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Information about Recurring task IN MS project

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: ccsspl



Describes about the Recurring task in MS project

Steps to do the Recurring task in MS project :- i) On the view tab in the task views click Ganttchart view. Select the taskbar Goto Viewtab click Ganttchart

ii) Select the name of the task in which we need the recurring task iii) On the tasktab in the insert group click the down arrow below the task button and then click the recurring task. TasktabInsert groupRecurring task.

iv) In the task name box type the Weekly review meeting. v) In the duration box type 1d vi) Under recurrence pattern give the week and the day details (start and the stop date. vii) Click ok

viii) Again selecting the task go to the resource tab in the assignments group, click Assign resources.

ix) In the assign resource dialog assign the resources. a) ResourceAssignmentsAssign resources b) Choose the resource name click Assign

x) Click the plus sign which is next to the Recurring task title, Weekly staff meeting. Each occurrence of the recurring task is sequentially numbered and the resource assignments appear for the individual occurrences.

xi) Click the minus sign which is next to the Recurring task title,weekly staff meeting to hide the individual occurences. ----------***-------------------***----------------***-----------------***-------------

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