Recognizing Fall Hazards in the Home

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Information about Recognizing Fall Hazards in the Home

Published on August 17, 2008

Author: mprine


Session 7 : Session 7 Recognizing Fall Hazards in the Home and Community Review from last week : Review from last week We can change fall-ty behaviors We should prioritize changes, choosing most dangerous behaviors which are not as difficult to change We should review our homes for fall hazards, and make changes were possible Learning goals for this session : Learning goals for this session Recognize the benefits of a positive attitude towards fall prevention Discuss common fall hazards in the home Use a personal action planner for one environmental hazard Exercises: Sitting : Exercises: Sitting Deep Breathing Good Morning Stretch Shoulder Rolls Diagonal Arm Press across Body Foot Circles Seated Knee Raises Diagonal Arm Press towards floor Diagonal Arm press towards ceiling Rowing Exercise Seated Leg Extensions Seated Knee Raises (not alternating) Find the hazards : Find the hazards In small groups (2 or 3) find the hazards in the picture. There are 14. Your home hazards : Your home hazards Large group: discuss hazards in the picture Discuss hazards in your home Brainstorm common hazards and how to eliminate them Template Bayside hazards : Bayside hazards Does Bayside have any fall hazards? Small groups (3 or 4) tour Bayside and look for fall hazards. Determine how easy it would be to correct for hazards. Template Large group discussion : Large group discussion Record hazards at Bayside Determine how possible it is to change hazards to make it safer Discuss own hazards in the home Determine how possible it is to change home hazards Exercises 2: Standing : Exercises 2: Standing Toe Stands (heel raises) Alternating Steps (march in place) 14. Side Stepping 15. The Box Step (Waltz) Standing Hip Extension Leg Lift to side Hip Circles Standing Foot Circles Heel Cord Stretch Addressing Fall Hazards : Addressing Fall Hazards Goal: Eliminate environmental fall hazard Action: Materials/physical assistance needed Possible problems Solutions: Prioritize answers to problems Template What to do when you fall : What to do when you fall 1st response: Hand out front: Let arm take weight…protects the head! After fall, check how you feel…slowly move Stay put if you have problems (pain, sweating, dizziness, nausea) Use Emergency Response or 9 1 1 Getting up from a fall : Getting up from a fall Roll to one side (a side that doesn’t hurt) Bend knees, up on all fours Reach for stable object (table, chair, toilet) to push up on Photos courtesy of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons After the fall : After the fall Evaluate why you fell Tell? Family members Doctor Change ? Environment Personal behavior Exercises 3: Sitting : Exercises 3: Sitting Wrist Rise and Fall Finger Spread Wrist Rotation Touch Elbows Stretch (front and back) Arm Chair Push Ear to Shoulder Look Left, look right Good morning stretch Giant Bear Hug Stretch Review what we learned : Review what we learned We learned how to access our surroundings for fall hazards We learned how to develop a plan to improve the safety of our environment We learned how to get up from a fall We learned what to do when we fall Final class WEDNESDAY! : Final class WEDNESDAY! Where it all comes together…

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