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Published on December 30, 2018

Author: moxza


slide 1: Secrets of Magic Spells That Mystical Orders And Occult Fraternities DO NOT Want You To Know.... Click Here To Discover Powerful Magic Spells And More slide 3: 4 Tools You Can Use To Empower Your Magic Spells Inside this special magical lesson you will learn about 4 different methods of tools you can easily use to create your own magical spell or ritual. You dont have to follow an exact step-by-step guide or format when it comes to creating or crafting a magical spell or ritual. It will rely on and be completely dependent on how strong your mental atmosphere is. The stronger belief that you have in your magic spell or ritual working will in fact make it that much more powerful and useful. If you have a shred of doubt in your magical spell or ritual it will be destined to fail. The chances of your magical act working are entirely dependent on your mental state your desire your willpower imagination and thought. In this report I will outline the 4 different tools that are available to any aspiring witch or wizard. You can easily craft and create your own magical spell or ritual with these devices. This is just a generalized report and will share some more basic information on crafting a ritual or spell that you intend to take full effect in physical reality. Continue reading below to learn about the 4 different tools at your disposal to begin creating your own spells and rituals starting today. The very first magical tool I will speak of is candles. Candle magic is a widely known and used medium to inspire and transfer magical effect. The fact remains that fire is one of the four earth elements and flame in itself is a spiritual entity and using a candle can empower your work that much more. Candles have been used as a magical device since their creation. They have been known to be used by religious orders and mystics at least since the dark ages. They could be used and lighted to create a magical effect which would evoke the power and creative desire using the lighting or extinguish the flame as the magical act. You can also use different colored candles for different magical effects. I will not go into the whole science of colors but certain colors do hold archetypal traits that you can use for your magical act. Candles do work and I am not going to go deep into the topic but be aware that you can use this tool with combined intention imagination and willpower followed with a desire to help generate and transmit your wants into physical reality. The second magical tool you should know about is symbols. The powers of symbols are very intensive and they can be used as a talisman to attract certain energy or as an amulet to ward off unwanted energy. Your subconscious mind encodes every experience and thing you think about as symbols in a coded format. When you create a symbol that has a clear definition and desired purpose with energy poured into it it can act in specific ways and complete certain desired tasks that you wish for it to do for you. The magical image you can create can become very powerful. Be sure that you define exactly what you wish from your magical symbol and infuse it with intensive energy and imagination with intensive positive energy for it completing its task. The power of symbols and the subconscious mind are intensive and using this technique can bring you all sorts of desired effects. In future issues of this newsletter I will discuss how to create a magical symbol to use for your own personal benefit or that of others. The third magical device that I highly suggest you look into and begin using immediately are tarot cards. These are an excellent tool of divination and magic that is designed for and used to access your subconscious mind. When you can tap into your subconscious mind seeing clearly into the different attributes of your life or personal situation you will have much greater strength wisdom and power. I am not going to go deeply into the applications of tarot cards but I will tell you that they are a powerful tool to gain information whether from the past present or future. I use them personally on a daily basis to gain greater insight into my personal life and to forecast into the future. Eventually you will memorize the cards so well that you will see the image of a card flash into your mind when you request information from your subconscious. Or you may see the images of the tarot cards appear in your mind before you even pick them during a reading. This is my personal experience. Tarot cards represent different archetypal human experiences and through years of experience you can learn to communicate with your subconscious mind and gain serious information and insight into your life using tarot cards. If you do not yet have a set of tarot cards I would highly suggest that you invest in a deck. The last magical tool I would like to talk to you about is known as the pendulum. The pendulum is another method to access your subconscious mind to access information and to gain its help. Some would be magicians and witches would tell you that the pendulum is controlled by spirits or Gods. This is not the case. You can use the pendulum to give you yes or no answers directly from your subconscious mind. Never forget that your subconscious mind is the portal to infinite intelligence and information. Using the pendulum gives you the opportunity to access different information and receive guidance from your subconscious mind. It is entirely up to you how well it works. I suggest you start by trial and error and remember