Razom IT Speaker Series: Converting a Tram Depot into a creative space in Lviv:

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Published on May 31, 2016

Author: RazomForUkraine




2. What is the eco-system of innovations? We are a blend of infrastructure and culture. Infrastructure is provided by the state and private sector. Culture is provided through the contribution of young entrepreneurs who desire to create solutions, products and innovations for the future world. The Creative Quarter harmoniously blends both worlds to create a place of excellence and innovation. CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT ECOSYSTEM OF INNOVATIONS OUR MISSION

3. IDEA PITCH Creative Quarter Complex is a 16,000 square meter facility consolidating location and services for work, creativity, learning, leisure, entertainment. Creative Quarter is the crossroads for engagement and collaboration for professionals with an international perspective to meet, collaborate and learn from each other; especially in the areas of technology, creative, and media verticals. Through the creation of a neutral space, survival and communications meet as technology and art. The space allows technology and artistic individuals to meet and co-operate under one roof; from Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, developers, journalists, advertisers, arts and social figures. Located in the center of Lviv, Ukraine. CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

4. LIST OF PROJECTS SUMMARY 30 glass areas for innovative for startup projects and companies (ideal for 2-8 teamsize): Fully equipped halls for master-classes and seminars; Hackerspace with development tools for robotics; Gamezone with powerful computers and group-raids conditions; Professional meeting rooms; Startup Bank – provides seed and/or proof of concept capital; Post Office with personal mailboxes for residents; Creative Restaurant (Test Kitchen), where everyone can be a chief; Investment Сafe, which a tradition of venture deals discussions; Professional press studio; Eco-park with wooden walkway and energy-efficient lighting; CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

5. LIST OF PROJECTS SUMMARY Antique refurbished trams; Fully equipped Press Studio; Professional Language School for English - for kids and parents; Festivals of classical music, jazz, film, theater, literature and other forms of creative activity; Creative workshops: art, theater, children's ethno-shop, music, sports, etc. Modern urban and architecture center; Center for Children Enlightenment + makerspace + experimentarium; Courtyard with terraces and venue for open airs; Coffee-points with coffee, tea, juices and fresh pastries; Main board, stand for cups, lounges, parking and garden, lockers, bicycles and many more; CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

6. MAIN DESK The first face a guest sees is the the front desk where she receives a client security bracelet, along with the relevant information, suggestions for different services and offers which serves the guests needs. HANGAR #2 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

7. MAIN BOARD Main board presents events and workshops along with the currently present residents in the Creative Quarter. HANGAR #2 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

8. DIGITAL LAB Digital Discovery Lab - Creative Quarter technical partners provide state of the art products and solutions for the public to discover new and innovative uses and applications of the Quarter’s technical partner’s product offerings. HANGAR №2 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

9. STARTUP BOXES Startup Boxes are transparent glass cubes - studios, for startup teams - up to 8 people. Startup Box is the ideal office setup for the young companies. We provide support for “behind the scenes look” through streaming video so other residents and public can learn from each other’s examples. HANGAR #1 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

10. CO-WORKING HALLS Co-working hall’s are located in Hangar #1 and fully merged with the startup boxes zone. HANGAR #1 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

11. LOCKERS 80 lockers for personal things, such as laptop 15" or backpack. HANGAR #1 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

12. COLLABORATIONS Collaborations is designed for brainstorming, process planning and discussion, accommodates up to 10 person teams, working on common projects. Collaborations is an open resource not meant for meetings and negotiations. HANGAR #1 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

13. CENTER FOR CHILDREN ENLIGHTENMENT Center for Children Enlightenment provides holistic approaches and space for their development away from the traditional educational system. Center provides an area for children to interact with each other and education through meaningful adventures. This allows parents to have the opportunity to have non-standard roles. e.g. Father taking care of the children and working at the same time and allows them to participate with the children in makerspace and/or workshops. SEPARATE BUILDING CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

14. EXPERIMENTARIUM Experimentarium - an environment where kids aged 3 to 10 years, discover the world through experiencing hands-on experiments together with inspiring mentors and tutors thus creating the moments that help shape the future generations. SEPARATE BUILDING CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

15. KIDS MAKERSPACE Kids Makerspace equipped with line equipment, allowing them design and implement their imagination excluding dangerous tools. Many ready-made solutions are offered from Lego, Arduino and Raspberry Pi along with creative guidance of experienced mentors. SEPARATE BUILDING CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

16. ANTI-CAFE Anti-cafe is a place to relax for globally-minded technology professionals, creative and media people. HANGAR #2 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

17. INVESTMENT CAFE Investment Cafe will become a legendary place; from the onset a very we will establish the tradition of meet-ups between startups and investors - to chat, discuss projects, venture deals, advice and guidance. The Investment Cafe is Dutch style cafe, with lots of energy, action, noise and best coffee in town. To add to the ambiance and help investors recognize potential investments, pictures of the various startup teams will be part of the decor. HANGAR #2, PART OF ANTI-CAFE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

