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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: JeganSelvarajLION



Bliss AdTech is a global digital solutions organization and system integrator for automated and real time digital marketing platforms.

Bliss AdTech builds its unique innovative platform called Real Time Marketing and Loyalty + Platform (RML+P) over the base platform of Plumb5.

RML+P offers unique loyalty management solutions that helps businesses to Retain and Grow with customers.

RML+P is a amalgamation of Consulting + Implementation + Integration + Customization + Maintenance and Support.

Real-time Marketing & Loyalty+ Platform Leveraging real time analytics for personalization and engagement at right time for seamless customer experience & Loyalty Real Time Analytics Real Time Engagement Lead & Campaign Management Social Media Sentiment & Messaging Total Marketing enabled Loyalty Solution  BLISS ad:tech

WITH RML+P Customer visits to apply for a new service/application New visitors/Leads visiting to check for products/services new purchase Customized Banner for viewing the right offers. Chat Support for real-time recommendations. Forms for submitting requests. Scores provided to valuate the consumer purchasing behavior and provide the matching offers. Capture email id of unknown visitors using personalized forms and start email campaigning. Track the members social media sentiment and provide relevant offers. Customer satisfied with the immediate attention and specialized offers provided to him, Purchases the required services without any hesitation. Immediate Sale conversion. Loyalty increases. Leads/visitors convert to immediate customers. Thus increasing your customer base using real-time marketing strategies. WITHOUT RML+P Customer visits to apply for a new service/application New visitors/Leads visiting to check for products/services new purchase Provide banner offers irrelevant to the what the customer is searching for. No immediate responsiveness for support. Needs to call up merchant or email with query and wait for a response. No discounts/offers for premium customers. No capture of email ids for incoming unknown visitors/leads. Customer leaves and starts searching for better products/services at competitive prices. Attrition increases and Loyalty decreases. No immediate conversion of unknown visitors to potential prospects as details are not captured.

In a nutshell... Loyalty+ Management Points allocation, Personalized offers on redemption based on customer behavior Provide Personalization Email, online chat, forms management, Widget/Banners Visitor score carding/ segmentation Automation Analyze and target anonymous visitors/leads using web interactions and social media sentiments Set the rules/permissions, ready the report dashboards, and set it on Auto Pilot! Unify Real-time Marketing & Loyalty+ Platform •Anonymous visitors interactions and behavior •Customers interactions and behavior •Mobile App Usage Social •Customer Historical database/Offline Data/Customer Support Data •Customer Transactional Data Web/Mobile Client Systems Gather •Customers Social media accounts •Potential Leads/visitors Social accounts  BLISS ad:tech

Visitor Score Carding & Segmentation  BLISS ad:tech

Unified Customer Profile in Real-time  BLISS ad:tech

Visitor Scorecards  BLISS ad:tech

Audience Profiling Know if the visitor is a stranger, prospect or a customer Know from which source they came from, for each session Auto-segment visitors using scores and enable workflows Know from which city the visitor arrives Know the details of the different sessions of every unique visitor  BLISS ad:tech

Unified Customer Profile  BLISS ad:tech

Personalization  BLISS ad:tech

Personalization Widget/ Banner Based Personalization: Can be used as offers, Coupons, Content recommendation, Product Suggestions or Messaging Chat Based Personalization: Can be used Recommendation, Product Suggestions or Customer Support Form Based Personalization: Can be used as Lead gen forms, Surveys, Reviews, Feedback, Asks , personalized offers or Messaging Email & Drip Based Personalization: In built Campaign Management & Lead Management to engage, nurture & empower prospects  BLISS ad:tech

Widgets/Banner Based Personalization You can change banner messages based on visitor information  BLISS ad:tech

Forms (unknown visitors) Connect with us Please share your email and we will send more details on value banking with high returns SHARE  BLISS ad:tech

Forms (known visitors) Hi John, Get Health Savings Plan Sign up annually and get one month free SAVE NOW  BLISS ad:tech

Targeting (Leads) Personalization & Targeting (For Leads) Connect with us Biz growth assured Open a business account and avail the full benefit scheme OPEN  BLISS ad:tech