when trying this method and all magical methods mentioned in this report that you keep a clear and still mind while using these tools. Asking the pendulum direct yes or no questions is the best method for using this tool and you can easily make one yourself at home or buy one for a small amount of money online or at occult shops. This concludes my brief report on 4 magical tools you can use right now to gain greater insight and power over your life. Of course there are plenty of other tools available and options at your disposal for creating your own magic spells and rituals. Magic is completely controlled by your imagination willpower desire and belief. When you put serious effort and concentration into your desired results while using these 4 magical devices slide 4: When you put serious effort and concentration into your desired results while using these 4 magical devices you will have greater odds of experiencing results. Avoid These Serious Magic Mistakes To Save Yourself Years of Heartache And Pain Inside this special magical lesson you will learn about 4 different methods of tools you can easily use to create your own magical spell or ritual. You dont have to follow an exact step-by-step guide or format when it comes to creating or crafting a magical spell or ritual. It will rely on and be completely dependent on how strong your mental atmosphere is. The stronger belief that you have in your magic spell or ritual working will in fact make it that much more powerful and useful. If you have a shred of doubt in your magical spell or ritual it will be destined to fail. When it comes to wanting to understand the universe and your particular place inside of it you will have many questions. You will want a higher sense of who you are integrity and most importantly empowerment to reach the goals you wish to achieve. You want to be able to turn your life into a magical life that is filled with mystery and a supreme reality and a connection to it to attain higher realms of wisdom. When people step into the world of magic this is what they hope for. Some of them will take a step further and will do things like exploring occult websites going to different new age bookshops and trying different rituals. Other people may choose to join different orders and cults while others may choose to meet other like-minded people through the internet. What happens is that they feel enchanted by the different information and available approaches to their life path and the magical path. However there are many different pitfalls that come within this world of magic spells and consequences that do happen. I will explain the 5 most common pitfalls for the magic spells beginner so you can prevent them from happening and having to experience them as follows below. The very first mistake beginners of witchcraft make is not understanding and knowing what they are actually using magic spells for. Some people just use it as a way to rebel against indoctrinated religions since childhood. Some people just do it to socialize and look taboo and rebel against the norms of society. Other people have very specific goals and there are plenty of branches of magic that will deal and teach those paths. What you need to understand is what you plan on using your magic spells for and what you wish to accomplish. Set a clear goal in mind and know what you are going after and what you are aiming to achieve. The second mistake that people generally make is that after having a spiritual awakening experience or a flash of validity to their spiritual pursuit they begin opposing other systems and beliefs. Trying to force your spiritual beliefs on other people is absolutely foolish and will only alienate family and friends from you. You have to understand the spiritual tree of life has plenty of different branches and paths. Your personal path may be different from someone elses. That does not mean you have any reason to talk trash about their beliefs or running around proclaiming your spiritual path as being superior. This is the path of foolishness. Dont fall for it. The third mistake that many beginner magicians make is abusing and using illicit substances. Many different people these days advocate drug use. Yes certain types of psychedelic and psychoactive substances will unlock portals to your subconscious and beyond. However this will only drain your mental resources and confine you to a life of addiction and reliance. Being a magician should be mastering yourself and all of your desires. You do not need to use drugs to enter an enchanted state. Relying on drugs is drug addiction. Do not rely on them. Keep your mind completely clear and sharp and be aware of your reality and yourself. Having a clouded mind that is hazed over by drug use will only make you weak. Being a weak person and a drug addict will take you nowhere with learning to master and use magic spells. The fourth mistake that many people will get into is that they wish to master magick and to become the highest ranked and the most special witch or wizard possible. This is nothing more than a trap of egotism. The goal of magick is to become the best and most valid version of yourself possible. Magick is a tool and is not an end and a means unto itself. You use magick as a tool to achieve your aims and goals that you wish to accomplish in life. Once you work on a certain magical path you will achieve certain results when you follow a regular daily path. But for those that think downloading and reading every book possible to give themselves a title of being a master are fooled. You can only master yourself and magic spells and rituals