we?

Z Z Z That's where it all starts

Where are we again?

Z Z Z RedGrove is like a library of knowledge

Z Z Z You will find them all in the “Catalog” section ...

How did we get here?

Z Z Z Simply by registering... it's free and easy

What can we find here?

Z Z Z ... all sorts of content in the “ Catalog”

Z Z Z If you see one you find interesting, click on “Get it”

What is that?

Z Z Z We are in the “ MyContent” section where you'll find...

Z Z Z ... your personal content selection.

Z Z Z You can come back anytime to find here content you selected

Where did you say?

Z Z Z MyGrove then MyContent

You know what?

No, what? Tell us ...

I had a dream ... ? ?

I had a dream that one day, on a red grove all people could equally share their knowledge and be able to learn and to teach. ! !

Wooow Cameron... That's a great dream. And it can come true on RedGrove

Complete the MyAccount page and send me a mail and I'll send you all info on how to...

create your own content in the “ Back Office”

Let's get started... You'll find us around if you need anything Z Z Cameron is getting some rest to get ready... Z

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