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Published on August 11, 2008

Author: tanksons



Synthesized readings on web about the dreams and my small contribution for the Leaning Mind

Dreams – the language of the higher self

In our consciousness we live in a world created by our brain with the best available sensory information.

When asleep one sees the self with one's desires and the world constructed from contextual information from memory and things for which no words exist.

When the conscious sensitivity fails to reach the core of the matter to create a useful scenario in the real life, dreams start creating a scenario with the dreamer playing creative part in it.

Conscious dreams where one is aware that he or she is dreaming. In normal dreams one is passive observer alone.

In conscious dream we are aware that we are dreaming while experiencing the dream. Here we can actively participate in the dream experience without fear or limitations as we face in the real life.

We encounter the virtual reality as a possibility through conscious dreams. Such dreams can be extremely real and vivid depending on a our level of awareness.

We can create things with reason and emotion with a force of imagination – powered by our total memory – conscious, subconscious and beyond.

Our super mind that knows all the things – gets in control of conscious dream experience.

Awareness of a peculiar thought, a strong emotion, unusual sensation, a loss of normal logic, an altered perception with excitement of being conscious gets involved in such dream.

Conscious dreams can arise only when we are relatively free of un-reconciled conflicts. E motional arousal in the brain often triggers the dream consciousness and provide the subjects.

These emotions relate to our thoughts where in which one is deeply involved any time during the life.

A scenario is used with a considerable freedom by our supreme brain. Our subconscious opens up the ways to its memory bank to evaluate the connected thought stretching the imagination – inventing a scenario for an unrealistic dream event to make it a part of virtual reality.

A virtual reality is generated by a firework of imagination, interplay of mind and memory, free from bonds of sensory awareness - always anchored in boundless possibilities which can not be normally imagined.

It liberates dreamer from the rigidities of convictions and boundaries of the 'knowledge' they take pride in.

Human imagination is the ultimate free force having unlimited power of mixing, compounding, separating, and dividing original stock of ideas, in all the varieties of fiction & vision.

It can assume train of events, with convincing reality, relate them to a particular time and place…colour them out with every circumstance.

Our super mind has authority and freedom – to voluntarily annex particular idea to any fiction, and consequently be able to believe whatever it pleases.

When we believe In an honest conscious dream we come near to size up with the dreams. We can, then, know how to interpret them – as they have the key to most beautiful experience.

Recurring dreams reflect feelings and awareness that have not been successfully resolved in our normal life. We wish the situation could have ended differently, so subconscious tends to replay it in the our mind.

Dreams lead us to search beyond the known. In its truest form many succeeded in reaching places, where normally nobody had thought to go - the deeps of the sky and ocean, everything - happiness which no body ever imagined.

Honest dreamer's heart is always willing follow the dreams because every second of the dream walk is an encounter with universal soul – the ultimate power.

Superfluous connectedness with dreams brings in rationality making us afraid to pursue our most important dreams, because we feel that we don't deserve them.

Often the dreams require us to deal with uncertainties, working with the unknown and we feel that we will be unable handles all that and achieve the dream.

Not everyone dreams this way, but one who dreams knows what he or she can accomplish- what awaits him or her on the way. Many, who do not endure the dreams, get lost on the way.

When we dare to dream also dare to wait for another, as dreams give us ability to visualize where and how we can reach in a given time span in our life.

Very few, having true awareness, keep on following the dreams and realize their destiny.

“ I will always be a dreamer. I have discovered that the power of the dream gives hope, strength, courage, empowerment, and brings about profound transformation in individuals and groups of people, if one simple rule is followed - honor the dream by taking action.” Terry Kelly – a singer and motivational speaker These are my readings from the Web. Images are from Slideshare, Flickr and drawings are by myself. This concludes my introduction to a theme “ The Learning Mind- Know the self within” Other shows uploaded on Slideshare are Create Moments Narrow Mind Art of Thinking Creative Destruction

These are my readings from the Web.

Images are from Slideshare, Flickr and drawings are by myself.

This concludes my introduction to a theme

“ The Learning Mind-

Know the self within”

Other shows uploaded on Slideshare are

Create Moments

Narrow Mind

Art of Thinking

Creative Destruction

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