Reactive power compensation using STATCOM

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Information about Reactive power compensation using STATCOM

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: bhushankumbhalkar



Recent simulation for Reactive power compensation using STATCOM that is Static Syncronous compensator on MATLAB software. It having lots of advantages over other conventional methods.

Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOM. Group-B.  ProjecteesVrinda Tibude Bhushan Kumbhalkar Deepali Shende Shravan Bamrautwar Piyush Rane Saroj Wankhede. Nilesh Kolhe Guided By - Prof. Archana Shirbhate. Co-guided By - Prof. Nawaz Sheikh.

CONTENTS. Introduction. Real, reactive and apparent power. FACTS device. Need for compensation. STATCOM. Single line diagram. Expected results. Reference.

INTRODUCTION  Reactive power compensation and voltage regulation are two effective measures to improve the voltage quality.  By using new emerging technology the stability and reliability of the system can be maintain very well using FACTS devices.  Usually a STATCOM is installed to support electricity networks that have a poor power factor and often poor voltage regulation.  VAR compensation is defined as the management of reactive power to improve the performance of ac power systems.

ELECTRICAL POWER A. Active Power B. Reactive Power C. Apparent Power In this we are compensating the Reactive power

REACTIVE POWER What is Reactive power. Need Importance Purpose Sources

NEED FOR COMPENSATION  The voltage regulation  Increased system stability.  Better utilization of the machines connected to the system.  Reducing losses associated with the system.  To prevent voltage collapse.

NEW VAR COMPENSATOR’S TECHNOLOGY  Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM),  Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC),  Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR),  Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC),  Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) and  Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES).

SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM OF REACTIVE POWER COMP. USING STATCOM Components mainly used are :  Coupling Transformer  Voltage source converter  Capacitor bank  STATCOM controller

VOLTAGE SOURCE CONVERTER (VSC) In the figure, we have represented ideal bidirectional switches. It converts voltage and currents from DC to AC while the exchange of power can be in both directions • From AC to DC (rectifier mode) • From DC to AC (inverter mode).

STATCOM CONTROLLER  The strategy of STATCOM controller is to keep the DC capacitor voltage constant while controlling the modulation index to keep the voltage constant during the disturbance interval

PWM TECHNIQUE  The amplitude of the fundamental component of the output voltage VMOD, which can be modified with the PWM pattern as shown in figure.  When VMOD › VCOMP the VAR compensator generates reactive power and when VMOD ‹ VCOMP the compensator absorbs reactive power

REFERENCES  Dr. Dhiya A. Al-Nimma, Dr. Majed S. M. Al-Hafid, &SaadEnad Mohamed, Voltage Profile Improvements of Mosul City Ring System by STATCOM Reactive Power Control. IEEE press, 2011.  Narain Hingorani & L. Gyugi, Understanding FACTS, Concepts and Technology of Flexible AC Transmission Systems, IEEE Press, 2000.  N. Tambey& M. L. Kothari, Damping of power system oscillations with unified power flow controller (UPFC), IEE Proc. – Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Vol. 150, 2003.  Ashok Kumar Bajia, Development of power flow model of a STATCOM, Delhi College of Engineering, 2009.  W.D. Stevenson, Elements Of Power System Analysis, McGrawHill,1975  C. L. Wadhwa, Electrical Power Systems, New Age International Publishers, 2009

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