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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: REBORN



REBORN + Lion Co release report to uncover how brands can better use technology to connect with Mums in 2014.




2 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Executive Summary REBORN is pleased to be able release the findings of some recently completed research. The research was commissioned by our client Lion Co. and conducted in partnership with Mouths of Mums.1 Mouths of Mums is an Australian online mothers’ community featuring over 30,000 mums with 63,000 kids. Mouths of Mums assists brands to reach out to their real consumers in their true lives. They have provided us with unique insight into the thoughts and behaviours of an incredibly valuable and passionate group of consumers in a non-invasive way. This research has been developed to discover the role that technology plays in a modern mum’s life. Mums are a consumer powerhouse here in Australia. According to a study in 2011 by Datamonitor, they control $132 billion worth of spending per annum2. This means that based on 2012 ABS data, if they were their own industry they would be the largest contributor to the GDP out of any industry in Australia (mining coming in a close second at $127 billion). They would be larger than: Agriculture, forestry & fishing; Accommodation & food services; Electricity, gas, water & waste services; Rental, hiring & real estate services and Arts & recreation services combined3. This report contextualise’s how this incredibly lucrative target market is using digital devices, platforms and media in their lives and offers insight into the opportunities to intercept mum in more useful and relevant ways that will help us build long term relationships with mum for our brands. Mums and Brands: Mum and Technology: Mums have always had a close affinity with their favourite brands, and with the amount of household wealth they command, it is imperative that businesses ensure that their brand is connecting with mum in the correct environments and with exciting and engaging communications. Brands in the modern context of communications need to have mums as their primary advocates - not only consuming their products, but actively evangelising the product attributes as well as projecting the emotional benefits that the brand brings to her and her family. In a recent book called Moms 3.0 it is said that mum’s value functional over superficial relationships with brands. Mums most appreciate brands that value their time, attention and advocacy.4 Ever since the dawn of time mums have built networks around them and with the advent of digital technology and media, this disposition has been supercharged. In a recent McCann report called the ‘Truth About Moms’ it was detailed that 84% of mum’s agree that technology simplifies their life. Technology has become such an important part of Modern Mum’s life that 49% of married mothers stated that they would rather save their phone or computer over their engagement ring.5 The book highlighted five key areas where brands can play a primary role in mum’s life enhancing her brand experiences and touch points. These include: • Family enrichment • Value • Simplification • Time Management • Health and safety In short, mums want a relationship with brands but now recognise the consumer power they yield and expect businesses to come to the table with more than just mass broadcasted messages. REBORN Mums have always been some of the earliest adopters of new technology and media. Unfortunately, advertisers have tended to lag behind in regards to leveraging adoption trends and new media to connect with this valuable audience. This tendency for mums to discover the new and connect with cutting edge technology and platforms is far from a new trend. A study from SheSpot in 2011, brought to light the dependence that Australian mums were already starting to exhibit for their smartphones. The report stated that 27% of respondents indicated that they could not live without their smartphone and even 24% going on to say they had formed an emotional connection to their device.6

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Purpose and direction of the Research: With regard to our own Modern Mums’ research, we not only wanted to support the current literature demonstrating that the modern mum is using digital platforms to a high proficiency throughout her daily life, we also wanted to develop a more in-depth understanding of what mum was actually doing with technology, digital media and the broader role that digital touch points play in helping mum perform daily responsibilities and enhancing her experiences with her child/ren. We tasked ourselves to discover the following with our quantitative and qualitative study of 1,843 mothers (roughly 3% of respondents were expectant)1: • What are the key statistics pertaining to mobile device ownership and usage? • What are the socioeconomic barriers to technology ownership, if any? • What is the frequency and reliance that mums have on their technology to connect them to the world and to streamline their day? • What are the types of functions mums use their devices for? • Are there gaps that are not being addressed? Is there opportunity for brands? • How do mums use technology to connect with their kids? • How can we, as an industry, understand how mums use their device, so as to better integrate our messaging into motherhood and parenting? • Overarhcing analysis and insights about how best to integrate brand messages in more useful and less invasive ways by using their natural behaviours with technology. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 3

