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Published on October 24, 2007

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Potential Occurrences and Emergency Management of Foreign and Emerging Animal Diseases:  Potential Occurrences and Emergency Management of Foreign and Emerging Animal Diseases Floron C. Faries, Jr. DVM, MS Professor and Extension Program Leader for Veterinary Medicine Texas Cooperative Extension Texas A&M University System US THREATENED BY POTENTIAL OCCURRENCES OF FEAD:  US THREATENED BY POTENTIAL OCCURRENCES OF FEAD Foreign Animal Diseases Not currently present in US Accidental and intentional (bioterrorism) risks for entry Emerging Animal Diseases A new disease or a new form of an old endemic disease Accidental and natural risks of emergence Commerce, mutation, environmental reasons TYPES OF OCCURRENCES OF FEAD:  TYPES OF OCCURRENCES OF FEAD Natural Accidental Intentional (Bioterrorist Act) DEVASTATING IMPACTS OF ANIMAL DISEASE OUTBREAK:  DEVASTATING IMPACTS OF ANIMAL DISEASE OUTBREAK Economic impacts Sociologic impacts Emotional impacts Political impacts Emergency Management :  Emergency Management Preparedness for bioterrorism Biological agents Foot and mouth, anthrax, plague, tularemia Livestock producers, county Extension agents and veterinarians Increase sickness and death Devastation First Line of Defense:  First Line of Defense Biosecurity Livestock owners Early detection and reporting BIOSECURITY MEASURES :  BIOSECURITY MEASURES PREMISE AND ANIMAL PROTECTION:  PREMISE AND ANIMAL PROTECTION BRUSH DISINFECT BOOTS WASH HANDS WASH DISINFECT TRAILER WASH DISINFECT TIRES Slide9:  WASH DISINFECT BORROWED EQUIPMENT PROPER GARBAGE DISPOSAL STRANGER ALERT Slide10:  LOCK GATES INTERNATIONAL VISITOR >48 HOURS WAIT PURCHASED LIVESTOCK >2 WEEKS ISOLATION, TESTS ROUTINE OBSERVATIONS Slide11:  EARLY DETECTION UNUSUAL SIGNS RAPID REPORTING TO TAHC 800-550-8242 RAPID RESPONSE PROMPT QUARANTINE QUICK DIAGNOSIS Slide12:  Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) 1-800-550-8242 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Slide13:  DISEASE SURVEILLANCE NATIONAL ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (NAIS) Foot and Mouth Disease:  Foot and Mouth Disease Foot and Mouth Disease:  Foot and Mouth Disease Highly contagious virus Potential to spread rapidly People not affected Devastating Emotionally Economically Sociologically Politically Slide16:  Susceptible domestic and wild cloven-hoofed livestock Cattle Sheep Goats Domestic and feral swine Deer Llamas Slide17:  Transmission Aerosol wind Mechanical people, vehicles, animals Biological movement of infected animals uncooked or undercooked meat products Slide18:  If an outbreak occurs – “Big and Bad” Restrictions Quarantines Eradication Slaughter of animals Proper disposal Slide19:  FMD Outbreak in 2001 in Great Britian Delayed response >6 million head on 9,662 farms Over $4 billion Slide20:  Increased risks for entry Travelers Meat products Garbage Bioterrorist Mad Cow Disease:  Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow Disease:  Mad Cow Disease Not contagious Reduced risks of entry and spread USDA regulations Feed bans Slaughter bans Import bans Slide23:  Group membership Over 30 state agencies Chair – Texas Animal Health Commission Advisory group – animal industry stakeholders Established by Governor April 5, 2001 TEXAS STATE FEAD WORKING GROUP GROUP OBJECTIVES:  GROUP OBJECTIVES Most efficient manner manage emerging threats of FEAD Develop and implement Texas FEAD Response Plan TEXAS FEAD RESPONSE PLAN:  TEXAS FEAD RESPONSE PLAN Assignment of responsibilities State agency and industry FEAD-EM plans Activities Surveillance Education, training, public information Simulative tabletop and functional exercises Texas Cooperative Extension:  Texas Cooperative Extension Ongoing educational efforts Addresses FEAD Issues Slide27:  