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Published on April 18, 2008

Author: Doride



Slide1:  Unit 2 The honourable games Reading(1) 南京市人民中学 Slide3:  Talk about the Olympics: As we all know, the Olympic Games are held every four years and it is a great honor for a country to host the games. How much do you know about the Olympics, for example, its history, ceremonies and sporting events? How many Olypmic games did you see? Where were they held? 2.Do you think they are exciting? 3.Who is your favourite athlete and who do you think is the greatest Olympian? Slide4:  Fast reading: Go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find the answers to the questions in Part A. 1.What is the speech about? 2.Where were the ancient Olympic Games held? 3.Who restarted the modern Olympic Games? The history and significance of the Olympic Games. At Olympia in Greece. Pierre de Coubertin. Slide5:  Read the passage again and complete Parts C1and C2 individually. 1.According to the speech, the speaker is an athlete. 2.The first ancient Olympic Games were held in AD776. 3.In the past, only athletes that spoke Italian were allowed to compete. 4.The aim of the modern Olympic Games is to make countries and people compete side by side. an LOC member 776BC Greek live peacefully Slide6:  5.The first modern Olympic Games were held in Rome in 1896. 6.Deng Yaping won four Olympic gold medals for tennis. Rome tennis Athens table tennis Slide7:  C2: American Gold medal, boxing original name Cassius Clay,won his first World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in 1964;lit the Olympic flame at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics American 1984 Los Angles Olympics;1992 Barcelona Olympics two gold medals, basketball the highest scorer for the USA basketball team at the 1984 Olympics 1996 Atlanta Olympics;2000 Sydney Olympics two gold medals, distance running first became famous in 1992;broke world record for the 10 km run Chinese 1984 Los Angles Olympics gold medal won the first Olympic gold medal for China Chinese 1992 Barcelona Olympics;1996 Atlanta Olympics four gold medals, table tennis became an IOC member in 2000 Chinese 2004 Athens Olympics gold medal, men’s 110-metre hurdles the first Asian to win this race Slide8:  Questions: 1.What characteristics do the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics share? 2.What are the differences between the ancient and the modern Olympic Games? 3.Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan are mentioned in the passage. What do these two sportspeople have in common? 4.Do you think Chinese athletes such as Deng Yaping and LiuXiang are as great as Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan? Slide9:  Complete Part D and E: Answers: D : 1 a; 2 c; 3 e ;4 f; 5 d ;6 b E:1. significance 2. ancient 3. compete 4. peacefully 5. athletes 6. achievement 7. gold medal 8. mentioned Slide10:  Reading strategy: reading a speech A good speech should keep the audience interested in all the time. Tell: an interesting story Use: quotations or present statistics Asking questions can also very effective. Slide11:  Unit 2 The honourable games Reading (2) Slide12:  Discuss the following questions(Part E on page 25): 1.Do you think the Olympic Games help countries and people live peacefully side by side? 2.Who do you think are the greatest Olympic athletes and why? 3.What kind of example do you think athletes like Liu Xiang and Muhammad Ali have set for young people around the world? Slide13:  Further discussion: Hosting the Olympic Games is great honour for a country, but at the same time it costs a lot of money. Do you think hosting the Olympics will be a good opportunity to develop the host country’s economy and tourism, or will it be a heavy burden on the economy? Slide14:  Language points: delighted; significance; briefly; compete; allow; honour;in honour of;no matter what; separate; side by side; recognize; record; contribution; make contributions to; absence; attempt; limit Slide15:  1)delighted adj.愉快的;高兴的;欣喜的 He feels delighted when I tell him the message. 2.I am delighted to inform you of the coming vocation. 2)significance n.意义;意味;重要性 I’m glad to see you have realized the significance of sports. You should pay attention to the significance of one’s childhood experience. significant adj.有意义的;重要的 3)briefly adv.短暂地;简短地;扼要地 (brief adj.简短的) Everybody should first briefly introduce his idea about the topic. Slide16:  4)compete(v.) to try to win something by contesting someone else compete with sb.与人竞争 1.Every athlete has to compete with others in each time. 2.I am not so confident to complete with the superstar. competition n.竞争;比赛 competitor n. 竞争者;选手 Slide17:  Unmarried women were allowed to take part in their own competition at a separate festival in honour of the wife of the Greek God Zeus. 5)allow: let someone do something without trying to prevent it from happening Mr Wang did not _______his daughter to go camping with the outdoor activity club. let something happen or occur Smoking is not ______ here. allow allowed Slide18:  6)honour n. the great respect and admiration which people have for a person or a country in honour of honourable adj. 1.That was a great _______ for his parents , as well a himself. 2.We are going to have a special party _________ his recent promotion. 3.They had a parade _________ the heroes who librated the city sixty years ago. honour in honour of in honour of Slide19:  4.Teaching is an _________ career. 5.The Olympic Games are considered as _______ games. honourable honourable Slide20:  7)no matter what=whatever no matte how/whether/when No matter what difficulty she meets with, she will never give up. No matter how I tried to persuade him, he just didn’t take my words seriously. No matter whether it is rainy or sunny, the football match will be played as planned. 8)separate adj.单独的;分开的;不同的 v. 分开;隔离 separate…from使…和…分离 1.The twins were bought up in _______ families 2.The English Channel ________the Uk and the France. 3.The child was _______ from his mother during the war. separate separates separated Slide21:  9)side by side 肩并肩=should by should A true friend is someone who works with you side by side whenever you are in trouble. 10)light v.点燃,照亮 The previous champion returned gladly to light the Olympic Flame. light a fire/make a fire 点火,生火 set fire to sth./set sth. on fire 放火,纵火 Slide22:  11)be recognized as The Great Wall is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The invention of computer was recognized as a milestone in the history of man. New York City is recognized as a city of great international influence. recognize v. to know or to realize I did not recognize her when she entered as she had had her hair dyed. 2. to admit They suddenly recognized that this was a good chance for them approve The board finally recognized him as the new CEO. Slide23:  12)record n. 记录,记载,唱片 v. 记录 He ________a lot of language points and grammar in his _____book. keep a record保持记录 break the record打破纪录 make a record创造一个记录 recorder n. 录音机 recorded record Slide24:  13)contribution n.贡献 make contributions to doing 为 ……做贡献 He has made contributions to the film industry all though his life. contribute vt.捐献,捐助;投稿 contribute to…起一份作用,有助于,促成 14)absence n. 缺席,缺乏------presence n.出席,到场 He tried to find an excuse for his absence from the meeting absent adj. 不在场,缺乏的 absent-minded adj. 心不在焉的 Slide25:  15)attempt n. 企图 an effort or a try v.尝试;试图 1.He _________ to achieve high grades by making extra efforts. 2.I hope I can pass the driving test at his first _______. 16)limit vt.限定,限制 limit n.极限,限制 There is a time limit for each performer in this problem. attempted attempt Slide26:  Do PartA1and A2 on page98. Homework: Keep in mind the useful words, phrases and sentence patterns and know how to use them. 2. Finish some additional exercises.

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