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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Urania


Slide3:  2. Definition of Olympism OLYMPISM = Sport + Culture + Education “Olympism is a Philosophy of life, exalting and containing in a Balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education. Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of effect, the educational value of good example and respect for the universal fundamental ethical principles” Slide4:  The aims are to promote the development of those physical and moral qualities which are the gain of aspect, educate young people through sport in a spirit of better understanding between each other and friendship, thereby helping to guide a better and more peaceful world spread the Olympic principles throughout the world thereby creating international goodwill and bring together the athletes of the world in the great four-yearly sport festival, the Olympic Games. Education Right of Sport = Int’l Charter of P.E & Sports Slide5:  4. OC = Fundamental Principles of Olympism The Core Concept of Olympic Movement is Olympism The Core Concept of Sport for All Movement is Olympism Action & Operation of the Olympic Movement Slide6:  The Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practices without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit which required mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship. Solidarity and fair play. The Olympic Movement is spread systematically throughout the world by the members of the Olympic family (IOC, NOCs, Ifs) who make up the comprehensive value of sports, it is the result of the intentional objective of striving to build a healthy, peaceful society and a better world. Slide7:  6. What is the Sport for All Movement ? Sport for All is a movement aimed at realizing the Olympic goal, which states that sport is a right belonging to all individuals transcending racial and class differences. It is a movement which seeks to pursue the promotion of health, fitness and well-being through sporting activities which can be adapted to people of all ages, both sexes and differing social and economic conditions, whatever the local and regional cultures. Sport for All encompasses all types of sport, except for elite sport. Slide8:  The Sport for All Movement is a systematic and collective social campaign to maintain, change or improve shortcomings in a social system, through the participation in sports of citizen on a voluntary basis and to extend to all sections of the community the beneficial effects of sport to health, social, psychological, educational, and cultural development. Therefore, Sport for All is sport and activity promoting movement which establishes an ethical foundation for human life and dignity, with the traditional and modern values of sport. It is dedicated to establishing an overall healthy society and to constructing a community of unity, friendship, peace, and well-being for all people of the world. Slide9:  Through Sport for All, the values of the Olympic Movement are transmitted to society as a whole. The fundamental strategy of the Olympic movement is realizing Olympism, the value of physical education and sports, in the daily lives of the people and this is the sport for All Movement. Coubertin’s All Sports for All people in 1919 implicates promoting a harmonious development of body, mind, and spirit through physical activity. Therefore, it is clear that the fundamental direction of the Sport for All Movement is in accord with the Olympic Movement. Slide10:  The Sport for All Movement is the main strategy for achieving the goals and objectives, Olympism, of the Olympic Movement. The Olympism, therefore, is the dissemination of sport carrying the nation of peace and the participation of all people, thus the Sport for All Movement. The expression “Sport for All” is a slogan encouraging all to take part in sport, and calling for actions to provide opportunities for all to do so. It would be accurate to say that Sport for All is concerned with the role of sport in society. Olympism and its concern for the development and self-actualization of man in society and in the contest of the longer world in which are all live is also reflected by the Sport for All Movement. Slide12:  1986 Frankfurt (Germany) “Fundamental Principles of Sport” 1988 Prague (Czech Republic) “ World Solidarity in favor of the Development of Sport for All ” 1990 Tampere (Finland) “Sport for All by the year 2000” 1992 Varna (Bulgaria) “Sport for All in Contemporary Society” 1994 Punta del Este (Uruguay) “Sport for All – Health for All” 1996 Seoul (Korea) “The Global Family and Sport in the 21st Century” 1998 Barcelona (Spain) “Sport for All and the Global Educational Challenges” 2000 Quebec (Canada) “Sport for All and Governmental Policies” 2002 Arnhem (Netherland) 2004 Rome (Italy) “Sport for All as a Tool for Education and Development” 2006 Havana (Cuba) “Physical activity: Benefits and Challenges” Slide13:  21C : Age of Globalization --> Regionalized into Blocks Social Movement based on the Olympic Cultural Community To Promote Olympism through Olympic for All movement Sport for All movement Health for All movement Peace for All movement Education for All movement Human Right for All movement To build healthy and bright welfare Asiania Regional Society New Form of SFA Movement

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