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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: ljparker


1. 9 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Chocolate For A Healthier Life

2. Cacao packs a powerful punch PackedwithhealthychemicalslikeflavonoidsandTheobromine,thecacaobeanisadiseasekillingbulletandalsothesourceofchocolate’sdistincttaste.Makesureyourchocolateofchoiceishealthy,withatleast70%cacao.Sincecacaohasahighfatandsugarcontent,limityourselfto7ounces,orabout4chocolatebarsperweek.

3. Dark chocolate is a nutritious beast Abarofchocolatewithatleast70%ofcocoaisrichinfiber,iron,magnesium,copper, manganese,potassium,phosphorus,zinc,andselenium.Chocolatealsohasagreatfattyacidprofile,withfatsbeingmostlysaturatedandmonounsaturatedwithsmallamountsofpolyunsaturatedfats.

4. Chocolate may lower cholesterol levels AccordingtoastudybytheTheJournalofNutrition,regularconsumptionofchocolatebarscontainingplantsterolsandcocoaflavanolsmaysupportcardiovascularhealthbyloweringcholesterolandimprovingbloodpressure.

5. Chocolate: A little secret to a healthy heart A9yearstudyinSwedenofmorethan31,000womenshowedthosewomenwhoate1or2servingsofdarkchocolateeveryweekreducedtheirchanceforheartfailurebyathird.Anotherstudy,inGermany,showedthateatingasquareofchocolateperdayreducesriskforhighbloodpressure,stroke,andheartattackby39%duetothepresenceofflavonoids.Infact,achocolatebarhasabout5timestheamountofflavonoidscomparedtoapples.

6. Chocolate can prevent memory decline Differentareasofthebrainneedmoreenergytocompletetheirtasks,andthus,needgreaterbloodflowaswell.Thisrelationship,knownasneurovascularcoupling,mayplayanimportantroleinconditionssuchasAlzheimer’s.Hotchocolatecanhelppreservebloodflowinthebrain.

7. Chocolate can help with weight loss? Inaway,yes!Darkchocolateismorefillingthatlightercoloredchocolatesandlessenscravingsforsweet,salty,andfattyfoods.Therefore,youcaneatasmallerportionofdarkchocolatethanotherchocolatesandstillsatisfyyourcraving,makingiteasiertosticktoyourdiet.

8. Going out in the sun? Grab a piece of chocolate! Theflavonolsfoundincocoacanprotectagainstsun-induceddamage,improvebloodflowtotheskinandincreaseskindensityandhydration.

9. Happier Babies AstudyfromFinlandfoundthatwomenwhoatechocolatedailyduringtheirpregnancywerebetterabletomanagestressthanwomenwhodidn’t.Thebabiesofthesewomenwerealsohappierandsmiledmore.Toughchoice:apieceofdarkchocolateorapacifierforyourscreamingbaby’smouth?

10. Chocolate: Diabetes’ Secret Foe AccordingtoClaudioFerri,leaderresearcherattheUniversityofL’AquilainItaly,theflavonoidsfoundinchocolateincreasenitricoxideproduction.Anincreaseinnitricoxideproductionhelpsinsulinsensitivityandcandropinsulinresistancebyhalf.

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