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Information about Reasons Why Screen-Printed Custom T-Shirts is are Better | Alma Mater

Published on March 28, 2020

Author: AlmaMater9736


slide 1: 5 REASONS WHY PREMIUM SCREEN-PRINTED CUSTOM T-SHIRTS ARE BETTER THAN CHEAP STANDARD T-SHIRTS There’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right apparel to wear. Most of us prefer wearing regular t-shirts for casual day-to-day occasions. They are cheap and come with standard print designs. But they don’t give the appeal that you’re looking for. This boosts the demand for customizing our t-shirts and apparel. Custom t-shirts are a major trend in personal clothing. Nowadays people like to ​design t-shirts online instead of purchasing the standard printed t-shirts from stores. Buying custom t-shirts online is a new way of staying in fashion. You get to put in your own ideas for designing your t-shirts and you can also get them printed in high quality. With premium printing methods your custom t-shirts turn out to be much better than those regular t-shirts. Here’s why you should choose premium custom t-shirts over regular t-shirts: 1 Apparel Printing Quality Screen printing is the primary printing method used for making premium ​custom t-shirts ​. With this printing technique t-shirts can be printed with a wide range of colour codes palettes printing media and substrates. Premium screen printing offers a polished finish to the printed designs. The apparel quality is not affected adversely and the design is evenly printed across the fabric. The printing media used in this process can sustain hard washes and stays intact for a longer period of time compared to the standard printed t-shirts. There is minimal wastage of printing materials and dyes which makes this a sustainable apparel printing option. 2 Designing Liberty You can customize the designs for your premium screen-printed t-shirts. With regular t-shirts the designs are fixed and limited. All you can do is choose from the varieties of designs printed on them. Even so those tees are not going to be unique and you’ll surely catch a lot of other people wearing them. So when you get the opportunity to design your own t-shirt you can ensure that your premium printed apparel is unique. If you’re an artist then you can come up with cool new designs and get them printed. But if you’re not good with designing the premium apparel printing services can help you out. They have their own slide 2: designers who take your ideas and put them into reality. On top of that the premium screen printing methods are dynamic and you can print a design on almost every part of the t-shirt. This is something that the standard printed t-shirts do not offer. 3 Printing Restrictions When you compare the standard apparel printing method with the premium one the latter has fewer limitations in terms of printing. The quality of premium screen-printing methods is always high than that of the standard printing methods. With standard apparel printing you can only use 100 cotton garments. The use of other fabrics may give an unwanted effect to the print outputs. But for premium apparel printing you can use almost every fabric for your garment and still get the desired output by tweaking a few settings on the printing devices. Eventually the premium apparel printing option is more successful in meeting your expectations. 4 Durability The usage of printing colours and dyes is more cohesive in the premium apparel printing option. When a t-shirt gets made with a premium screen-printing technique there is an additional layer of the print added to the fabric. This layer can handle the heat mechanical abrasion and other factors for a longer period of time. But standard printed t-shirts are not that durable. Their designs wear out quickly and you notice several cracks and fades on your t-shirts within months of usage. 5 Resalability A unique advantage of premium screen-printed shirts is that you can sell them to others. Standard printed t-shirts are made by clothing lines and apparel manufacturers. Hence they have the right to claim every dollar made from the sale of these t-shirts. But when you produce custom apparel from premium printing services you can choose to sell them out in the market. You can even start your own apparel business by partnering with an apparel printing service. To sum it up it is great to have a custom t-shirt made from premium screen-printing techniques and that costs a little more than to wear a regular cheap t-shirt with standard print options. slide 3: Original Source: -are-better-than-cheap-/

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