are a method to achieve those results. The fifth mistake that people make when choosing to live a magical life is that they may give away their personal power to others. People can do this in the way of following a guru or spiritual leader that demands obedience demands money gifts and services or any other forms of giving away your personal power to him or her. You may also run into magical orders or fraternities that may make demands from you that take away your right to make choices. They may tell you that only they can offer you a tangible or an intangible thing in exchange for your servitude and surrender of personal rights. If you ever meet any types of groups ideologies or teachers that demand massive personal sacrifice in exchange for a tangible or intangible reward you are being fooled. Never give away your personal power or freedom of choice or rights as a human being to any person or organization whether magical spiritual religious or otherwise. The world is full of cults and cult leaders looking for easy targets. Protect yourself and your ultimate personal best interests. These are five of the common traps and pitfalls that beginners make when they enter the world of magic and slide 5: These are five of the common traps and pitfalls that beginners make when they enter the world of magic and you will have to be aware of them. You are your own personal protector and knowing of these mistakes can save you years of mistakes and heartache. The realm of magic spells is special and being able to accomplish your goals using magic spells and rituals can be a real thing. If you are new to witchcraft or a beginner at magic spells follow this advice as addressed above to get the most benefit from magic spells with as little problems as possible. "Discover Real Magical Secrets Training You Can Start Using Today Without Worshipping Any Strange Spirits Or Entities. Get Secrets That Mystics Have Tried To Get Banned By Reading This Guide" Get The Ability To Create Your Own Desiny Click Here Now To Get Started How To Hypnotize People Without Them Knowing slide 6: There are plenty of branches of the magical tree and one of them is an often underutilized and known of technique that can control peoples minds without them knowing about it. What I am referring to is the secretive art and sciences of conversational hypnosis. The purpose of this report is to share with you cunning tactics you can use to actually hypnotize people without them even knowing about it. You can get people to follow your commands and do as you tell them too when you learn the secrets of hypnosis. I have found an amazing course on conversational hypnosis and I have personally learned from this guide and used the techniques found inside to mesmerize and get people to do what I want them too. I can legitimately hypnotize a person in under five minutes through specific conversation techniques and things like body language. If you want further information on this secretive method of hypnosis you can click here Now imagine what it would be like if you could easily influence any person that you met in your daily life. The ability to fascinate control and inspire people will change your entire life and you can learn practical techniques on how to make this happen. You can create your own private world in someones mind and have them controlled and easily manipulated when you learn the techniques. You can learn how to walk into a room and have peoples faces light up with excitement. You can get people to agree to do things for you even if they arent interested. You can charge people to want to be around you and spend time with you and keep you in their thoughts too. When you learn how to master the techniques and abilities associated with conversational hypnosis you can literally change your life. You can become incredibly charming appear irresistible to the opposite sex make every interaction with people you speak with more powerful engaging and memorable not to mention a lot easier too. You can gain the abilities to actually change people and make them do what you desire. There are specific techniques and patterns that every single persons mind uses and these known characteristics of human beings in psychology have been carefully recorded and studied. What has come from this research is known as hypnosis and taking it to a further level is conversational hypnosis. The very first thing you will need to do to be able to hypnotize other people is to first work on your ability to connect with other people. You will want to put your own personal desires your own thoughts and opinions away so you can get in sync with the other person. When you choose to hypnotize someone you have to remember it is all about the other person and their mental state and atmosphere. The second thing you will have to do is to be able to put yourself in a positive mental state even if you are not feeling good. Like Ive stated in previous magic spells training lessons you will need to first master your own mind and your thoughts including your emotions before you get anywhere ahead with magic spells and having them work for you. When it comes to hypnosis you will have to have a powerful and dramatic personality and you must have a set routine in place that you know works. You will need to have the method you speak your body language your behavior eye contact the pitch of your voice and even how you breathe under control. You will have to be able to place yourself in the right frame of mind before any type of conversational hypnosis attempt is tried. If you have a mind full of stress from work or you are in a bad mood dont