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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: KatrienHemelsoet


Reciprocal Teaching: a cooperative learning i nstructional method Reciprocal Teaching PowerPoint Presentation: Reciprocal teaching joins scaffolding and ZPD together, and is a cooperative learning method in which natural dialogue models and reveals the learners’ thinking processes about shared learning experiences. My students and I engaged in a dialogue, where we acted in response to each other. PowerPoint Presentation: We approached the story using 4 strategies: predicting questioning clarifying, and summarizing or The Fabulous Four PowerPoint Presentation: We went to see the movie “Frozen” which is based on this story. Although the original story is different, it made it easier to understand some of the background. Predicting: Predicting If a student is allowed to predict what will happen, she will be more involved in the story. We started with looking at the title and illustrations to start our discussion about what the story is about. We paused during the story, to see if our predictions were correct, and made new ones. Questioning: Questioning I encouraged the students to ask themselves questions before we read the story: what is the book about? What will happen to the characters? While reading the story, I asked several questions, making self-questioning visible. I continued to ask reflective questions during reading, and invited questions from the students. PowerPoint Presentation: The students learned that it is good to ask questions, and that thinking out loud helps to understand the story. It made them more confident and willing to participate in the discussions Clarifying: Clarifying We used clarifying or backtracking when we realized we lost our way in the story. We talked about our confusion, and looked up some words to help us understand the text better. I encouraged the students to become comfortable sharing things they do not know as well as things they do know. Summarizing: Summarizing Making a good summary is a challenge. It must include the main idea, and the most important details to tell what happened, in a student’s own words. We continued to ask questions and I modeled summarizing, and asked the students to take on some parts of the story. The Fabulous Four: The Fabulous Four When we all four strategies are put together, our reading comprehension increased. We used the strategies before, during, and after reading and it helped to grasp the story. The students took turns being the teacher, and thinking out loud while they read. This helped them focus on the story, and share their thinking about what they were reading. Benefits of Reciprocal Teaching: Benefits of Reciprocal Teaching I hope the students are more comfortable now taking part in discussions in their classrooms. Thinking out loud allowed them to make sense of what they were reading. Thinking about what will happen makes it easier for the student to understand upcoming events and to focus on the main ideas in the stories.

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