Reasons Why Your Post May Have Disappeared From Google & How To Deal With It

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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: ChrisLeeVella



In today's slide and post I share with you reasons why your post or your blog has tanked in the search engines, most especially Google.

I'll also share with you 3 simple tips that will help you deal with that very irritating situation.

See full post here:

I hope you like it.


Reasons Why Your Post May Have Disappeared From Google & How To Deal With It

Have you ever had a post ranked high then out of nowhere, it's gone?

It sucks doesn't it? Trust me, I know the feeling

How Could This Happen? Well.... there may be many reasons why!

Let's explore......

You Post Is Just Not Satisfying The visitors that Google is sending to your page are not satisfied and Google has ways of knowing this. ! If you're not bringing value, you'll get replaced by someone that does.

It's a tough pill to swallow but it's true!

Your Post Is Filled With Affiliate Links Your blog post is just a bridge between a visitor and the sales page. ! In other words; It's not bringing any value whatsoever! There is a way to get around this though and I explain it all in my blog post (see link in the description).

Changed The Keyword / Titles Once your post is ranked and indexed, do not change the titles. Maybe one is a ok but I once tanked an earning blog because I changed the titles of all my posts, thinking I was making it more SEO optimised! Go figure....

You Tried An! “SEO trick” If you trusted your SEO in some black hat type schemes, then you deserve it! ! If you want good SEO just....




That is all you need, trust me!

So is anything ringing a bell yet? Are you seeing where you might have wronged the "big G" ?

There are many, many reasons why Google might have tanked your site and I discuss them more in detail in my blog post (see link below)

But here are some things you can do about it when (not if) it happens....

Don't panic!! These things happen in blogging!

Continue writing great content that will lead to more rankings and..

Share on social networks and encourage discussion on your content.

This will help show the search engines that your content is worthy of rankings! ! And if it is, you'll get rankings!

Thanks for checking out my slide! My name is Chris Lee Vella I'm a full time blogger over at:! ! I hope I brought you value! !

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