even attempt to hypnotize anyone because your conflicted mental state will hold you back from making any progress. The third component of conversational hypnosis is to build rapport between yourself and the person you are dealing with. You will want to smile and make eye contact and speak about things that you have in common like a sport or a hobby. You may even share personal memories and share stories about yourself that your intended person has in common with you. There are plenty of ways to build rapport with other people. Then of course there is a hypnotic rapport which is an entirely different thing. I recommend this manual to master conversational hypnosis in a shorter span of time. When you are building a rapport you will want to do such things as a smile make eye contact and mirror the other persons body language. You want to keep the conversation flowing and not let it get stale. One of the best secrets of conversational hypnosis is to talk about things that the person you are targetting enjoys and feels positive emotions about. The biggest and strongest component of conversational hypnosis is being able to target and speak to your targets subconscious mind. We have spoken about the distinct powers and abilities of the subconscious mind and this is where your hypnosis techniques are used. You will need to learn how to pull other people into your conversation and into a hypnotic state so you can get their attention and keep them captivated. You will have to put them into a trance state and that begins with gaining their full attention and then working on their own personal psychology. There are certain things that you can do that include technique to help put a person into a hypnotic trance. These ideas include things such as engaging stories using power words and linguistic bridges catchy and powerful words and hypnotic themes during the conversation. You will need to learn how to stimulate the persons subconscious mind and to be able to do this you will have to bypass their conscious minds. The conscious mind is the voice in your head that decides if it believes something or not. It makes judgments and decisions. Being able to hypnotize someone involves getting past this natural psychic barrier. There are plenty of different methods that can be employed to break down a persons conscious barrier. A good method to slide 7: different methods that can be employed to break down a persons conscious barrier. A good method to get someone into a trance state is to tell an engaging story. Believe it or not stories are a natural tool people can use to escape reality. We do this on a daily level by watching television shows reading books watching movies and hearing stories from other. A story puts your mind into a different state where it disengages with the current reality. You need to be able to put people into a deep and imaginative state where they are passive and receptive to instructions and information. This is just a basic outline of the practical techniques that you will need to first understand and utilize before you can actually master conversational hypnosis. Hypnotism is a real skill and is part of the human experience that can be used as a magical effect. Even magic spells themselves can be used as a method of conversational hypnosis. When a person can truly understand and master this technology of mind control they will have a lot of power. This is not the typical format of magic spells training you are probably used too but it is very effective. If you are interested in learning how to really use conversational hypnosis to control other people then read this guide. How To Become Your Highest Self With Magic Spells Being able to call yourself a magician a wizard or a witch is an easy thing. Ultimately it will take a lot of work on your self and your personality and disposing of baser elements of yourself that are not practical to your ultimate identity. Being able to open yourself up to witchcraft and magic abilities will first be dependent on your growth and personal self. You will have to really question everything about yourself and this process can take years long depending on how hard you pursue the ultimate question of who are you Why are you here What is your purpose If you cannot first answer these questions about who you are then dont expect to get too far with magic spells or witchcraft. You will need to question everything about yourself most importantly the beliefs and perspectives on spirituality and the complexities of life. You will need to question everything you have ever believed or held to be true. You need to distinguish for yourself what you know for fact and what has been ingrained in you from society or environment. You will need to have a full and thorough understanding of all the shades and nuances of your personality. You will need to also explore different parts of your psyche and this includes analyzing your dreams. Knowing yourself is one of the most vital components of making magic spells that actually work do what you intend them to do. If you have no power or knowledge of yourself dont expect to get too far when you try using magic spells or witchcraft. Everything about magic spells and witchcraft will depend entirely on you and your beliefs. If you have a strong belief in a certain religion that has taught you that magic is bad then you will have serious issues with using magic until you uproot these old religious beliefs. I explain that to many people who have been taught a certain global religion their whole lives who try to step away from it and pursue the worlds and dynamics of magic spells. You will