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Information about Redefinitions

Published on May 21, 2018

Author: teres705


Redefinitions : Redefinitions Deanne Griswa Pauchant & Sphon: Pauchant & Sphon Pauchant: “individuals who have attained a certain level of maturity can grow as much through the experiences of suffering as through that of joy” (5). "Arbitrary budget or personnel cuts" often feel anything but "arbitrary" (Pauchant, 4). “Quest for meaning” (Pauchant, 5) Maslow’s hierarchical model Sphon: importance of distinguishing yet not separating ethics and spirituality (Spohn, 109). “The discipline of spirituality is still defining itself“ (Sphon, 109). “"Ethics" refers to the "second-order" reflection that probes their rational supports and systematic interconnections” (Sphon, 111). “Reflective spirituality remains incomplete without reference to ethics” (Sphon, 113). My initial definitions: My initial definitions “ Ethics ” are a moral compass that steers an individual's thoughts, opinions, and decisions. “ Spirituality ” is a personal belief system. Spirituality and ethics can be formed around a deity or based on one's existential self. They often - perhaps always - cross over each other as individuals conduct their daily lives. My definitions reconsidered: My definitions reconsidered “ Ethics ” are a reflective compass that support and connect thoughts, opinions, and decisions. “ Spirituality ” is a constantly changing personal ”quest for meaning” attained through mature ethics. The two are different but cannot be separated. Comparison of morphed definition: Comparison of morphed definition Ethics: Reflection, support, and interconnection Spirituality: Constant change attained through maturity Cannot be separated References: References Pauchant, , T. C. (2002). Introduction In T. C. Pauchant (Ed)  Ethics and Spirituality at Work: Hopes and Pitfalls of the Search for Meaning in Organizations  (pp. 1-28). Westport, CT. Quorum. Sphon, William. (1997). Spirituality and Ethics: Exploring the Connections.  Theological Studies  58 [1997]: 109-123.

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