Rea lice system at the PNE Agrodome

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Information about Rea lice system at the PNE Agrodome

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Realice_Canada



The PNE in Vancouver is one of 10 ice arenas across British Columbia, selected for a FortisBC pilot program. The PNE quantified the Hydro savings to approx. 87'000 kWH for the 7 months operations period with his compressors running 25% less and his hot water boilers load over 50% down, when the ice is in use at the Agrodome.

REALice  Ice  Making  System

REALice System PNE  Ice  Arenas   ! PNE  Currently  has  Two  Ice  Arenas  in  Operation   ▪Coliseum  (16,000  seating  capacity  and  home  of  the  Vancouver  Giants  from  September  to  April)   ▪Agrodome  (3500  seating  capacity  and  used  for  Community  Ice  from    September  to  March)   ! REALice  Fortis  BC  Pilot  Program  (November  2013)   REALice  System  was  installed  in  the  Agrodome  instead  of  the  Coliseum   ▪Agrodome  has  10  times  more  ice  use  than  the  Coliseum  (more  hot  water  floods  with  Zamboni   and  energy  saving  potential)   ▪Agrodome  hot  water  system  could  not  keep  up  with  shower  water  demand  for  user  groups   when  Zamboni  required  hot  water  for  ice  floods  (building  was  not  originally  designed  as  a   Community  Ice  facility)                                    

Coliseum  Ice  Arena

Agrodome  Ice  Arena

Agrodome  Ice  Arena

REALice System ! Energy  Demand  for  the  Agrodome  before  the  REALice   System       ▪Zamboni  520  has  a  200  US  Gallon  tank  (approx.  150  US  gallons  of  hot  water   used  per  ice  flood)   ▪Zamboni  averaged  12  ice  floods/day  or  2160  ice  floods/year  which  equated   to  over  324,000  gallons  of  hot  water  previously  used  per  year   ▪Hot  water  for  ice  floods  was  previously  between  120  and  140  degrees  F   ▪Ice  temperature  set  point  was  18  degrees  F                      

Zamboni  520

Agrodome  Domestic  Hot  Water  System

REALice System ! How  Things  Have  Changed  Using  REALice       ▪Community  Ice  User  groups  have  requested  less  ice  floods  due  to  a  more   durable  ice  surface   ▪Icemakers  use  only  cold  water  for  ice  floods  (45  degrees  F)  instead  of  hot   water  (120  to  140  degrees  F)   ▪Ice  temperature  set  point  increased  to  21  degrees  F  (instead  of  18  degrees  F)                                              

Agrodome  REALice  Zamboni  Filling  Station

REALice System Additional  Advantages  &  Costs  Savings  due  to   Installation  of  REALice  System   ! ▪Ice System compressors have approximately 25% less run time ▪Hot Water Boilers have approximately 50% less run time ▪Community User Groups consistently have hot water for showers ▪Ice System Compressors and Hot Water Boilers have an increased life expectancy ▪Reduced Hydro and Natural Gas utility costs

REALice System Transition  Process  and  Starting  to  Work  With  REALice   System   ! ▪Ice specs and equipment run times were logged prior to REALice System being installed for future comparison purposes (December 2013) ▪PNE staff installed REALice System and monitoring equipment (December 2013) ▪“Old” ice was shaved out (approx. 1”) and REALice was installed between December 23 and 27, 2013 when no ice users were in the building ▪User groups commenced using REALice on January 2, 2014 ▪Ice Techs slowly decreased ice flood water temperature and increased ice temperature set points until optimum ice conditions were obtained ▪Ice Techs adjusted Zamboni speed during ice floods

REALice  System

REALice r10x

REALice System Perception  from  Stakeholders   ! ▪Initial reaction from Ice Techs regarding the installation of REALice System was mixed ▪After REALice transition period Ice Techs are now convinced that REALice system makes a clearer and more durable ice surface ▪Ice Plant Operators immediately noticed less equipment run time ▪Management looking for ways to reduce energy use were very pleased with the results ▪Feedback from Community Ice user groups has been very positive commenting that the ice quality is excellent

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