have to decide your ultimate purpose and what you intend to do with your life. When you have a solid path and a clear destination with what you wish to do with your life your magic will become more powerful. Many people live their lives without knowing what their personal purpose or reason for being is. So they use magic to counteract things in their lives or to take control of certain situations that they themselves have created. People who live with no major life purpose will never be able to fully understand and realize the full potential of magic. I have seen magicians I know go from absolute poverty to becoming millionaires because that was their ultimate goal and purpose. I have seen other people whose purpose was to find true romantic love and they did indeed find life partners they are madly in love with. Using magic spells that actually work will depend on having full control over yourself and your life path. If you are aimlessly drifting through life and trying to use magic to control certain aspects of your life or people you wont have much luck. Part of using magic is to find your ultimate purpose and your Highest Self. slide 8: Self. Being your Highest Self is the unfoldment and development of you becoming the optimal and best version of yourself you can be in this lifetime. This should be of primary importance for anyone that wishes to use magic spells that work for their ultimate purpose. Yes you can use magic spells for smaller things in life but you can also use it to unleash inner powers within yourself to change and become the best you can be as well. Developing yourself to become your best and greatest self should be the first focal mission that you step into while you walk the magical path. Personal growth and self-development should be the beginning steps that you take when you begin using the worlds of witchcraft and magic spells. You will want to take a serious look at yourself and analyze all the major parts of your mind. When you have full control over your mental environment beliefs emotions and other aspects you will have more overall power as a wizard witch or a magician. A magician will only be as powerful as he or she is personally. Many people believe that they can cast magic spells out into the abyss of the universe with no real power over themselves let alone the fabric of the universe. Yet worse are people who will try to manipulate evil deeds and future events on other people they feel have harmed them. These people fail to see the greater picture of learning from the people who have wronged them and using magic to better themselves and their own personal lives. I will state this very clearly right now: Do not use black magic. It will only come back on you and destroy you even worse than the person or thing you intended harm against. Living a magical life will have to be based on utilizing the right side of your brain which harnesses imagination and creativity as well as the left side of your brain which dominates the logical and analyzing portions of your mind. The ultimate doorway to making magic spells actually work lies within your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is the doorway to infinite intelligence and creativity. You can gain real information from these regions of your mind and it is the doorway that can turn your intentions and commands in the form of magic spells that work into real things into the cosmos. Your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful things in existence. Before you start exploring how to contact different spiritual entities Gods or Goddesses first look deeply into the labyrinth of the subconscious. Answers to every question you have ever wanted to know of lay within. Inside this mysterious world is the entryway to infinite mystery and magic. I will tell you now that dreaming is important and recording your dreams is of prime importance. You will also have to understand your primal drives and motivations. You will have to look deep within yourself and take a look at what puts you into motion and either drives you towards goals or holds you back in the way of fear. You will have to take a look at certain things in your life that will need healing or that need to be resolved. Many people will not look directly or squarely into themselves and forever will chase outward things in their lives to make up for the internal damage they carry instead of resolving and healing it. Ultimately the ability to become a wizard witch or magician will rely entirely on you and the work you do to analyze yourself. You and only you can answer the questions of Who are you Why are you here What is your purpose Focus on these questions and meditate on them. When you can find a higher purpose for your life and something you wish to attain you will have a goal that you can set into motion. When you have an ultimate purpose you can begin using magic to transmute yourself into your Higher Self. Be the best you can be and do not limit yourself. This is a major secret of master wizards. Take this to your heart and remember it. How To Master Lucid Dreaming Learn Astral Projection Within this report we will discuss the importance and applications involved with soul travel otherwise known as lucid dreaming and astral projection. Many world religions speak of the human being having an etheric or soul body and being able to use it to your advantage is a very serious magical technique that makes life better. Whether you call this essence a soul consciousness the astral body or other things is irrelevant. Knowing how to travel and use this part of your true essence is important. Most people