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Published on April 16, 2019

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1. [PDFBOOKE-BOOKMOBI] The Attack by Bob Doerr

2. *Read_pdf* The Attack (Full_Online)

3. DESCRIPTIONS Author : Bob Doerr Pages : 290 pages Publisher : Totalrecall Publications Language : ISBN-10 : 159095145X ISBN-13 : 9781590951453 The AttackA terrorist team has just set off four explosive devices in an international airport close to New York City. The leader of the terrorists, Ahmad Khalin, survives the attack and plans to attack a second U.S. airport within the month. As Khalin makes his escape from the New York area he is involved in a shooting in Connecticut. Clint Smith, a U.S. government agent assigned to an ultra- secret agency, is at a restaurant across the street when the shooting occurs. He responds to the scene to see if he can help, but Khalin is gone. On a hunch, Teresa Deer, Smith's boss, sends Smith after Khalin. Smith's pursuit takes him to Bar Harbor, Maine; Wiesbaden, Germany; the Costa Brava, Spain; Northern Scotland; Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada; and finally into Saskatchewan, Canada, where the final confrontation takes place. Throughout the pursuit, a number of interesting characters add to the subplots and try to survive their involvement in the chase.Author Bob Doerr Before becoming

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