Targeting (Leads) Personalization & Targeting Location/Source Based Location Based Personalization Source Based Personalization Get Health Savings Plan  BLISS ad:tech

Targeting Strong Customer Support for the best service experience Real time suggestions & recommendations More suggestive than Intrusive – Being there at the right time matters  BLISS ad:tech

Targeting On Demand Form based Engagement & Conversions Real time On demand Forms •Forms can be used for Lead Gen, Surveys, Asks, Reviews & Rating  BLISS ad:tech

Automation  BLISS ad:tech

Just Set it – Forget it  BLISS ad:tech

tools comparison by features RML+P available customizable not available

Campaign Management RML+P Email Campaigns Track all your email campaigns and its responses Affiliate Campaigns Configure the script to track all affiliate campaigns and measure effectiveness of the channel/campaigns Paid Campaigns Track Paid Campaign effectiveness by assigning values for clicks and impressions to measure ROI Campaign Goals Set up attributes to track from campaigns to conversions Email Campaign Setup Set up your campaigns and use it for website communication or delivering it to the mailbox. Comes with Template Library, Contact Management, Workflows and Reporting Landing Page Setup Setup reusable landing pages that supports videos, external widgets, and forms Landing Page Analytics Measure the performance of your Landing Page along with video analytics

Traffic Analysis Traffic Preset reports by direct, referral and search. Referral Traffic Configure the script to further analyze referral traffic by Paid or Email or Affiliate Location Preset reports to know visitors by location: City, State, Region, Country, Continent, Lat/Long System Information Configure script to understand system information like browsers, OS, Flash enabled, Java enabled, Mobile Devices, Connection speeds, Service provider and Screen resolutions Visitor Type Know visitors by their frequency whether new visitor or returning visitor RML+P

Content Measurement Popular Pages Preset reports to know most popular content by Day, Week, Month and Year Entry Pages Preset reports to know where visitors enter your site. Exit Pages Preset reports to know where visitors leaves your site. Helps in fall-out analysis Page Funnels Configurable page paths for conversion optimization. No resource required Fallout Tracking Identify exit pages and set rules to optimize fall-outs during transaction Heat map Identify which links on the page gets maximum response. Event Tracking Track for downloads, form exits on your pages A/B Testing Preset reports to know where visitors enter your site. FB Like/Share Widget Analysis Preset reports to know where visitors enter your site. RML+P

Conversion Optimization Behavioral Targeting Set rules to load content based on visitor behavior. Rules can be contextual, geographic or based on past behavior or transaction Win-back Configuration Configure forms, polls, feedback, questions on the fly based on behavior Workflows Set 3 tier workflows if you need to engage visitors and turn them to customers Messaging Enable messaging from your website based on behaviors Follow-ups Set Time and Templates to follow-up with customers based on previous responses Responses Get response reports for all activities: Targeted content to Forms to Messages Conversation History Know all your conversations with all customers across mediums along with their responses Recommendations Based on past behavior, you can recommend products or set them based on specific rules RML+P

Visitors/Customers/Leads Visitor Information Know every visitor by location, by source, browsing behavior, system information, connection speeds, and screen type By Source Preset Report to understand how the visitor reaches the site By Behavior Get complete click-stream report of every individual visitor. This helps in advanced conversion optimization By Transaction Know transactions of every customer. This helps in recommendations, (up-sell, crosssell analysis), and understand buying cycle By Responses Know responses by every customer to all the communications. Helps in tone analysis By Engagement Aggregate responses from loyalty sites. Helps in Customer retention and Buying behavior By Buzz Aggregate social findings based on individual customer to understand sentiment Unified Profiling Aggregate all these data and get a profile map of every customer RML+P

Engagement Community Configurator Configure a community site which works as a loyalty site or product community Screeners Enable screeners to start open targeted communities Discussions Enable Discussion on the site Surveys Enable surveys to get feedback, understand buying behavior or understanding product sentiment Polls Create Polls to gather quick insights of our customers Internal Messaging Enable message box for your customers for all internal communication Chat Enable Group chat or One-on-one chat in your community RML+P