4 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Findings: Conclusion: As suspected, mums are huge propellants of technology. Mum sees technology and devices as an enabler to streamlining her life, as well as allowing her to perform a multitude of other functions. In conclusion, brands that are ignoring the opportunity of using technology to connect with mums in useful, entertaining and relevant ways are forgoing building a more meaningful relationship with their target market, and in time they risk a deterioration of brand loyalty, affinity and sales. She revels in the always on, always at arm’s length aspect of mobile devices to organise, stay connected, entertain herself, entertain her children, discover activities and inspire herself both creatively and in her role as caretaker and matriarch. It wasn’t a surprise to realise that mums in general, use their smartphones like the rest of us, but hyperactively. The key difference between mum and the rest of the smart-device owning population is that these devices help her to enrich the time she has with her kids. They give her valuable tools that allow her to be more flexible and help her manage her family, their needs, wants, whilst synchronously allowing her still to connect with her friends, peers and document and share her time with both elements of her life. REBORN


6 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world The Landscape As consumer habits and behaviours continue to shift, people are increasingly adopting a diverse range of technologies into their lives. This report aims to contextualise how one of the most sought after groups of consumers adapts to this new, modern world, uncovering the role that technology plays in a mum’s day-to-day life, as well as technology’s extended role in how she interacts with her family and friends. The below findings and research focus primarily on device ownership. This is the area of modern culture that is a) the most disruptive to previous behaviours; and b) has the steepest levels of adoption in terms of new technology, providing us with a sufficiently large sample audience to draw from. The latest Nielsen Connected Consumer Report indicated that smartphones, tablets and eReaders have gone through a meteoric rise in adoption leaping from just 8% of households in 2010 to tablets now present in one third of households and smartphones in the hands of six in ten online Australian individuals.8 Where do you share your captured moments? 83% Total Data Downloaded - Australia (Terabytes, 000’s) Smartphone Penetration Source: ABS 100 700 57% 600 75 500 22% % 50 400 8% Facebook eMail Instagram 25 37% Don’t 52% 3% 2% Twitter 65% Pinterest REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 Year 0 2011 2012 2013 300 200 100 Base: Total population - Australia Google - Our Mobile Planet 2013 It is now every marketer’s responsibility in this fast changing environment to understand the role that technology is playing in every consumer’s life. Looking at the role of technology in streamlining consumers’ lives, allowing people to access a plethora of content like never before, and seeing how technology is changing interpersonal relationships, social structures and family units, it is fantastic to realise that we are now starting to see a maturity in consumer technology that means it is hard for anyone to truly ignore the changes that are enveloping us. REBORN Jun 2012 Dec 2012 Jun 2013 At REBORN, we feel that by understanding how, and what, people are using technology for, gives us and our clients the opportunity to be more strategic and to better identify innovative creative opportunities, to intercept and connect to consumers. Making our efforts on behalf of Lion Co. more effective, allowing us to heighten brand equity, increase consumer education and generate an irrational level of brand affinity.


8 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Our Mums Smartphone Penetration, Australia, Women between 24 - 54, 2011 - 2013 100 90 80 70 60 50 25 - 34 40 35 - 44 30 45 - 54 20 10 0 2011 2012 2013 Base :Total Population Google - Our Mobile Planet Report - 2013 According to Google’s Mobile Planet Report, smartphone penetration for women aged 25-54 in Australia is now tipping 80%. This is compared to only 65% for the general population.7 To get a greater understanding of how to connect with mums, we wanted to generate a better understanding of who they are so as to discover what devices the modern mum uses, how she uses them, how these devices help her in her hectic life, and the impact this technological change is having on her social fabric. REBORN conducted a quantitative survey in partnership with Mouths of Mums to discover who the modern mum was and how they leverage technology.1 To give you a better idea of the audience that we spoke to, we have detailed below some of the demographic data that we collected during the research. The average age of our mothers was 34 years old which is roughly in line with the Australian average of when mothers now have their first baby which is 27.9 as of 2010.1 The latest census report indicates that there are an average of 1.9 children per family. The sample audience slightly tipped that with an average of 2.11 children per family.1 REBORN The over-index on age would lend itself to the assumption that many of our mothers are onto their second, or third child, if on average first conceiving at 27. As is detailed in the graph below, our mums were closely aligned to the socioeconomic make-up of the broader Australian population and average household incomes.9 Our sample did however over-index in the less affluent end of the spectrum of household incomes. The high levels of smartphone and tablet adoption of our audience and the fact our sample audience was more representative of a lower socioeconomic spectrum of the Australian population, would suggest there is little correlation between a lower income resulting in a lower adoption of technology. This is one of the primary outcomes that the report set-out to answer.9 We felt that the data supported the assertion that our sample audience closely represented the average mum and family unit as compared to the broader Australian population.10

