Raw Milk Benefits - Health Benefits of Raw Milk

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Information about Raw Milk Benefits - Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Published on July 7, 2008

Author: rainyclayday

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Raw Milk BenefitsWhat are the Health Benefits of Raw Milk? : Raw Milk BenefitsWhat are the Health Benefits of Raw Milk? Brought to you by: http://www.rawmilktruth.com Interested in raw milk? : Interested in raw milk? Thinking of switching to raw milk? You won't believe the wonderful benefits! Take the time to learn how healthy raw milk can be for you and you'll never buy the pasteurized and homogenized stuff again! What is Raw Milk? : What is Raw Milk? First, what is raw milk, anyway? It is very basically milk straight from the cow or goat, not pasteurized, not homogenized. Grocery Store Milk is Dead! : Grocery Store Milk is Dead! The milk you buy in the grocery store has been heated (pasteurized) and sometimes heated even further (ultra pasteurized) to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, this also kills the friendly bacteria and other nutrients and enzymes that would naturally be in the milk. Is it Safe? : Is it Safe? If you obtain your raw milk from a healthy grass-fed cow it is very safe to drink. Think about what people drank hundreds of years ago. They would never think to heat up their milk, just drank it straight from the cow. Raw Milk is Rich in Enzymes : Raw Milk is Rich in Enzymes The benefits are numerous. First, raw milk is very rich in enzymes and actually contains all of the 22 essential amino acids. This includes phosphate, which is important for the absorption of calcium. Natural Source of Calcium : Natural Source of Calcium And forget about all the synthetic calcium supplements out there, raw milk is truly the best source of calcium available Raw Milk contains B12 : Raw Milk contains B12 It is also a great source of vitamins, in particular vitamin B12, which is an important vitamin that is hard to find in non-meat sources. It also contains the enzyme IgG and vitamins A, B, and C. Lipase Aids Digestion : Lipase Aids Digestion Research shows that raw milk contains enzymes and antibodies that actually render milk less susceptible to bacteria. Lipase is also present which aids in the digestion of fats. CLA Fights Cancer : CLA Fights Cancer Raw milk contains CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, which has been noted to fight cancer. Does Raw Milk Taste Good? : Does Raw Milk Taste Good? But with all these benefits, does it actually taste good? It does. In fact, it tastes wonderful, much better than store-bought milk. Creamy and Fresh Tasting! : Creamy and Fresh Tasting! Even if you don't care for the taste of the stuff in the stores, you may find that you enjoy the taste of raw milk. It's creamier and fresher tasting. No Digestive Issues : No Digestive Issues And, although some people have digestive issues with the store-bought kind, that won't happen with raw milk. Start Enjoying Raw Milk : Start Enjoying Raw Milk With all the benefits, why not find a local farm and start enjoying this very healthful and nutritious food. Find More Information : Find More Information Raw milk benefits are stupendous, and more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. Find out more information and learn about raw milk at: http://www.rawmilktruth.com Enjoy Real Milk! : Enjoy Real Milk! www.rawmilktruth.com

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