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Information about RECRUITMENT

Published on November 21, 2010

Author: fayyazabid


Slide 1: RECRUITMENT Recruitment : Recruitment Organizational activities that influence: The number and types of applicants who apply for a job Whether the applicants accept jobs that are offered Directly related to HR planning and selection Represents the first contact between organizations and prospective employees External Influences on Recruitment : External Influences on Recruitment Immigration Reform and Control Act : Immigration Reform and Control Act Employer’s duty not to recruit, hire, or continue to employ “unauthorized aliens” Employer’s duty to verify the identity and work authorization of every new employee Employer’s duty not to discriminate on the basis of citizenship or national origin Amnesty rights of certain illegal aliens who are eligible to achieve temporary or permanent status in the country. The Organization’s View of Recruiting : The Organization’s View of Recruiting Recruiting Requirements Organizational Policies and Practices Organizational Image The Potential Employee’s View of Recruiting (1 of 2) : The Potential Employee’s View of Recruiting (1 of 2) Preferences of recruits for organizations and jobs Job search and finding a job: The recruit The Potential Employee’s View of Recruiting (2 of 2) : The Potential Employee’s View of Recruiting (2 of 2) Applicants’ abilities, attitudes, and preferences are based on: Work experiences Influences by parents, teachers, and others These influences affect them in two ways: How they set job preferences How they go about seeking a job Responsibilities for Recruiting : Responsibilities for Recruiting In larger organizations, the HR department does the recruiting In smaller organizations, multipurpose HR people or operating managers recruit and interview applicants External Recruiting : Media Advertising E-recruiting Employment Agencies Executive Search Firms Special Events Recruiting College Recruiting Summer Internships Summer Internships Special Events Recruiting Summer Internships External Recruiting E-Recruiting: Key Issues to Keep in Mind : E-Recruiting: Key Issues to Keep in Mind Be careful not to inadvertently screen out diverse candidates Make sure the job opening is communicated to large portions of the target population Recruiters need to figure out a way to track applicants who apply for online job postings Email communication might be too casual Criteria for Successful College Recruiters : Criteria for Successful College Recruiters Showing a genuine interest in the applicant Being enthusiastic Employing a style that is neither too personal nor too stressful Allotting enough time for applicants’ comments and questions Realistic Job Preview : Realistic Job Preview Provides prospective employee with pertinent information about the job without distortion or exaggeration Presents the full job picture (“warts” and all) Typical Consequences of Job Preview Procedures: Traditional Preview : Typical Consequences of Job Preview Procedures: Traditional Preview Sets initial job expectations too high Job is typically viewed as attractive, stimulating, and challenging High rate of acceptance of job offers Work experience disconfirms expectations Dissatisfaction and realization that job is not matched to needs Low job survival, dissatisfaction, frequent thoughts of quitting Typical Consequences of Job Preview Procedures: Realistic Preview : Typical Consequences of Job Preview Procedures: Realistic Preview Sets job expectations realistically Job may or may not be attractive, depending on individual’s needs Some accept, some reject job offer Work experience confirms expectations Satisfaction; needs matched to job High job survival, satisfaction, infrequent thoughts of quitting Alternatives to Recruitment : Alternatives to Recruitment Overtime Employee Leasing Temporary Employment Evaluating Recruiting : Evaluating Recruiting Effectiveness of recruiters Sources of recruits Summary : Summary A better job of recruiting and matching employees to jobs will mean: Lower employee turnover Greater employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness The Internet is revolutionizing organizational recruitment

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