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world How many children do you have? What is your age? 6% What is your age? 22% 40+ 36 - 40 31 - 35 25 - 30 16 - 24 22% 29% 7% 2% 1% 31% 17% 21% 41% REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n Technology Research REBORN. - Mums and = 1843 REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research 40+ 25-30 1 4 36-40 16-24 2 5 3 6 31-35 Average Household Income REBORN. Survey ABS Census Data 47% 36% 27% 28% 18% 19% 6% Below $70, 000 $70, 000 $100, 000 $100, 000 $150, 000 8% $150, 000 $200, 000 3% 4% Above $200, 000 REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 9


12 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Mum’s & Technology With our surveyed mums, it seems that mums of Australia are happy to stay with the tried and tested iOS platform, flying in the face of global and Australian smartphone adoption trends regarding the dramatic shift recently from iOS to a heavy increase in Android adoption.1,11,12 What type of smartphone do you have do you have? 1% 2% 5% Android iPhone 35% Windows Other Not sure 57% REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research Global Smartphone Share by OS Australian Smartphone share by OS 1% 4% 3% 1% 2% Android 6% iPhone 13% Windows Blackberry 29% 62% 79% Source:IDC Mobility Tracker Report May 2013 REBORN Source: Kantar Worldpanel Aug 20133 Other

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Tablet Penetration Tablet Ownership 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Don’t own iPad iPad Mini Andriod Windows eReader Don’t Know OS REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 Perhaps you can draw a number of assumptions from this observation. Based on research, one of the reasons mums generally over-index on iOS devices is that they are more likely to be receiving hand me downs from their spouse, children or other people in their family. So as other family members might be upgrading to Android handsets, mum is getting their old iOS devices. This is an important statistic to take into account when building mobile optimised and/or native mobile experiences to connect with mums. Another hypothesis might be that, due to Apple providing an end to end software and hardware solution, their OS is invariably more stable, more intuitive and in general an easier device to use. Hence, having a lower curve of adaptation, making it easier to adopt to as a first smartphone. Statistics vary greatly in regards to tablet ownership across Australia, the most recent ACMA Tablet and Smartphone report of 2011 - 2012 stated that up to 25% of Australian adults had used a tablet in the last 12 months13, which is far less than the 54% household penetration of tablet devices that came from our research and which is detailed in the chart above.1 There were some two device households, which may skew household penetration somewhat but these were, by and large, outliers. It is hardly a surprise that Tablet adoption is exponentially higher in households with kids than in the general population. The format of the platform is so well-suited to children, with intuitive gestural software, long battery-life, mobile and with a large touch-screen, making a tablet the perfect accessory for keeping kids entertained, anywhere a family goes. The demand from households with children toward tablet ownership becomes obvious when you conduct a Google search for ‘kids apps’, which return’s 562 million results. The results are a mixture of apps, accessories to make tablet more child friendly as well as a raft of editorial content on which apps and content is best for specific needs. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 13

