Recent Advances In Pipe Wall Assessment Technnology

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Information about Recent Advances In Pipe Wall Assessment Technnology

Published on September 24, 2015

Author: dilipthakur716970


1. Mechanical Department, BVIT, Navi Mumbai.

2.  System to convey fluids  Discipline of piping design studies the efficient transport of fluid.  Industrial process piping manufacturing  In-line components senses and controls  Piping sometimes refers to Piping Design BVIT 2

3.  Piping technology developed slowly from Roman period  Wooden piping found in 1890’s  Import of cast iron from the U.S in the 1960’s  Light-gauge copper tubing coming on the market in the 1930’s  In 1926 the PVC pipe was invented but not manufactured until 1940’s BVIT 3

4.  Stress  Material  Installation  Inspection  Third party damage  Cracking  Corrosion BVIT 4

5. Individual defect detection Spot checks with statistical extrapolation • Coupons • Ultrasonic testing •Electromagnetic Full length in-line testing •Electromagnetic testing • In-line leak location • CCTV inspection General condition assessment Desktop studies • Failure history • Soil analysis • Other existing data Average wall thickness • Acoustic pipe wall assessment Inspect part of pipeline; predict the rest Inspect entire pipeline BVIT 5

6.  low frequency acoustic pressure wave induced in pipe  This pressure wave causes pipe wall to “flex” on a microscopic level 6  Thicker (and therefore stiffer) pipe walls are more resistant to this “breathing,” causing the wave to travel faster BVIT

7.  Required instrumentation is sent inside pipes using smart pigs  Often requires shutdown of line, installation of launch & retrieval sites, and cleaning of pipes to remove tubercles and debris 7  Provides a continuous profile of pipe ‐wall thickness.  Data acquisition and analysis are labor and cost intensive BVIT

8.  Detection of leaks and condition assessment  Leakage detection technology  Minimize disruption to normal operation 8  Smart Ball® technology is a free swimming device  The Smart Ball® technology was originally developed and successfully implemented for the water industry. BVIT

9.  Reduces overflows, violations & failures  Prioritizes repair and maintenance efforts  Reduces emergency repairs or dig & replace  Modern technologies utilize trenchless condition assessment and rehabilitation techniques  Can save a lot of money! BVIT 9

10.  A well-run Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation Program provides a systematic, consistent, & cost- effective approach to asset management  Supports long term capital expenditure planning  Effective in forecasting future maintenance needs, prioritizing resource allocation, and costs based on inspection & condition assessment ratings  Reduces potential overflows, violations & failures  Utilizes trenchless technology  Can save a lot of money! BVIT 10

11. BVIT 11

12. BVIT 12

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