Red Tears

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Published on January 25, 2009

Author: satanic


Red Tears

Looking in the mirror, At my brightly painted face.

I know its just a job, To pay rent for this old place.

I'm preparing myself for, Another night of work.

Walking down the stroll, To be picked up by some jerk.

I don't know who I am now, Inside I'm so ashamed.

Why do I sell my body, Do I think its just a game?

I wanted to be a model, But life is so unfair,

Here I am a prostitute, with my wavy bleach blond hair.

The guys smile and whistle at me, But don't hear a sound.

My heart beats on ear drums, And I fall to the ground.

I beg the God I once knew, To wipe away my tears.

I only want a better life, I'm sick of living in this fear.

As I feel a gentle touch, On my shaking arm.

I look up though my tears, eyes reflecting my alarm.

There stands a stranger, With worry in his eyes.

Dressed in a handsome suit, He inquires why I cry?

I tell him is my bad night, And stand up to walk away.

But he hands me a paper, "I heard you sincerely pray"

And as I unfold the letter, A signed blank check falls out.

Use this to change you life, You can write any amount.

I turn to thank the stranger, Joy written on my face.

The stranger was gone, The bearer of grace.


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