14 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Functions & Favourites As part of the research we wanted to establish the type of things mums were doing with their technology, both in regards to functions but also the relationship that mums had with their smartphone/tablet in the context of parenting and interacting with children. The research for the most part supported the available data which suggests that the device owning mum is incredibly competent in fully leveraging the benefits that mobile technology offers, using it to perform many administrative and organisational tasks. Furthermore mum is using it as a gaming centre, allowing her to stay connected to her friends and family, acting as mum’s primary camera, a shopping resource and a way to entertain and interact with her children. As per the graph below, looking at the functions and activities that mums use on their mobile devices, it is apparent that they prize the ability their smartphones give them to stay connected, entertain their children, perform administrative tasks on the go, entertain themselves and shop.1 Our sample audience came back with the following breakdown of favourite applications (in order).1 When you dissect these habits and behaviours, it demonstrates how much untapped potential and opportunity there is for brands to connect with mums through their devices if approached with reverence to their existing habits. Other than eBay, and Banking it seems that mums are gravitating toward their smartphones as a source of entertainment in the form of snack games and also, largely visual, creative social media content platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.1 1: eBay 2: Candy Crush 3:  anking (ANZ, Westpac, NAB, B Comm Bank etc.) 4: Instagram 5: Pinterest It is interesting that Facebook is probably the most widely used mobile app but does not feature in what mums would consider as their ‘favourite app’ on their devices. This establishes the paradigm that the apps that mum most likes, are perhaps different to the ones that they use most regularly. The report also looked at some of the specific applications that mum was most inclined to be using on their smart phone devices in an attempt to establish patterns of adoption. So rather than just asking them, what apps they used the most we wanted to also establish the applications and the categories that provided them with the most enjoyment.1 What type of activities do you perform on your Mobile Devices? Social Networking 84% Games for Kids 66% Banking and Finance 61% Games for yourself Utility (Calender / Calculator) Trading (Gumtree / Ebay) 57% 45% 45% Maps 39% Music Shopping 39% 29% Finding activities for kids 28% Planning and Organising 28% Inspiration (Recipes / DIY / Craft) 27% News 27% Educatiuon Health and Fitness 24% 24% Video and Media 19% Directory Service (e.g. Yellow Pages) Loyalty Cards and Coupons 16% 9% 0% REBORN 50% 90%

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world These initial findings offer some interesting insights into how to best ensure that you are gaining the attention of mums within their day-to-day smartphone and digital media use: • Be useful and try to streamline some of the “mundane” functions mums perform everyday. • Give her “me time”- utilities, applications and games that may act as a form of escapism from day-to-day activities. • Inspire her and give her aesthetically arresting, yet simple to navigate, single-minded platforms that serve as a source of creative inspiration. • Let her purchase through mobile and use that heightened sense of inspiration to catalyse actual purchases. • Make it super social. As with Candy Crush as well as Instagram and Pinterest there is an obvious need for mums to project, consume and lean on their social networks to provide validity and assurance. It is apparent that mums prize this ongoing connection to their peers through their technologies and the social footprint their actions create. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 15

16 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Frequency & Usage How many times a day do you use your favourite apps? mes a Day do you use your Favourite Apps? 13% 2-4 times Times Times Times 36% 19% 5-10 times 10+ times Once 32% ms and Technology Research The research wanted to establish the frequency in which mums were using their favourite apps which would provide an understanding of just how often she is reaching for her technology, how reliant she is on it as a tool, and how compelled she is to feel permanently connected.1 The results show that mums are spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones in a typical day, even though we looked at interactions with just their 3 favourite apps, our results suggest that mums used those apps an average of 5.5 times a day and spend roughly 14 minutes per use. This equates to a total of 1 hour and 17 minutes per day in which mums used just their three favourite applications.1 REBORN. – Mums & Technology Research How long do you use your favourite apps per use? How long do you use your favourite apps per use? 4% 22% 25% 20% 29% Less than a minute 1-5 than a minute Less minutes 1-5 minutes 5-10 minutes 5 - 10 minutes 11 - 30 minutes More than 30 minutes 11-30 minutes More than 30 minutes REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 REBORN. – Mums & Technology Research REBORN REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world As the below graph demonstrates, mums use of their devices correlates with the typical media consumption for most consumers during a day, with usage peaking in the morning and evening whilst dropping during typical work hours.1 Time of device usage? 70% 60% 53% 58% 50% 49% 37% 30% 10% Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening Night REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 Some would argue that our attachment to technology has perhaps already gone too far. A recent study from the Lookout, a mobile security company in the US conducted a report in 2012 that set out to discover information about peoples mind-set’s toward our technology and mobile devices. The report found that people were starting to exhibit negative emotional feelings when considering the thought of being switched off. One particularly disturbing finding was when respondents were asked to describe how they would feel if they were separated from their phone.14 How did you feel when you misplaced your phone? 7% 6% 14% Although this statistic is quite alarming, it does open up the debate that there are opportunities for brands to help consumers digitally detox. This can be achieved by giving consumers tools, content and resources where they are compelled to switch off and reconnect with the real world and be intimate with their physical surrounding and immediate company. 73% Panicked Desperate Sick Lookout Relieved DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 17

Despite the desire to switch off from our devices, it is clear that brands are yet to scratch the surface of opportunity to truly integrate into mum’s technological life and social interactions. There are two KEY opportunities that have presented themselves from this research: 1:  reate inspirational, creative, visual and C native content that generates significant social SOV. 2:  ook at mum’s need for utility, L entertainment and documentation to become a key feature of her mobile device.