Mad Cow Disease-1995 Bovine TB-1996 Johne’s Disease-1997 Anthrax-1998 West Nile Virus-1999 Foot and Mouth Disease-2001 Chronic Wasting Disease-2002 Exotic Newcastle Disease and Mad Cow Disease-2003 Avian Influenza and Vesicular Stomatitis-2004 Avian Influenza-2005 and Mad Cow Disease-2005 Avian Influenza-2006 Slide28:  Texas Foreign Animal Disease Working Group – TCE is a member! TCE Emergency Management Plan address issues through outreach education proactive educational approach activated by the Texas FEAD Response Plan in disease outbreaks National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense:  National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense USDHS established 2004 Four partnering institutions TAMUS UC Davis UTMB USC Slide30:  Offer strengths in: Research Education Outreach (training and communication) Slide31:  Priority Areas: Prevention Detection Response Recovery Risk communication/education Keys to Preventing FEAD:  Keys to Preventing FEAD Biosecurity Early detection Rapid reporting Rapid response Prompt quarantine Education Research TCE, TAHC, DSHS, NCFAZDD and Animal Industries working together State Emergency Management:  State Emergency Management State of Texas Emergency Management Plan Plant and Animal Emergencies – Annex O Foreign and Emerging Animal Diseases (FEAD) Response Plan - Appendix 3 FIVE STATE FEAD COMMITTEES:  FIVE STATE FEAD COMMITTEES Assess mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery issues Impact assessment committee Security and containment committee Environmental committee Public information committee Community impact committee Slide35:  Identified incident command system Incident command post(s) Incident commanders – TAHC and DPS Slide36:  First Assessment And Sampling Team (FAST) Joint Information Center (JIC) Slide37:  Texas Emergency Response Team (TERT) To Support Field - Deployed ICP(s) Quarantine Animals:  Quarantine Animals Several mile radius containment zone Months to years Depopulate animals Surveillance of animals Control or eradicate options Texas Local Emergency Management Plans:  Texas Local Emergency Management Plans Local Emergency Management Plan approved January 2004 local Emergency Coordinator (EMC) each county has to have plan be current do exercises Slide40:  Addresses issues: Hurricanes Tornadoes Floods Terrorist activities Fires Explosions Transportation accidents Texas Animal Issues Committee (AIC) Plan:  Texas Animal Issues Committee (AIC) Plan TAHC wrote during 2003-2004 TAHC adopted in August 2004 Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) approved May 2005 Appendix 4 to Annex N of Texas Local EM Plan County AIC Plan is appendix to Texas Local EM Plan Slide42:  County AIC plan appendix to local EM plan addresses animal issues (livestock and pets) determines what should be done before, during and after disaster ftp://ftp.txdps/ Animal_Issues_Committee_Plan.pdf Slide43:  Committee members might include: county Extension agents veterinarians veterinary technicians agricultural science teachers animal control officers Developing the Plan:  Developing the Plan Texas AIC plan is set of guidelines Committee should advise local government authorities Lay out possible animal disasters in area natural human-caused Slide45:  Possible natural animal disasters: Disease outbreaks Floods Fires Hurricanes Tornadoes Winter storms Droughts Slide46:  Possible human-caused animal disasters: Animal disease outbreaks (accidental) Animal disease outbreaks (intentional, bioterrorism) Traffic Terrorism Power outages Explosions Hazardous material spills Slide47:  In the case of animal disease disasters: TAHC is lead agency (top down authority) TAHC activates and directs Texas FEAD Response Plan TAHC activates and directs County AIC Plan through Local EMC Available Resources:  Available Resources

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