Recent GI Tags in India 2020 Current Affairs Booster for UPSC Exam Pre

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Information about Recent GI Tags in India 2020 Current Affairs Booster for UPSC Exam Pre

Published on September 25, 2020

Author: upscpathshala


slide 1: July 23 2020 Recent GI Tags in India 2020: Current Affairs Booster for UPSC Exam Preparations If you are a UPSC aspirant and preparing hard for the examination then you must give utter importance to this article. Here you are going to get all the important information regarding the recent GI tags in India 2020. Don’t know what is GI tag Don’t worry your query will also get covered here. As per the record says in the past years UPSC IAS aspirants were asked questions based on GI products. So let’s not take a chance and get into the core of it. What is GI Tag GI tag or Geographical Indication tag is a sign used to mark products/ items which have any special geographical origin. Those products/ items carry some special reputation or qualities due to their origin. Products carrying the GI tags indicate that those are originated in traditional methods and contain all the specific qualities. Materials like food items agricultural products wine handicraft etc generally have the geographical indication tag. From 15th September 2003 Geographical Indication known as GI came into effect. The first product to carry the sign was Darjeeling Tea. Also Read : Historical Perspective of The Indian Civil Services The Union Public Service Commission. 1/4 slide 2: Recent GI Tags in India 2020 Following are the Geographical Indication tags given after April 2019 to till date. This might prove to be very important for the UPSC syllabus. State Product Goods Type Jammu Kashmir Saffron Mongra Lachha Guchhi Agriculture Tamil Nadu Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai Food Item Tamil Nadu Thanjavur Pith Works Handicraft Tamil Nadu Arumbavur Wood Carvings Handicraft Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Terracotta Handicraft Manipur Chak-Hao Agriculture Telangana Telia Rumal Handicraft Jharkhand Sohrai – Khovar Painting Handicraft GI Tags in India April 2019 – March 2020 Along with the above-mentioned list of GI tags for 2020 try to memorize the below- mentioned list also as this can also find a place in the current affairs paper. State Product Goods Type Odisha Kandhamal Haladi Agricultural Odisha Odisha Rasogolla Food Item Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal Malai Poondu Agricultural Tamil Nadu Palani Panchamirtham Food Item Tamil Nadu Dindigul Locks Manufactured Goods Tamil Nadu Kandangi Saree Handicraft Tamil Nadu Srivilliputtur Palkova Food Item Mizoram Pawndum Handicraft Mizoram Ngotekherh Handicraft Mizoram Hmaram Handicraft 2/4 slide 3: Mizoram Tawlhlohpuan Handicraft Mizoram Mizo Puanchei Handicraft Karnataka Gulbarga Tur Dal Agricultural Kerala Tirur Betel Leaf Tirur Vettila Agricultural Ireland Irish Whiskey Manufactured Goods Goa Khola Chilli Agricultural Arunachal Pradesh Idu Mishmi Textiles Handicraft Assam Kaji Nemu Agricultural Assam Chokuwa Rice of Assam Agricultural Benefits of GI Tags Geographical indication tags are given to the products for Legally protecting the goods. Preventing unauthorised or illegal use of geographical indication tags by others. Helping customers in getting the original items that contain all the specific traits. Promoting the economic prosperity of manufacturers/ producers of items under GI tags. Items with GI tags get enhanced demand in national as well as international markets. Rural Development Impacts of GI A structured supply chain. Price enhancement of the product but in a much-stabilised manner. The goods get distributed throughout each and every level of the supply chain. Preservation of natural resources tradition as well as traditional expertise. Growth in the tourism sector. Conclusion This subject is an important part of the UPSC current affairs syllabus as in the previous years also many questions have been asked from this particular topic. Go through the entire article make important points appear for mock tests and prepare yourself for the exam. With all these important materials available for the UPSC exam how are you going to start your preparation Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 3/4 slide 4: 4/4

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