20 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Mums, Technology and Children The research provides a clearer picture of the relationship between technology, mum and child. We felt it would be useful to know how technology was shifting the dynamic of how mother and child connected and if technology was becoming more heavily integrated into family life and interactions. Mums have always been one of the first groups to see the benefit of digital devices and media. Even before the meteoric rise of social media, mums embraced the opportunity to help each other gather information from other mums and stay abreast of the latest trends, tools and advice that peers and professionals are recommending.16 This was no more apparent than in the recent successes experienced by some of the large mums platforms such as Babycentre, Kidspot and Essential Baby, all of which can largely attribute their success to active audience participation through forums and chat rooms.16 With the context that mums are established digital pioneers, we wanted to start to look at the traction that some newer trends were generating in the community. One that is particularly interesting is the burgeoning Digital Parenting trend. Digital parenting is an emerging trend, in which parents are using technology and more specifically mobile devices for the following: 1: To help interact with and educate their  children in ways that were previously not achievable. 2: Helping to keep children entertained  through devices such as tablets and smartphones, which are invaluable companions when out and about. 3:  hrough interactivity and digital T media parents manage their children’s behaviour. This is supported by a number of research papers, but one of the more convincing stats comes from Nielsen in the US, where they have found that roughly 30% of apps on a parents phone are either for and or downloaded by their children.17 Others who downloaded apps on your cell phone... Past 30 Downloads Children began downloading apps on a parents phone at an average age of 9 years old 13% 8% Spouse / Partner Children Source: The Nielsen Company REBORN 6% Other Family Members 6% Friends Children downloaded an average of 30% of apps on their parent’s phone

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Which activities do you regularly do with your kids? 76% 59% 61% Outdoor Games Park / Beach 77% Reading Stories Indoor Games Playground 62% Arts & Crafts 77% 43% 25% Museum / Cinema / Zoo DVD REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 Our research set out to discover in an Australian context, whether mums are using their mobile devices to connect with, How far in advance do you manage, entertain and educate their children’s. The research attempted to get a holistic idea of both mumprepare activities with your and child’s children? interactions, how they plan those interactions and what role technology plays in the relationship between mum and child. How far in advance do you prepare activities with your children The report set-out to get an idea of the activities that mums enjoyed doing and where they enjoyed going with their kids in an effort to establish the ways that brands could help inspire asLess than a day well 1 Day as integrate technology into these experiences. Acting as bridge -3 to discovery or inspiring mum to make her experiences with2herDays 4 - 5 Days kids more extraordinary, interactive and fulfilling through digital A week touch points. 2 weeks A month As demonstrated in the graphs highlighting the types of activities and the planning regime that mums typically undertake, it is interesting that most activities are incredibly reactive, with the majority of activities happening in a period almost immediately after planning. Although this is in no way unusual as typically a REBORN. Mums and Technology Research child’s needs and wants coupled with a parents access -to resources n = 1843 and time tend to fluctuate day to day and hour to hour.1 However, the reactive nature of their day means that there is phenomenal opportunity to intercept this target with native tools, location based resources and a strong, contextual SEM & SEO strategy. 1% 2% 10% 4% 30% 23% 30% REBORN. – Mums & Technology Research Less than a day A week 1 day 2 weeks 2-3 days A month 4-5 days DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 21

22 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Mums, Technology and their Children (Cont...) Do you find it hard to discover activities to do with your children? 49% 51% Yes No REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 Research that REBORN conducted earlier this year established that parents were desperate for inspiration and on the spot, localised advice (UK sample audience).15 This hypothesis was then supported by the more comprehensive research we concluded with Mouths Of Mums, with over 50% of the audience polled in both research pieces suggesting they struggled to find inspiration for activities to do with their children and primarily looked to digital platforms and search to help.1 It is fairly confounding that given device adoption and the reliance that parents are starting exhibit for technology and digital media that there is not more quality brand activity to help parents either streamline, stay informed or inspire them in their roles. Our research suggests that there are still massive gaps in the marketplace. This is highlighted by the fact that 51% of our respondents to our Mouths of Mums research stated that they find it hard to find new activities to do with their kids.1 After doing an assessment of the available resources and information on the web REBORN found that no-one is really satiating the need for parental resources that cater to inspiration and enhancing the interaction that parents have with their children. Not to say there isn’t a phenomenal amount of content out there, but what is out there is difficult to navigate with the vast majority of services having poor UX and IA across the board. The other trend that we picked up on is that bloggers and media sites largely focussed advertorial content artificially elevating either paid for content or promoted ads which offered little to no value to their audience. There is a huge opportunity for brands and businesses targeting this audience to create well researched beautifully designed and easy to use resources and platforms. REBORN

