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Published on March 23, 2014

Author: gmirabe



WATER A valuable resource… • It is a renewable resource and theoretically inexhaustible, the basis of all life forms. Naturally present in large quantities, either in liquid form (seas, rivers and lakes cover about 73% of Earth's surface) and strong (polar ice caps, glaciers, snowfields in), and the state of steam into the atmosphere. Water is essential to the human race in all its many uses: domestic, agricultural, industrial.

WATER The molecules of water • Water is a liquid whose molecule consists of an oxygen atom to which they are attached two hydrogen atoms: its chemical formula is therefore H2O.

WATER • Water is an essential component of all living organisms on our planet. And 'therefore also present in the human body at varying rates depending on age, sex and weight.

The cycle of water • The water naturally occurs in liquid form, in the sea and in the rivers, or solid, in the glaciers of the mountains or the poles or in the form of vapor in the atmosphere

THE WASTE • The waste left unchecked become a source of pollution, environmental degradation and cause proliferation of dangerous animals and insects

Ricycling glass • The glass objects before they are inserted into the bell must be separated by paper, caps and possibly rinsed. The glass that you will get with the recycling will be dark if you do not provide a separate color.

RECYCLING PAPER • Recycle paper mean: lower costs for its disposal, lower costs for its production, ecological protection of forest resources. The bins are yellow. The lid of the box is always closed after use. It is forbidden to settle out of the container every type of waste

Recycling plastic • Plastic recycling is a specific area of waste recycling, and consists of a set of operations that are carried out on compounds from waste plastic to get new material to re- enter in production processes.

Recycling aluminum • Recycling aluminum is a specific area of waste recycling, and consists of a set of operations that are carried out on compounds from waste aluminum to get new material to re-enter in production processes

Pollution • Pollution is an alteration of environment, natural or man-made, and can be just as man-made or natural. It produces temporary discomfort, disease or permanent damage to life in a given area, and can put the area out of balance with the natural cycles exist. L 'alteration can be of varied origin, chemical or physical

Air pollution • Atmospheric pollution indicates all physical, chemical and biological agents that modify the natural characteristics of the 'atmosphere

Water pollution • Water pollution is an alteration of ecosystems that have water as a fundamental component. It is caused by several different factors, such as discharges of industrial and agricultural activities and normal human activities that come into rivers, lakes and seas

Soil pollution • Soil pollution is a phenomenon of altering the natural chemical composition of the soil caused by human activity. This type of pollution leads to the alteration of chemical, physical and biological soil predisposes to erosion and landslides and may result in entry of harmful substances in the food chain to humans

Noise pollution • Noise pollution is caused by excessive exposure to sounds and noises of high intensity. This can happen in cities and in natural environments

Damages of pollution • Noise pollution can cause psychological problems over time, pressure and stress to people who are constantly placed under Air pollution has extremely negative impact on the environment and global warming, but there are also many consequences health of the human body. The effects sorties are divided into acute and chronic: acute type are asthma and bronchial circulation disorders, chronic gender are all disorders related to exposure over the long term: cough, phlegm, decreased lung capacity, chronic bronchitis .

Correct behaviour• The packaging is excessive today. Avoid unnecessary package. Do not buy food in plastic containers in shops and supermarkets, because they do not decompose in landfills, and if you burn at a temperature below a certain threshold may produce toxic substances such as dioxins and furans. In general I unwrapped the Tetrapak, polystyrene, plastic and aluminum, which too often end up in meadows, forests, rivers and landfills. It is good to resort to reduced packaging and with recyclable material such as paper, glass and new bioplastics

Correct behaviour • Avoid as much as possible to use plates, cutlery, cups and plastic bottles. About half of the volume of the garbage consists of plastic and coating (package) which can be reduced using normal glasses, plates and cutlery, all reusable objects simply by washing.

Correct behaviour Moderate the use of private vehicles in favor of public transport, cycling and walking

Correct behaviour Adopt the collection of waste. Be careful with the batteries must be disposed of in special containers

Correct behaviour • The ecological house is the one that consumes the least energy: not too big, sober, insulated, with the bare minimum of household appliances and high energy saving light bulbs with high- efficiency stove, etc.


Ecological Footprint • The ecological footprint is an indicator used to assess the human consumption of natural resources than the Earth's capacity to regenerate

Ecological Footprint “As our feet leave a footprint on the ground, so our styles of life leave footprint on the earth. " Think about it!!

Class 5 C Teacher: Lucia Rigano

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