Reading Street Signs in Chinese

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Information about Reading Street Signs in Chinese

Published on March 20, 2009

Author: fanghuzhai


Slide 1: Reading Signs On The Streets of China Photo: Yu Lan (slides 1-29) Producer: Yu Lan 2006.1.25 Slide 2: What product is this ad selling and what selling point is being used? Slide 3: What building is this? Slide 4: What does this place claim to be selling? Slide 5: What does this corner store claim to be selling? Slide 6: What service is provided here? :  What does this sign tell people to do? Slide 8: What can you buy here? Slide 9: Does the English match the Chinese word for word? Slide 10: What can you buy at this store? Slide 11: What is this sign for? Slide 12: What might happen to this motor tricycle? Slide 13: What can you buy here? Slide 14: What kind of people do the banners stand for? Slide 15: What place is this? Slide 16: What place is this? Slide 17: What can you watch here? Slide 18: What service does the man provide? Slide 19: What is this place, most probably? Slide 20: What event is this? Slide 21: What units are these? Slide 22: What can you do at this red sign place? Slide 23: For what purpose are you coming to this place? Slide 24: What place is this? Slide 25: Is this a a) book faire b. market; c. square d. library? Slide 26: How are these Two signs related? Slide 27: What place is the green sign? And the white one? Slide 28: What museum are these signs part of? You are welcome to add more : You are welcome to add more And add your credit line.

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