Engagement Video Sessions Enable Video Sessions with your customers. Broadcast/Record product launches. Record Voice of your customer Offers Create Offers based on points or transactions or browsing behavior of the customer Points Configuration Configure Points for each interaction. Set conditions for bonus points Rewards Update Rewards list and set rules for redemption Advanced Profiles Create Forms to collect advanced profile information or tag it from other sources Engagement Analysis Understand frequency of engagement and set rules for further engagement Customer Sentiments Gather all customer responses and under customer sentiments within the community. This data can be mapped with profile search data for deep web sentiments RML+P

Research & Customer Advocacy Profile Search Configure the crawler to search the web based on email address Topic Search Configure the crawler to search the web based on keywords or topics Brand Sentiments Collect Reviews and Discussions around your brand and analyze user sentiments Influencers Analyze User sentiments to understand your key influencers and advocate them List Creation Configure crawler to mine contact information based on keywords Configuration Simple easy to use setup RML+P

Multi Channel Data Aggregation Data Import Import Data from external data sources for unified analysis and reporting Data Tagging Helps in tagging disparate data sets for unified reporting Data Scoring Assign scores to each interaction or any column type of the data set for segmentation Score Configuration Assign Scores to imported data sets and deduce overall scores for unified profiles Analysis Use the online spreadsheet for all analysis. Reporting Wizard Driven reporting engine for multi dimensional analysis Visualization Generate graphs and export them to pdf, presentations or word documents Predictions Utilize PMML models to arrive at predictions Re-use insights Update insights to your existing scripts for new rules and conversion optimization RML+P

PRICE COMPARISON Customization is charged separately | With On-Demand Models, few customization options | All prices in USD RML+P FREE ON DEMAND + resource support 150k 150k 100k 45k 70k 25k 10k ON DEMAND ON PREMISE ON PREMISE ON DEMAND ON DEMAND ON PREMISE ON DEMAND ON DEMAND + resource support + resource support RML+P RML+P On-Premise available

Loyalty+ Management  BLISS ad:tech

Loyalty+ Management: A Breeze •Customer participates in a merchant partnership program and does a transaction Client Systems RML+P •Customer is rewarded the equivalent amount of reward points for the positive transactional action •Customer checks account for redeemable reward points •Customer redeems points as per the redemption offers designed for him personally Customer Login Acc Portal/Mobile App  BLISS ad:tech

Loyalty+ Management Retain to Grow Acquisition Growth Loyalty+ Learn Customer Insights Experience Reduce Customer Attrition Rewards Measure Advocacy •Track Loyal customers with a Loyalty Matrix •Loyalty is rewarded by returning. •Provide innovative marketing over Brand Rewards for Usage to provide New Experience Score Customer Behavior Retention •Points based Rewards. •Generate Customer Loyalty to Brand •Loyalty for Usage and Transaction •Unified customer experience at every touch point. •Enable differential servicing. •Enable Social Connection •Points + Pay based rewards and transaction growth. •Soft rewards for Loyal Usage (ex – social media sharing) Growth Measure Participation In Campaigns •Increase Customer Spend •Gain Competitive Edge •Enable Targeted and broadcasted marketing offers. •Understand your Customer Life Time Value. •Enable Up selling and Cross selling. •Manage product portfolio better with data. Assess Brand Value Establish Customer Satisfaction Customers as Marketing force •Drive value for Merchants  BLISS ad:tech

Loyalty+ Management Loyalty + Points Accrual Points Redemption Rewards Management Reward Customers for Usage and Transaction Enable Rewards distribution Enable Rewards administration Unified Tracking Customer Scoring Social Connect Track Customer Usage from all channels Score Customers on Usage Enable Customers as Brand ambassadors on Social media Email Connect Mobile/Web Connect Merchant Connect Connect your Loyalty customers using email. Drive transactions by integrating loyalty on Mobile/Web platforms Derive strategy to better relationship with Merchants Targeted Marketing Merchant Offers Vendor Management Leverage 360° Customer View for targeted selling Partner with Merchant for Customer offers Manage vendors for Rewards selection and delivery.  BLISS ad:tech

