Reasons Why Professional Translations are Totally Worth It

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Information about Reasons Why Professional Translations are Totally Worth It

Published on May 24, 2018

Author: semmartin29


Slide1: Reasons Why Professional Translations are Totally Worth It In this era of Google Translate and countless other free translation tools, it can be difficult to resist the lure of instantaneous machine translations that save your time and money to a great extent. However, considering that online translations are computer-generated and doesn’t involve human labour, we can’t completely count on their accuracy. Slide2: While the developers of online translation tools have been constantly advancing their translation features to maintain high accuracy levels, you can’t go wrong with human translation. As much as tempting it is to opt for machine translation, particularly in economic conditions, quick and free translations are not always a safe bet. Here’s a rundown on why professional translation services have an edge over free translation tools. Slide3: Communication Languages have a purpose and it is to carry opinions, feelings and thoughts from one individual to another. No matter how advanced the technology, machines can never access our thoughts, sentiments and experiences. And that is why businesses can’t rely on machinery translations to communicate their message to their customers or audience. When you work with professional translators, you can rest assured that they understand the meaning and sentiment of your content unlike machines, thus can provide a good translation irrespective of the context. Slide4: Personal Knowledge Another potential reason to get your document translated professionally instead of using a free translation tool is the abundance of knowledge professionals possess. Not only do professional translators have an excellence knowledge of multiple languages and cultures, but they have exceptional linguistic and writing skills, which can prove to be highly suitable when translating legal documents or scientific reports. In addition, professionals have expertise in a wide range of subjects including law, medicine, science, IT, telecommunication and more. They can adapt their terminology and writing style to the tone of your original content. Slide5: Combined efforts of a team A professional translation service does not just assign you a specialised expert to translate your document, but it also provides you access to an entire team that takes care of everything from converting the content into the required language to proofreading and formatting the document to meet your business needs or personal preferences. No to mention, the invaluable advice and support you receive from experts regarding your translation. No machine would tell you how you can tailor your words to appeal to your target audience. Slide6: Flawless Results For businesses that operate online, content is a primary means of customer communication. Your copy should be clear and precise in order to get your message out to the audience. A translation containing errors can make your native customer feel disconnected and possibly convey the message that you don’t care about your customers and take care of their needs. Having a professional translator convert your document as required, eliminates the chances of glaring errors and misunderstandings they can create between you and your customers. Slide7: The Bottom Line Machine translations can sure save you a lot of money initially, but in the long-run you run the risk of costing your business reputation and customers. So, why take the risk just to save a few dollars when you can hire a professional translation service at a reasonable price. While you are at it, be sure to do proper research and only hire a reliable translation service provider that has a track record of delivering successful translations. Choosing the right translation firm can mean the difference between your business success and failure. Slide8: Contact Us Interpreters OnSite Address: PO Box 3422  Liverpool Westfield NSW 2170 Phone No: 1300 882 972 Email:

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