access this state of consciousness and travel through dreaming but there are also other methods you can use to leave your physical body while in a meditative state. This is a more secretive form of magic but when you travel using your soul body and do magic in that state you will find that your powers and your abilities using magic spells can go even further. I have been going out of body and dream traveling over 25+ years and within this report I will discuss a simple technique you can use to begin lucid dreaming faster. When you are able to control your dream state you will have greater abilities with being able to use slide 9: When you are able to control your dream state you will have greater abilities with being able to use astral projection and travel out of body. Continue reading below as I teach you this method to become conscious and aware while you are dreaming. This is an easy technique and when you become conscious and lucid while dreaming you will have even more ability and powers at your fingertips when it comes to using magic. I have been using this method for a very long time and first learned it from a magician I met many years ago. It does work and the only way it will work is if you practice it and follow these instructions clearly. If you do not follow these details then dont complain about it if you dont experience any form of results. So here we go with the technique as described below. To begin with I want you to look at a clock every hour upon the hour. When you are living your daily life I want you to take a look at a clock every hour. When you look at the clock at every hour interval I want you to state clearly out loud using your voice the question "Am I dreaming right now" This may sound incredibly silly and foolish but you will make this a habit. As a habit you will continue this technique into your dreams. While you are asleep you will start looking at clocks and asking yourself out loud "Am I Dreaming" When you catch yourself doing this automatically while in the dream state you will have a greater chance of becoming aware that you are in fact asleep in a dream. When you become aware that you are in fact dreaming you will notice the dream environment and then once you are aware you can become lucid. When you come to clear lucidity in the dream state you will have unlimited potential opportunities at your disposal. You can control your dreams and learn the different methods to control them and change the atmosphere and environment you are experiencing. The world of dreams is completely controlled by thought. You will learn while lucid how to control your dream with thought and soon enough you will learn how to cast magic spells and even use magic rituals while in the dreaming state. I will tell you right now that when you do magic spells and rituals while in the dream reality you will have better experiences. Start using this dreaming technique every hour starting today. Try using this technique for at least 2 weeks to guarantee yourself the opportunity to catch yourself in a dream and to awaken yourself to a lucid state. The techniques of astral projection which I teach in other lessons will become much more easy to do when you can lucid dream properly. I urge you to begin using this dreaming method starting today. When you see the magic that is available to you in the dream worlds you will have much greater power when it comes to using magic spells and magic rituals. CLICK HERE TO LEARN INTENSIVE PSYCHIC POWER SECRETS YOU CAN MASTER IN UNDER 57 MINUTES FROM NOW How To Empower Your Life With Talismans Inside todays special magical training report I would like to teach you a lesson about how to create your very own talismans to bring about what you desire. The power of a talisman is the ability to attract and magnetize energies associated with the things you wish for and desire. Having the power of a talisman really can attract anything you have programmed it to bring you. They do in fact work and are based on an old chaos magic technique that works for creating power based symbols. Personally I have used talismans many times throughout my life and I have found that they do in fact work. You can use talismans to bring about your desires and positive energies that reflect and encourage what you wish for. Within this article you will be shown key strategies on how to charge and empower a magical talisman to change your reality and transmute your desires into concrete physical reality. slide 10: a magical talisman to change your reality and transmute your desires into concrete physical reality. The power to ward off energies is another technique you can use with symbols and we will discuss the different elements of amulets and how they work as well in future newsletter issues. The ability and empowerment of symbols are unique and is based on the power that the subconscious mind uses to encode information. Your subconscious mind encodes all information in the storage centers of your brain in symbolic format. Symbols are incredibly powerful as they speak much more than words do to the subconscious mind. Just look at major television networks corporate logos and images that are associated with companies and brand identities. Virtually everyone knows the swish symbol of the Nike brand of shoes or the symbol associated with BMW vehicles. Symbols hold incredibly large amounts of power as they associate meaning and associations to archetypal information. When you can create your own symbol that is empowered with energy to attract certain wishes and desires into physical reality you will have even greater power in your life. If you