18. MESSAGE BOARD The Message board is a huge whiteboard with various random messages from visitors. e.g. thoughts, help requests, personals, etc. HANGAR #2 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

19. MEETING ROOMS Meeting & Conferences Rooms are designed for the needs to organize a group meeting, briefing, discussion, etc. and invite up to 15 people. Each meeting room has a board table, chairs and a minibar. All rooms are equipped with large-screen TVs with camera, computer, microphone and speakers. Meeting preparation and computer connection with offsite and remote individuals or groups on Skype, Viber, Telepresence, etc. takes a minute. Service for online broadcast of the meeting with a handheld camera (go pro) is also provided. Meeting supports services such as our personal assistant service will be made available. e.g. assistants for note dictation, meeting minutes, forward meeting minutes to all participants, etc. HANGAR #2, BALCONY CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

20. MASTER-CLASSES AND SEMINARS Hanger #3 halls are intended for master-classes and seminars with max. occupancy up to 200 people. All lectures will be recorded on video for the archive, available on subscription. Workshops and master-classes will be held every day, seven days a week - with different themes and subjects, ranging from lean startup methodology to culinary ethnic cuisine. HANGAR #3 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

21. AMPHITHEATER Amphitheater is auditorium with a 200 people seating capacity, which will host media conferences of all sizes. The auditorium will be equipped with comfortable chairs, power outlets, internet outlets and headphones for translation into other languages. The auditorium is equipped with a powerful projector and large screen which provides the visitors the ability to watch videos recorded live or streaming. Press Studio will also available for TV programs, stand-up shows, jazz and electronic concerts and art-house movies. HANGAR #3 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

22. CREATIVE RESTAURANT Creative Restaurant - Test Kitchen where anyone can explore their creativity with various cuisine and future sustainable eco-cuisine. Anyone can be a creator based on their imagination or goal without being a chef. Creative Restaurant can accommodate many visitors, located in the hangar #3 and consists 2 floors. HANGAR #3 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

23. GAME SPACE Game space - a laboratory for computer game research, equipped with most powerful computers, as well as all existing consoles - Xbox, Sony Playstation, etc. including virtual reality headsets for 3D gaming - Oculus Rift. Game space will become home of excellence for the growing e-sports. e.g. League of Legends, Starcraft II, Dota 2, Smite, World of Tanks etc. HANGAR #3, LOWER LEVEL CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

24. MAFIA SPACE Mafia (also known as Werewolf) is a party game, which modeling a conflict between an informed minority (the mafia) and an uninformed majority (the innocents). Every night this area will gather groups of professional players. HANGAR #3, LOWER LEVEL CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

25. PRESS STUDIO Press Studio will be equipped with bulletproof windows, a simple but elegant furniture and understated, but solid design. The room will provides appropriate shooting light, sound and video system. Press Studio is a full featured interview and sound stage for uses ranging from basic interviews to special sound effects recording. Staging of the studio is modular to meet the video and presentation needs of internet based companies for marketing and advertisement. HANGAR #3, LOWER LEVEL CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

26. POST OFFICE The Creative Quarter will launch best service based post office in Ukraine which provides visitors the ability to send and receive letters, packages, purchases from Amazon, Ebay, bill payment and more. HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

27. POST OFFICE We want to give to all our residents, i.e. startups, vc’s, agencies, designers, journalists, publicists and , entrepreneurs - a real physicall access to an address. HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

28. STARTUP BANK This is a branch a white label of a well known financial institution, which will provide the needed and important services required by startups and investors. The Startup bank will be able to offer financial instruments and policies which are not normally available or accessible to the Ukrainian public in the past, such as convertible loans, startup packages, etc. Startup Bank also provides its own revolving credit financing accelerator program. HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

29. HACKERSPACE Hackerspace - a laboratory, equipped with a number of necessary machines (CNC, CAM, laser cutter, etc.), as well as 3D printers, soldering stations, digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer, variety of mechanic, precision, air and power tools. Access to raw and salvaged materials such as wireless components, engines and other materials. Hackerspace is dedicated to the people, who are interested in developing in the areas of robotics and automation. Also people who are engaged in designing, programming, modeling and artistic creativity. There will be assistants will be available in the Hackerspace, to advice and give assessment on projects. HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

30. WORKSHOPS Creative workshops: art workshop, theater workshop, children's ethno-shop, music shop, sports shop, etc. HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

31. LOUNGES ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE The social element is crucial for teamwork and co-operation. Creative Quarter provides a variety of different lounge spaces to accommodate the various moods of individuals and teams. CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

