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Information about "Ready for Word of Mouth" - by Maarten Schäfer

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: Maarten-Schafer

Source: slideshare.net


Maarten Schäfer: "When I started interviewing brands and my first question was, “So, what’s your story?” The vast majority of interviewees started giving me a long official account or even showing me PowerPoint presentations.
People have trouble telling their story for two reasons. One, they know too much. They want to show you all aspects of the brand and therefore can’t distinguish between want to
be complete and do not want to leave anything out.
Second, they aren’t dyslexic. They assume everybody has an attention span of 45 minutes or more, so they keep talking and think the information is being absorbed.
“Haven’t they ever heard of information overload?” I asked myself. “People don’t want more information, they want your story!”

                                                                                "From  Word  of  Mouth  to  Word  of  Mouse"     "The  Y-­‐-­‐Generation,  or  Millennials,  has  a  more  critical  and  self-­‐-­‐deciding  mentality,  which   requires  a  new,  horizontal  approach.  These  people  must  be  considered  and  treated  as   equals.  As  a  result,  the  only  way  to  get  to  them  is  by  horizontal  communication,  or   horizontal  influence.  Internet  allows  brands  to  spread  the  word.  Not  top  down,  but  as  input   for  Consumer  Generated  Content.  Provide  the  information,  be  genuine  and  let  it  lead  its   own  life  in  the  realm  of  word  of  mouth.  Let  the  mouse  run!"    

"Seeding  the  Web"     "The  first  thing  to  do  when  you  want  to  tell  the  brand  story  online  is  to  cool  the  content.  The   story  with  stickiness  and  a  wow  factor  can  then  be  activated  through  social  networks,   theme-­‐-­‐related  blogs,  pod  casting,  video  casting,  RSS  feeds  and  other  consumer  generated   media.  The  content  that  is  seeded  online  can  cover  all  kinds  of  stories,  anecdotes,   experiences,  testimonials  from  people  within  the  company  or  from  outsiders."         “Ready  for  word-­‐of-­‐mouth”   When  I  started  interviewing  brands  and  my  first  question  was,  “So,  what’s  your  story?”  The   vast  majority  of  interviewees  started  giving  me  a  long  official  account  or  even  showing  me   PowerPoint  presentations.       People  have  trouble  telling  their  story  for  two  reasons.  One,  they  know  too  much.  They  want   to  show  you  all  aspects  of  the  brand  and  therefore  can’t  distinguish  between  want  to   be  complete  and  do  not  want  to  leave  anything  out.     Second,  they  aren’t  dyslexic.  They  assume  everybody  has  an  attention  span  of  45  minutes  or   more,  so  they  keep  talking  and  think  the  information  is  being  absorbed.     “Haven’t  they  ever  heard  of  information  overload?”  I  asked  myself.  “People  don’t  want  more   information,  they  want  your  story!”     And  besides,  most  people  have  a  genuine  distrust  of  top-­‐down  messages  and  corporate   jargon.  People  trust  information  from  friends  and  family.  Something  like  70  or  80%  of  all   purchases  are  influenced  by  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  communication.     I  decided  to  stop  interviewing  brands  and  go  into  third-­‐party  storytelling.  I  will  tell  the  story   for  the  brand.  The  tone  of  voice  is  horizontal,  like  in  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  communication.  The  story   is  written  in  a  narrative  way  in  which  I  engineer  the  main  message.  The  stories  are  fun  to   read,  easy  to  understand  and  easy  to  transmit.     Ready  for  word-­‐of-­‐mouth.       Maarten  Schafer   Author  ‘Around  the  World  in  80  Brands’   Founder  CBNWS   Photographer  -­‐  Storyteller      

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