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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: isanzelias


LEIOA CATERING COLLEGE Management in the Catering Services 2013 - 2014 JON IBAÑEZ IÑIGO SANZ

RECEPIES • Cod Chins in Pil-Pil sauce • Screwdriver

Cod Chins in Pil-Pil sauce • Kokotxas al Pil-Pil in the Basque Country • Location: • underneath the lower jaw in cod or hake

Name: Cod chins in Pil-Pil sauce Type of dish: traditional Basque MAIN DISH Level of difficulty: Quite easy Cooking time: 30 minutes 10 minutes cleaning the cod chins 10 minutes cooking the dish 10 minutes emulsifying the olive oil with the cod gelatine Number of services: 5 Price: 5 € per serving

Mise en place INGREDIENTS 2 lb. Cod chins, flesh or frozen (900 gr) 1 pt extra virgin olive oil (480 ml) 12 cloves garlic 3 dried red hot cayenne pepper A handfull of parsley, optional

Mise en place UTENSILS Medium earthenware or inox dish Sauce pan Chopping board Scissor and Paring knife Wooden spoon

Recipe explanation 1. DEFROST the chins and CLEAN them 3. PEEL and SLICE the cloves of garlic 2. DRY them very well 4. FRY the slices of garlic and the cayenne pepper

Recipe explanation 5. POUR the garlic and half of the oil into a sauce pan 6. REDUCE heat and SPREAD OUT the chins all over the dish 7. COOK the chins until they are not clear anymore

Recipe explanation 8. STIR the dish in circles on a slippery surface until reaching the desired texture.

Recipe explanation 9. TOP the chins with the slices of garlic. SPRINKLE with parsley (optional)

Screwdriver Type of cocktail: after dinner long drink Level of difficulty: easy Based on: vodka Price: 6 €

Mise en place INGREDIENTS 1 ½ oz vodka 1 ½ oz orange soda 1 ½ oz orange juice 1 orange wheel 5 ice cubes

Mise en place UTENSILS Fantasy glass 2 garnish tongs A chopping board A paring knife A bucket and tongs 2 straws

Recipe explanation This cocktail is made directly on glass. 1. SQUEEZE one orange 2. PREPARE a fantasy glass with 5 ice cubes, STIR them with the mixing spoon to cool it, an REMOVE the water that emerges 3. PERFUME the edge of the glass 4. POUR the VODKA, the ORANGE JUICE and the SODA 5. STIR it twice 6. PUT the orange wheel

Cheers !!!! Jon IBAÑEZ Iñigo SANZ Catering Management 1A

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