32. COFFEE-POINTS There will be 4 coffee stations spread across the Creative Quarter, equipped with coffee- machines, teapots, etc. At the coffee stations visitors will be able to prepare their coffee or tea. Visitors will be offered snacks, cookies, candies, etc. ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

33. TERRACES Terraces will be equipped with outdoor tables and chairs. During the summer, visitors will be offered different event nights - open-air art-house movies, concerts and shows. COURTYARD CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

34. GARDEN Garden will be common place for business and leisure for Creative Quarter visitors. The Garden is equipped with a chairs and electrical outlets to allow residents and visitors to work outside. During the winter garden will be transformed into a zone of snow activity, with a Christmas tree, ice castles, etc. COURTYARD CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

35. UNIQUE ECO-PARK GARDEN BEHIND THE HANGAR #4 Eco-park - is a green area, combining the brightest elements of the flora and the latest in high- tech fields, able to interact with nature, without causing any damage. Eco-park - is not only a place of recreation for the residents, but also a unique project as an experimental platform for inventors and manufacturers involved in eco-technologies. CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

36. UNIQUE ECO-PARK Wooden walkway which complements the ecosystem of trees and grass; Park lighting using battery power solar panels; Nooks for work and leisure; Irrigation systems; Instant monitored communication with the security service; Maze, wi-fi, zone of complete silence for walking, meditation and much more. GARDEN BEHIND THE HANGAR #4 CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

37. URBAN CENTER Center for urban planning will study issues related to the city development; exploring practices from around the world and creating unique best practices from Lviv’s unique city heritage. CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT GARDEN BEHIND THE HANGAR #4

38. TRAMS Two trams will be restored from the chassis of existing derelict trams which were part of Lviv from the beginning of the 19th century. CITY CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

39. HAPPENING Classical music, jazz, festivals, cinema, theater, literature, social projects and other forms of creative activity, including all forms and ways of self-expression and self-discovery. ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

40. DAY EVENTS We will often arrange summer day events - street food festivals, jazz and electronic concerts, festivals, conferences, parties in Cuban or Mexican style, children's days, family days and many more. ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

41. We will arrange summer night events - art-house movies, show of astronomers, etc. NIGHT EVENTS ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT

42. WRISTBANDS Wristband Access is a universal authentication, authorization and billing system for all Creative Quarter visitors. Wristbands will be equipped with a magnetic contactless chip. Wristbands will be distributed based on the color code of visitor's attachment to designation or description. E.g. developers, designers, journalists, advertisers, marketers, etc. At present there are ten designations available. ACROSS THE WHOLE SPACE CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT











53. TEAM CO-FOUNDERS OLEG MATSEH Founder of Lviv Public Forum, founder of RPR, Public Figure DMYTRO KOSAREV Co-founder N-iX, co- founder LITS MARK ZARKHIN Famous restaurateur, public figure TARAS KITSMEY Founder and board member of SoftServe corporation TARAS DOBRYANSKIY Chairman of"European House" Joint-Stock Company (Hotel "Leopolis") ILIA KENIGSHTEIN Creative Quarter Project Founder & CEO OLEG DRIN Investment Manager, K.Hartwall Invest Oy Ab

54. TEAM TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNERS IGOR PIGAREV GIR manager в Ericsson Ukraine ANDREY PISHCHIKOV Managing Director at HP Ukraine TATIANA NANAIEVA Corporate Affairs Manager at Intel Corporation VALERY FISCHUK Regional Government Relations Manager at Cisco Ukraine ANDREY BULACH Managing Partner at Deloitte OLEG BODNAR Country Manager at Cisco Ukraine ALEXEY ARISTOV Director Transaction Services and Financial Advisory Services ANATOLII VERES Head of Strategic Projects at HP Ukraine DMITRY KALITA Territory Manager at Intel Corporation NADIIA VASYLIEVA General Manager at Microsoft Ukraine OLGA SVYRYDENKO Head of Education Department at Microsoft Ukraine ВЛАДИМИР ДОХЛЕНКО IT Business Vice President at APC (Schneider Electric)

55. JOIN US Ukraine is seeing great problems and great opportunities during her time of transition. Now is the time to help steer Ukraine towards a positive future and provide support to younger generations to help create positive change for the country. Our ultimate goal is to create a country which creates opportunities; where people from other nations want to come to our country because of the standard of life and the opportunities available. Our nation is has never performed to her potential but now it is up to us to make this a reality. Diaspora are true Ukrainians because they had to maintain their identity in lands where they are the minority; their image of the motherland is romanticized. This has led to disappointment from their attempts to aid and support Ukraine. The reality and fantasy are not the same. It is our challenge and desire to change this for the good of all Ukrainians. Join us. COALITION CREATIVE QUARTER PROJECT CONCEPT


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