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Published on January 31, 2008

Author: Teresa1


Slide1:  Title R E A P Shopping Center Management Session SHOPPING CENTER MANAGEMENT:  SHOPPING CENTER MANAGEMENT Onsite Duties and Responsibilities of Property Manager:  Onsite Duties and Responsibilities of Property Manager I. The Shopping Center Team II. Day-to-Day Operations III. Tenant Relations IV. Tenants as Partners V. Leasing VI. Financial and Budget Preparation Basic Overview of Mall Manager Job Description Onsite Management Team:  Property Manager Director of Mall Marketing Operations Director Security Director Specialty/Short Term Leasing Onsite Management Team Slide6:  Home Office Departments/Resources Permanent Leasing Facilities Operations Legal Development Human Resources Investor Relations Accounting Business Network Slide7:  Tenants Anchors Specialty Slide8:  Contractor and Vendor In-house vs. contracted service Competitive Bid process Employee/Employer relations Shared Liability Performance Contractor and Vendors:  Contractor and Vendors Typical contracted services: Janitorial Parking lot sweeping Parking lot striping Paving Snow Removal Landscaping Preferred Vendors/Consultants Slide10:  II. Day-to-Day Operations Overseeing the Operations, Marketing and Security of the Shopping Center Working with the Local Government, Building and Planning Departments, Police and Fire Acting as Civic Leader in the community; building relationships and networking Tenant Relations:  Tenant Relations Enforcing operating covenants such as operating hours and use clause Accounts receivable collections; calling, defaulting, evicting Slide12:  IV. Tenants as Partners Partner vs. Landlord Understanding tenant’s operation to maximize results: sales performance occupancy costs competition Communication Sponsorship opportunities drive traffic to location increase sales enhance revenue for center and merchant Slide13:  V. Leasing Support leasing representatives with regard to permanent leasing deals as well as temporary leasing of vacancies and carts in mall. Slide14:  VI. Financial and Budget Preparation Drive income opportunities and manage expenses to achieve maximum profitability for Center. Ensure CAM (Common Area Maintenance charges) is maintained at a reasonable level while ensuring the operating standards are maintained Slide15:  Financial and Budget Preparation (cont.) CAM (Common Area Maintenance charges): The tenant’s share of maintaining the common area of the Shopping Center such as operations, security, administration and insurance. Slide16:  Onsite Duties and Responsibilities of Property Manager Basic Overview of Operations Director Job Description I. Manage the Contracts II. Maintenance III. Janitorial/Housekeeping IV. Capital Projects V. Property Inspections Slide17:  I. Manage the Contracts Sweeping: Oversee the nightly sweeping of the parking lot and decks Landscaping: Oversee the maintenance of both the interior and exterior landscaping to include lawns, trees, shrubs, beds – includes trimming, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, bug control and irrigation Manage the Contracts (cont.):  Manage the Contracts (cont.) Pest Control: Service corridors, back hallways, common area and management offices Snow Removal: Oversee snow removal contractor for parking lot and sidewalks to ensure opening of normal business hours and to prevent liability issues. II. Maintenance:  II. Maintenance Internal: Lighting HVAC/Central Plant Mall Marketing signage Tenant Appearance Interior Landscaping Vertical Transportation Liability Concerns Plumbing Painting Amenity and general repairs Maintenance (cont.):  Maintenance (cont.) External: Lighting Parking Lot repair Mall and Directional signage Exterior Landscaping Peripheral lot tenants Liability concerns Roof Painting General repairs III. Janitorial/Housekeeping:  III. Janitorial/Housekeeping Clean and maintain the Interior/Exterior Common Area of the Mall Interior: service corridors glass/handrails/high dusting furniture/benches/amenities Food Court tables and chairs restroom facilities floors trash containers vertical transportation Exterior::  Exterior: handicap parking areas hand pick debris trash containers/compactor levels service courts including compactor areas curb lines amenities IV. Capital Project Areas:  IV. Capital Project Areas A long term Capital replacement program is critical in maintaining your Center Operations as well as increasing the value of the improvement. They include: Asphalt Paving/Rehabilitation Roof replacement Central Plant Roof Top HVAC units Energy Management Systems Lighting replacement Furniture and Fixtures Slide24:  V. Property Inspections Daily walkthroughs Operational checklists Secret Shops Slide25:  Onsite Duties and Responsibilities of Security Director Basic Overview of Security Director Job Description Security Services Emergency Procedures Loss Prevention/Risk Management Slide26:  Oversee Contracted security services to include: evaluation of property needs supplying all personnel/labor training and supervision supplies and equipment deployment and scheduling I. Security Services Security Services (cont.):  Security Services (cont.) Monitor Life Safety equipment on property Respond to all alarm conditions and other indications of suspicious activity Monitor access to and enforce all access control procedures Maintain the scene of a crime Respond to and provide assistance in security related situations Enforce Policy and Procedure of Owner Formally report statistics to Owner II. Emergency Procedures :  II. Emergency Procedures Review and update Center specific emergency procedures with all personnel Conduct emergency and evacuation drills in conjunction with local agencies (fire and police departments) Enforce and implement Owner specific post 9/11/01 Security procedure Loss Prevention/Risk Management:  Loss Prevention/Risk Management The safety and security of all those who enter the Shopping Center is one of Owner’s highest priorities. Examine working conditions continually to ensure they meet acceptable standards for the protection, safety, and health of employees. Conduct daily, weekly and monthly property inspections that strive to eliminate the likelihood of loss or damage to the buildings, tenants, vendors and customers. Spearhead the Safety Committee, a tool to assure employees, tenants, and patrons are injury free. Meet on a regular basis to review incident reports in an effort to address unsafe conditions.

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