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Technology, Kids & Access There is a huge amount of content that targets parents who allow their kids access to technology, with a variety of resources purporting to help parents educate, entertain, and manage their children’s behaviour. We wanted to validate the level of permissibility mums displayed in allowing their children access to their smart devices. It would appear on face value, that there is more content aimed at kids across digital platforms than there is time allowed to consume it. It would appear that the larger opportunity is helping to inspire parents around interactivity with their children and also time management, and digital parenting resources. Kids content is a heavily congested marketplace when you start to look at the sheer volume across all digital touch points and then add the context of the limited amount of time that children are allowed to use technology through the day. From an immediate revenue perspective, content for kids, perhaps, is a quick win. To build brands, that target parents, the research suggests that connecting with mum and helping her form a closer emotional bond with her children will, in the long run, pay the larger dividend. What types of things do you let your children do on your mobile devices? 40% 37% 30% 32% 20% 14% 10% 11% 7% 0% Games Educational Music / Audio Video Books REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 23

24 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Technology, Kids & Access Do you let your children use your mobile device? 32% No Yes 68% REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 How long are your children allowed to use the smartphone or tablet for? 30% 30% 25% 27% 15% 14% 4% 0% Less than 5 mins 5-10 minutes 10 - 20 minutes 30-60 minutes REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 REBORN More than 60 minutes


26 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world LOSOPHOMO (Local, Social, Mobile, Photo) The other prevalent behaviour around mum’s use of mobile technology is capturing their lives through image and video. It has been widely documented that for mums there are five prevailing functions of smartphone use that tend to take precedence. These attributes can be abbreviated to LoSoPhoMo18 standing for: local, social, photo, mobile, which this research tends to support. The report wanted to not just confirm these behaviours but also establish the platforms and methods that mothers were using to store and share these images. I capture my children using my mobile deivce’s? Where do you share your captured moments? 100 90% 83% 75 % 57% 71% 50 25 22% 8% 5% 0 Camera Video Don’t REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843 REBORN Facebook eMail Instagram Don’t 3% 2% Twitter Pinterest REBORN. - Mums and Technology Research n = 1843

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Although these statistics seem somewhat obvious, we think it is important to recognise the roles that particular platforms play in mums lives. There is a distinct difference to the way that mum is leveraging each particular network to fulfil different functions. These are insights that we can then leverage when looking at developing content strategies for brands and the forms of content that are going to resonate:1 Facebook Tools to better create, organise and project their content Email A way to connect mum and her peers to long form, shareable content, that she is more inclined to connect her close friends and family to. Instagram Tools and tips around how to best capture content via Instagram, as well as inspirational content. Pinterest Brand and blogger curated inspirational content. Twitter Insufficient penetration. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 27


30 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Useful Kleenex Flu Predictor With the rise of accessible data from the greater web becoming more and more organised, brands are being given a unique opportunity to create tools for consumers to better understand and anticipate the world around them. Kleenex has done some really interesting work around trying to give consumers tools to predict the impact of the flu season on them. REBORN Using readily accessible tools such a Google’s Flu trends platform, they have been able to both hyper target media in the UK using an innovative media buying tool, as well as being able to give consumers in the US a fantastic tool which gives them the heads up if they are residing in an area where they have a high risk of contracting influenza. This allows consumers to take precautions, as well as stock up on Kleenex.

