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Published on September 16, 2014

Author: DannyCorprew


Houston Health Dept. redesigning our approach 9.15.2014

core services – centers DAWN WIC Personal Devel. Client Access Senior Services

core services – centers DAWN WIC Personal Devel. Client Access The Wellness Network Kid’s Village Senior Services Assistance Center The Learning Center Senior Services

targets – denver harbor the wellness network kid’s village assistance center the learning center senior services The Wellness Network Kid’s Village Assistance Center The Learning Center Senior Services 300 – 500 annual 650 – 750 monthly* 1,920 annual ? 960 annual fitness | chronic disease self-management classes *ratio (client average to one WIC staff member) appointments | 10 appointments per day applications | 4 applications per day qualitative improvement (tbd)

how does redesign help program to reach these targets?

The Wellness Network Core Enhance Kid’s Village Assistance Center The Learning Center Senior Services targets – enhancements

Center Branding Website Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing 1. Reimagine 2. Internal Culture 3. External Value 1. Standalone 2. Lead Generation 3. Engagement 1. Retention 2. Support 3. Expansion (Integration) 1. Social Networks – Engagement 2. Social Networks – Expansion 3. Viral Moments

Partner-ships Events Content Member-ships 1. Social Networks – Engagement 2. Social Networks – Expansion 3. Viral Moments 1. Standalone 2. Lead Generation 3. Viral Moments 1. Remove 2. Repurpose 3. Refresh 1. Community 2. Security 3. Value Center

Branding Center Where o PO What o Logo Design o Various Hi-Res Logo Img. o Branding Guidelines o Tagline o PPT Templates o Social Media Profiles Img. contract Vendor next o 3 beta logo designs Internal o Send beta designs to program (surveys will be provided) o Choose logo from beta designs / develop new beta designs Core action o Complete purchase process o Develop survey o Send beta set and survey to programs Program o Complete and return survey (date tbd)

Website Center why 1. Focus and simplify message 2. Organic lead generation 3. Community and client engagement 4. Partnership engagement and expansion how 1. Third party website development software (currently reviewing vendors) 2. Backlinks to main City of Houston webpage (similar to library) 1. Primary services related to each center 2. Lifecycle marketing 3. Centralized digital content management 4. Smart platform what

Inbound Marketing ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT Strangers Visitors Leads Customers Promoters Center Blogs Keywords Social Media Forms Calls-to-Action Landing Pages Email Call Workflow Events Experience Smart Content

Inbound Marketing sub-hub Center 1. HHD (proper) will have its own social network (twitter, blog? and facebook) 2. PI staff 3. Engage “non-clients” (partners, supporters, etc.) 4. Drive clients to inbound funnel main-hub 1. Each MSC will have it’s own community network structure (facebook and instagram) 2. Social networking team (1 content creator / manager) 3. Content driven by program and client need networking 1. Create viral moments 2. Digital partnerships (blogs, non-profit organizations, health organizations, etc.) 3. Digital advertising (SEO, keywords, ppc, banner, etc.)

Outbound Marketing support Center retention 1. Direct mail and digital messaging to focus on improving passive customer experience 2. Call center to focus on the engagement of inactive clients 1. Call center and digital messaging 2. Focus on providing program support for particular initiatives / events expansion 1. Paid Non-Digital advertising to focus on branding our image and drive clients to inbound funnels 2. Call center, direct mail and digital messaging to focus on specific and targeted campaigns

Partner-ships Academic Faith-based Business Government Other (Community) Houston Community College Catholic Church Bank Civic Groups Museums University of Houston Baptist Church Airlines Rep. Gene Green Theatres Montessori School Oil & Gas Rep. Al Green Home Owners Association High School Travel Agency Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee Local Artists Group Middle School Restaurants City Council Members Grocery Stores Elementary School Job Placement State Representatives National Sports Teams Electronics City of Houston Departments College Sports Teams African American Chamber of Commerce Reading is Fundamental Transportation Local Medical Centers Technology Cancer Center(s) Pharmacy American Heart Association Children's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Center

Partner-ships Partnerships will serve three primary purposes Center o Expand / Support service offerings o Increase capacity / outreach o Sustainability Structure o Centralize partnerships warehouse and strategy o Recruitment and management of partners handled by joint effort (coordinator, program and MSC)

Events focused Center 1. Centralized events calendar (managed by coordinator) 2. Choosing and management of events handled through joint effort (coordinator, program and MSC) 3. Client version accessible online structure 1. Specialized events to focus on specific needs by MSC o Engagement o Expansion o Experience o Partnerships core/joint 1. Core events that take place at all MSCs (holidays, support services, etc.) 2. Joint events that all for cross MSC collaboration

Content Remove Repurpose Refresh Center

Content Remove Repurpose Refresh Center Retire redundant and/or excessive content Restructure content to fit each purpose in the inbound marketing funnel Refresh look and message on content pieces

creating value and community through membership Consumer behavior Giveaways Appreciation / Recognition Gym Experience Space Events Space Member-ships Center Use of Passive Client Facilities Rewards Data Card Access Security Community Value

Core Values innovation integration experience cultural competency capacity building

Core Values establish a culture innovation that fosters innovative ideas proactive approach to matching integration clients to all available services “the customers experience perception is your reality” integrate cultural and linguistic competence to meet the cultural and linguistic cultural competency requirements of our clients build capacity a referral building network

The End

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