Recommended viva eye table talk questions from any 4th year mbbs=t0 p-5100 boo-ksvaughn^asbury+parson’s+kanski+abc of eyes+latest^internet=research+misc!

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: MagnificentMagnusMan




RECOMMENDED VIVA EYE TABLE-TALK QUESTIONS FROM ANY <4th Year MBBS=T0P-5/100 ::BOOKs:VAUGHN^ASBURY+PARSON’S+KANSKI+ABC of EYEs+Latest^InterNet=Research+Misc! Part-2:[Contd. After.18 Qs]= 19.*Munson’s sign= Lower-Lid pouching-out on Down-Gaze in Keratoconus 20.*Von Graefe’s sign= Lower-Lids Lid-Lag on DownGaze as earliest sign of Graves’ disease. 21.* Dysthyroid Ophthalmopathy=Unilateral isolated . 22.*Dalrymple’s sign=Kocher’s sign= Persistent Prominence of Eye-balls in Graves’ disease. 23.*Vortex Keratopathy a corneal sign of Chloroquine{old anti-malarial} toxicity. 24*Funnel-shaped Pupil=”Seclusio-Pupillae”! 25*”Festooned-Pupil”=’Flower-shaped’ pupil seen on Dilation of Pupil in Chronic Irido-cyclitis 26*” Dendritic ulcer”=HSV-I Keratitis=Complicated into Amoeboid or Geographic Ulcer 27*”Christmas-Tree Cataract”=in=’Myotonic Dystrophy’=’Tightened Hand-Shake’! 28*”OiL-Droplet Cataract” in ‘Galactosaemia’ 29*’Embryonal-Nuclear Cataract’={‘Infective’!}=in.Congenital Rubella={if infected at 5th Wk. of Gestation!} 30*”Foster-Kennedy Syndrome”=Ipsilateral Optic Disc on the sied of Frontal Lobe Glioma is white & atrophic; hence not swollen inspite of Communicating type of Hydrocephalus while the contralateral side is having Papilloedema! 31*=Ocular syndromes=Surf InterNet=Google Search=Goldenhar’s^Treacher-Collin’s^Waardenburg’s Syndromes! 32*=”Duane’s syndrome”= Surf InterNet=Google=Types I::II::III & MiXeD=I+III. 33*=”Morning-Glory”Syndrome = Complete Annular Congenital Coloboma of the one Optic N.Head! *****************(Resembling Morning Glory Flower!)***Net-Nick=”Shahid”**Compiled By Dr.NaVaiD*NQ*

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