dont think symbols are powerful take a quick look at a deck of tarot cards. You will find that they are summarized archetypal life-patterns that humanity goes through. Each individual card is based on symbolic information patterns and imagery. After a time of using tarot cards you will find that you wont even need them. If you get to a certain level of training your subconscious mind with tarot cards eventually you will be able to ask your subconscious a direct question and it will send the symbol of a known tarot card related to answering your request directly to your conscious mind. This will take a large amount of time and usage of a single deck of tarot cards but this is possible. This goes to show you how your mind works with symbols. Now that you have a greater understanding of how symbols work and are deciphered you will understand how to make them work for you magically. As a simple example if you wished to win more often at the casino while you were out gambling you could create a magical talisman symbol that is specially created to bring about greater luck and fortune that would bring you greater prosperity and chances of winning while you gambled. If you wanted to create a talisman to attract a certain romantic partner back into your life you could create a symbol that is enchanted with this base need is its intended use. You could also use a talisman to bring about more income into your life or you could create a symbol that makes you more attractive to the opposite sex or more successful at work. You can also create a talisman that will bring about a powerful state of mind that brings you closer to your ideal version of yourself and making it a reality. On the other side of the spectrum you could create an amulet that wards off undesired energies and events from happening in your life. You could create and enchant an element to prevent sickness to push away negative people and sinister forces you could create an amulet to ward off being fired at work the options with amulets as well are entirely unlimited. Now I will explain how to create a magical symbol using the easiest method that I personally know of and is used by many different chaos magicians. You will want to craft your symbol around a certain phrase that you can easily remember that strongly dictates what you want. Your phrase will be a magical intention summarized and empowered with the will to get what you desire. If you wanted to create a magical talisman that brings a positive environment and people around you you could create a phrase such as: "I will to create more positivity around me." It is very important to begin your phrase with the two words "I will." This is a magical statement and tells your subconscious mind what you intend to happen and have worked into your life with your symbol. Now from this phrase you will want to take the first letter from each word of the phrase. In our example we have taken the following beginning letters from the above phrase. "IWTCMPAM" Now with those letters you have a backbone of a magical phrase. You will want to memorize this magical phrase but I will go deeper into that technique in later issues of this course. Now from your list of letters remove all repeating letters from the list of first letters from the words of your phrase. In the above example we would only have to remove the letter "M" as it repeats only once. If your magical phrase has repeating letters then remove them until the list of letters is further simplified. The next thing you will want to do in developing your magical symbol is to write the letters on top of each other on a piece of blank paper. I prefer to use red ink. You want to overlap each letter and use every individual letter from the list: "IWTCMPA." Go ahead and do it right now. You will see what looks like a very crude drawing with lines pointing at different angles and overlapping each other. Now the next step I want you to understand is that your symbol should be contained within a square. However you do not have to draw a square around your symbol but you can if you wish to simplify it. Once you have your crude symbol the next thing you will want to do is make it a little easier and uncomplicated to draw. You can remove certain lines from the list of overlapping letters and you can change it into a more refined and much easier to remember symbol. While you are in the process of creating your magical be sure that you are repeating and focusing on the phrase "I will to create more positivity around me." As you are creating the symbol be sure that you empower your emotional thoughts and energies while you are creating the symbol. You can cut out the symbol from a piece of paper and focus intent slide 11: you are creating the symbol. You can cut out the symbol from a piece of paper and focus intent positive energy into the symbol while saying the phrase "I will to create more positivity around me" for around five to ten minutes. Put as much positive energy into your symbol and really agitate your mind into an excited state. Get enthusiastic get encouraged get emotional and see your talisman as being perfect and magically charged. Once you have focused and empowered your talisman with the paper you have drawn it on the first time I ask that you destroy it. The most effective format is to burn the symbol outdoors with fire until it does not exist. This will further engage the symbol into your subconscious mind. Forget about the symbol for a few days and then draw a new version of it and carry it with you to bring about your desires into reality. This is a real technique that does work and will always work. I