Real Numbers - Rational and Irrational

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Information about Real Numbers - Rational and Irrational

Published on June 5, 2008

Author: sunnyrain43229


Welcome : Welcome To the REAL NUMBERS First things first… : First things first… How well can you remember your math definitions? Let’s see how much you still recall after your long and fun vacation! Let’s start with the Real Numbers: : Let’s start with the Real Numbers: Have you ever heard of the REAL NUMBERS? That is what we call the set of all of the numbers that we use in Mathematics. Slide 4: The Real Numbers is the name that is used in Mathematics to label all the numbers you would ever use. It even includes numbers that continue on and on in to infinity! Like- .0007936497298…………………. Slide 5: Next you will look at a chart which divides up all the Real Numbers into smaller subsets. The Real Numbers : The Real Numbers The Real Numbers : The Real Numbers Fall in to 2 groups: The Rational Numbers The Irrational Numbers The Rational Numbers : The Rational Numbers Are numbers which make sense! The Irrational Numbers : The Irrational Numbers Don’t really make sense. Irrational Numbers : Irrational Numbers Everything else : Everything else Is Rational! Every single other number! : Every single other number! 7 .255 ½ 25.22 -82 120.870 200,000 -.008 Yep! They are all rational! So far we know that: : So far we know that: Rational numbers make sense. Irrational numbers don’t make sense! (because they never end and have no pattern)! Quiz : Quiz Is 3.14 a rational number or an irrational number? Is .072119840… a rational number or an irrational number? Is 27.445 a rational number or an irrational number? Slide 15: The answer for every question is: Irrational None of those numbers are rational! None of those numbers make sense! This ends Lesson 1 : This ends Lesson 1 Click on the house icon below to return to the home page if you would like to watch this presentation again.

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