Points+ Accrual Members receive points for their engagement/social media sharing and transactional activity with Bank/participating Merchants Customer advocacy High member engagement /lower attrition Conversion & Sales Convert unknown customers to members by personalization techniques using real-time data captured Real-time data of users collected and used for Marketing/visitor score carding/segmentation unknown visitors known visitors Web/mobile app portals customers/unknown visitors Promote products/offers to already members with the help of segmentation techniques using score card points RML+P Integrated with web/mobile portals  BLISS ad:tech

Advantages of RML+P NO INTEGRATION REQUIRED NO DATA REDUNDANCY Its real-time Its On-Demand NO COMPLEXITY NO DATA SILOS UNIFIED DASHBOARDS Its Plug & Play Its configurable Its on an unified system NO IT INVESTMENTS Across Systems and at every node


 BLISS ad:tech

Can enable you to talk to your customer, when he is online Most analytics give you 8 – 48 hr old statistics after the event has occurred in your website. By the time you do something about it; the visitor is long gone.  BLISS ad:tech

Can fetch custom information in real time based on search Prospects come to your website for a specific purpose – Just like one walks into a departmental store - if he/she doesn’t find anything interesting – they just walk off – until ... there is an interaction by a salesman in real time  BLISS ad:tech

Can increase the potential to convert online visitors Prospects come to your website for a specific purpose , needs and wants – some have immediate needs & wants. If one cant identify them, one can’t exploit the opportunity as well.  BLISS ad:tech

Can ensure agility in customer support and engagement Visitors will always have more choices and they will go to your competitors if you are not fast enough to know the needs of the customers  BLISS ad:tech

Can define a personalized customer experience Visitors have lots of choices – they will buy the product only from those who will give them a great customer experience Great customer experience comes with personalization and personalization comes with knowing the immediate needs and wants of visitors  BLISS ad:tech

 BLISS ad:tech

Listening to customers across channels Website/Mobile /Other Business Touch point Analytics Insights Targeting Campaign Management Engagement  BLISS ad:tech


Unifying all interaction data for each customer  BLISS ad:tech

Rewarding customers at the right touch points to increase loyalty Customer Bank  BLISS ad:tech

 BLISS ad:tech

 BLISS ad:tech


we built Real-time Marketing & Loyalty+ Platform RMLP is a real-time marketing loyalty+ platform ,that tags, captures and profiles customers & prospects by scores from all interaction touch points and unifies data for more accurate actionable insights  BLISS ad:tech

 BLISS ad:tech

And a lot many features. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Content Popularity Analysis Visitor Attention Profiling Loyalty Scoring & Management Heat Map Analysis Real Time ecommerce Tracking Real Time Behavioral Scoring & Segmentation Multivariate Testing Lead & Contact Management Interaction Management Community & Loyalty Management Mobile & Social apps Tracking & Measurement Live Event Tracking Reverse Goal Paths Visualization Offline Data Integration Work Flow Management List Creation  BLISS ad:tech

Dashboard Screens for reference  BLISS ad:tech

Prescriptive Dashboard in Real-time  BLISS ad:tech

Sample Dashboards. Create & manage complex dashboards on the fly!  BLISS ad:tech

Real-time Marketing & Loyalty+ Platform Customer is important : Reward Loyalty  BLISS ad:tech

Loyalty+ Management Points+  BLISS ad:tech

Points+ Redemption Member Web/mobile app portals Selects a reward that is personalized to that particular member Logs into account to redeem membership/reward points Rewards member takes Voucher/Coupon with unique ID in store to redeem a specific product. Rewards member uses Voucher/Coupon with unique ID online to redeem a specific product/service/Air Flight Ticket. Member receives Merchandise/other physical products through delivery or pickup Programme deducts required points from Member’s Rewards account and sends the Reward to the Member either electronically or through courier (whichever applicable) Vouchers/Discount Coupons/other redeemable coupons (Unique voucher/coupon ID generated) Merchandise Cash/Other Rewards AIR Miles Redemption  BLISS ad:tech

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