suggest you give it a try and create your own powerful talisman. You should focus on a specific outcome for each talisman as they will all be unique. Try this out and reap the rewards Why your magic spells and rituals dont work To begin with everything begins and ends in the mind. This is how magic works. Reality as we know it is a collectively induced and agreed upon hallucination. What you see feel hear think smell touch and taste is a hallucination. Without these senses available to you the world would simply be atoms. Everything vibrates in this universe and is created from energy. You are energy. Nothing is separate in this Universe. Everything is connected. You are not separate from others or the external environment. Your internal thoughts your sense of Self is false. The truth is is that we are all One Consciousness experiencing itself subjectively life is but a dream and you are the imagination of your Self. Everything is Mind. If you ever wish to achieve magical or psychic power you will have to understand the above paragraph. Read it again if you need too. Read it a third time as well. I just exposed the most fundamental truths known to the reality that is experienced by mystics and held as a secret by powerful secret societies. When a person can achieve the state of not intellectually understanding this great truth but experiences it then he or she will completely understand the fundamental plasticity of the Universe and the unlimited power of the mind. Your mind is not separate. Your mind is a piece and part but not removed from the total mind. The All that is. What this means to you as a person trying to gain magical and psychic power is that your mind is the same mind that this Universe consists of. When you discover how to empower your thoughts strengthen your willpower and utilize your imagination in a constructive way you can create concrete results in physical reality with your desired intentions. Many magical websites will feed you a bunch of magic spells and rituals or talk about angels or demons for power. That is what fools do. If you want very real magical skill and mystical wisdom you will first have to purge restricting beliefs thoughts habits and patterns that cause mental weakness. What I mean by that is to remove everything that holds you back mentally. After you do that you can begin with a cleaner slate which will really put you into contact if wished with the power of your subconscious mind which is not separate from the collective mind or as we know it the Universe. When you learn to actively control your thinking create a positive mental environment for you to consciously live in remove all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and patterns that are destructive you can tap into an outlet of unlimited power. The greatest method for doing this is meditation. The purpose of this first essay to alert you to the powers of meditation. It will clean your conscious mind and cleanse your subconscious. I suggest you begin meditating twenty minutes a day. Twice a day. If you dont meditate or have any mental control over yourself it will not matter how many magic spells you try. They wont work. People complain all over the internet how spells dont work their magical attempts never work because they have no idea on how to harness a magical atmosphere within their minds that is like fertile soil for planting the seeds of magical intent. If you desire to become a wizard or witch my first lesson to you is to meditate for twenty minutes immediately after you wake up in the morning. Lay there focus on your breathing and clear your mind of thoughts. The easiest way to do this is to focus on the inhale and exhale of every breath you take. Become conscious only of the rhythm of your breathing. Before you go to bed at night do this as well. Meditate for twenty minutes before you go to sleep. Clear your mind and focus on your breathing only. This daily exercises will begin to dramatically impact your inner conscious mental atmosphere typically within one or two weeks. After a few months you will have a much clearer mind and much greater control over your thinking and how you experience your reality. After a year of this you will really understand the power of your mind and will be the calm silent center in the chaos of daily reality. If you wish to get anywhere with magic or psychic powers you will have to do this. If you dont then dont complain about your spells and rituals not working. Creating an atmosphere for magical results begins and ends in your mind. It wont matter what kind of ritual or spell you put together. If you dont have a mind that is fertile for magical effect nothing will work slide 12: ritual or spell you put together. If you dont have a mind that is fertile for magical effect nothing will work no matter what you do. Understand this. This is a powerful message that barely any magical sites online will tell you. Many magical websites will give you hundreds of spells and different methods of magic but they dont teach you the very first and most important part of magick. Having a strong and powerful mind. When your mind is powerful you really can do anything. Personally I have seen my magical acts transmute into my reality thousands of times. It puts a smile on my face when I see something I magically created happen in my life or when I know things ahead of time that I use to my advantage. If you do not have a strong or disciplined mental atmosphere you will get nowhere with magic. Understand this. Start meditating two times a day for the rest of your life. 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