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Aldi Lunch Box App Not that packing a lunch box is terribly difficult, but it is hard to keep it interesting and ensure that your kids are getting the right balance of the recommended food groups. This is a great little utility from ALDI here in Australia, which allows you to create profiles around each of your children, both with their likes and dislikes. The app then not only curates a daily lunch box for your child with a balanced diet, they also ingeniously compiles a menu of lunches with a shopping list of the products and produce that you will need to pick up next time you are at your local ALDI. The application itself is not particularly well designed, but that does not seem to have dampened their initial success with the iOS version receiving 3.5 stars on the app store which launched earlier this year, with more recently the Android version (already 5,000 + downloads). It is no doubt something they will continue to improve on. It doesn’t hurt that they have teamed up with a Kids NGO to give the tool an added element of credibility. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 31

32 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Useful Sustagen Appediatra One of the more painful expeditions for parents is taking their children to the Doctors surgery. Sustagen Portugal have created a great platform to help paediatricians in their consultations by creating an app and character that takes children through the process of a regular check up. Asking them to perform tasks and demonstrating things like taking a deep breath. We particularly like this because it not only aligns Sustagen as a partner to the medical profession, it makes the trip to the doctor easier for REBORN both child and parents. It also gives information to the most influential person in a child’s consumption and nutrition regime other than their parents, detailed information about Sustagen and its benefits.

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Entertainment Intel & Toshiba The Beauty Inside Entertainment is probably the least utilised method of communication to contact mums. This baffles us here at REBORN. It is not like mums don’t enjoy a good laugh or cry. Mums just don’t seem to get the same entertainment benefits through advertising as youth, fashion, car or beer brands. This discipline is especially sparse in the digital arena. We are confident though, as more customers go online, brands will need to discover ways to deliver entertaining content and experiences to mum using digital. In saying that there have been some notable executions of late, irrespective of their audience. One of our favourites leverages the social nature of the web and it comes from Intel. Up until our introduction to the characters through the initial film, this strange existence has not caused the films protagonist too much trouble. This is until he falls in love and is left with the challenge of getting his love interest to a) believe his predicament b) get her to fall in love with him. A beautiful story and bang on line with the Intel Inside proposition to convey that it is what is on the inside that counts. Furthermore, because of the diverse cast, it gave Intel the opportunity through the scripting to have the audience act out parts of the protagonist’s daily online diary. Brilliantly thought out, brilliantly executed and fantastically social. Basically it is an online drama spread over a number of episodes about a man who wakes up in a different body every day. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 33

34 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Entertainment Kmart #Shipyourpants As a commendable mention we wanted to highlight Kmart’s latest campaign out of the US. Which uses some clever word play to create some hilarious video content that has been really resonating with audiences across the region. Using comedy to elevate awareness around some of their key selling points and demonstrating their everyday savings. REBORN They have extended the word play from Ship My Pants, highlighting free delivery, to Big Gas Savings (say that 10 times fast and you’ll get it) and now the latest but probably least impressive, a parody on the old ‘Yo Mama’ playground banter.

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Digital Parenting YouTube What parent in the world now doesn’t turn to YouTube to have a song and dance or a little bit of respite from their kids. From getting your children to watch episode after episode of miniscule or dancing along in the car to High 5 and the Wiggles. Mobile technology and digital content have revolutionised the On-Demand nature of how parents connect and entertain their children. Sesame Street Elmo Calls Another fantastic development in the digital parenting space has been things like this awesome Elmo calls app. It is essentially an application that replicates many of the functions of your smartphone, only it is Elmo that is on the other end. So imagine you want you kids to go to the bath at 7pm. You can set an alert in the app which at 7pm makes it look as though Elmo is calling. He then instructs you child to go to the bath. Alerts can be set for a variety of other mundane things you need to often struggle with your kids to do. There are educational games and other ways the app helps to facilitate a stronger parent and child relationship. Elmo has made over 1 million calls since the app launched, demonstrating the demand for such tools. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 35

36 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Digital Parenting Californian Milk Board Milk Stories Another innovative way that brands are helping to create resources that make parenting easier is an execution for the Californian Milk Board, where they have created a number of interactive stories to help encourage kids to drink their milk. The insight being that milk consumption and consequently calcium levels in Hispanic children are low. This is because culturally, Hispanic community’s are invariably not large milk consumers. In an effort to reverse this trends, these REBORN books combine storytelling with a resolution of the protagonist in each story drinking milk to overcome fantastical challenges they face, such as getting the monsters out from under the bed and putting out fires. A great way to educate parents and engage children around the importance of dairy consumption but at the same time really hard wiring habituation around specific consumption occasions and forming an emotional bond with parent and child.

The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Huggies Disney Pull Ups App This is a great app from Huggies combining digital and physical, using their product packaging to create a utility that rewards kids for their potty training activities. Kids gain rewards for progressing through potty training in the form of congratulatory content from Disney characters and their progress is also tracked via the app. DIGITAL RESEARCH AND STRATEGY 37


40 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Conclusion This report has demonstrated that mums are increasingly looking to technology and the web for a variety of solutions. Our research has shown that technology is an integral tool in mum’s arsenal. She reaches for her technology and the web to save time, stay entertained, entertain her children, get inspiration, manage her children, streamline daily tasks and uses it as a way to stay connected to peers, friends and family. This report demonstrates how critical digital is as a communication channel to connect with mums. 1:  ousehold income seems to have very H little bearing on access or disposition to adopt mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablet). 2:  others are incredibly heavy users of M their mobile devices throughout the whole day and across a variety of core functions. 3:  ums are using their devices to M streamline administrative tasks, entertainment, capturing memories, utility (maps, calendar etc.), inspiration, connection and social networking. 4:  n Australia there is an apparent absence I of brand players especially in the utility and entertainment space that are truly capitalising on mum’s tech and connectivity habits. At REBORN we pride ourselves on being led by strategy to create innovative digital brand communications. This research gives REBORN, Lion Co, our partners and industry peers a strong rationale to begin developing more entertaining, useful and interesting ways of connecting with mums across Australia. For digital communications to cut through we have to take a leaf out of mum’s book. Always be looking for the new, the functional and interesting. Adapting to the pace of change as quickly as her children grow. REBORN 5:  ums are using technology to keep M themselves entertained, educate their kids, manage their behaviour, teach them new skills and overall derive enjoyment from interacting with their kids through technology together. 6: There is very little activity in targeting  mums through mobile devices. There are huge opportunities to build relationships with mums, develop brand equity and help her to foster emotional connection with her kids.


42 The role of technology in a modern mum’s world Acknowledgements Thanks to Lion Co. for commissioning the research. to Mouths of Mums, and their vibrant and passionate community for responding to our survey. to the team at REBORN for their contribution and dedication Author Profile Gual is the Head of Strategy at REBORN, where his role is to guide, create and execute, communications and digital strategies. Gual is passionate about the pace of change and increasingly complex business and consumer landscape, working towards producing innovative, disruptive and creative solutions. REBORN

References 1. REBORN – Mouths of Mums Survey, 2013 – n=1843 2. DataMonitor - Marketing to Australian Mums Report: mums_getting_through_to_the_gatekeepers?productid=CM00167-031 3. ABS Snap-shot - Value of Goods and Services Produced: Subject/1301.0~2012~Main%20Features~Value%20of%20goods%20and%20services%20produced%20by%20Australian%20 Industry~240 4. Marketing to New Mums - Blogpost: 5. McCann - The Truth About Mums: 6. SheSpot Study - Hooked on Smartphones: 7. Our Mobile Planet Report – 2013, Google, 8. Nielsen - Connected Consumer Report: 9. ABS - Australian Social Trends, March Qtr 2012: 30March+Quarter+2012#CHILDBEARING 10. ABS Census Data, 2011, Population and Housing, Basic Community Profile: services/getproduct/census/2011/communityprofile/0 11. Kantar Worldpanel Aug 2013: 12. IDC Mobility Tracker Report: 13. ACMA - Smartphone trends press release: 14. Lookout, Mobile Mind-set Study, 2012: 15. Google - Consumer Survey REBORN, 2013: 16. Mums Now Report - Social Media: 17. Nielsen, parent and children on smartphones: 18. What is LOSOPHOMO:

CONTACT 02 8507 6890 (Sydney) 03 8640 4094 (Melbourne) hello @ SYDNEY Office Address: Level 1, 46-52 Meagher Street, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW 2008 MELBOURNE Office Address: Level 1/232 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205 Company information Registered Business Name: REBORN Group Pty Ltd Business Address: Level 1, 46-52 Meagher Street, Chippendale, Sydney NSW 2008 ABN: 81130923269 Agency Contact: Sabir Samtani – Director, REBORN Email: Phone: +61 285 076 890 Mobile: +61 433 182 950

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