Raw land investment process

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Information about Raw land investment process

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: yourlandlinks

Source: slideshare.net

How to Invest in Raw Land based on experience. This is not legal advice but tips based on experience.

Basics of Buying Raw Land 1.Find the property that fits your needs. 2.Identifying all the land's physical and legal characteristics and property rights. 3.Obtain financing and complete the transaction. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Common Land Use Farming Canoeing/Kayaking Fishing Family Hiking Fishing Hunting Hiking Beach Hunting Boating ORV/ATV Camping RVing Snowmobiling Sailing Mining Conservation http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Know Your Land Need  Begin with the end in mind. you need to know what you're going to use the land for.  Write down the land requirement. This will come in handy when you start looking for property. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Find your land  You can go through any one of these ⁻ Online raw land sales site. ⁻ Local classified posts. ⁻ Word of mouth  Browse through these pages for the property with the needs noted down. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Contact seller  Write down any questions that you have for the seller example ⁻ Clean Title ⁻ Access to the property. ⁻ Land use restrictions  When you contact seller have the parcel reference number at hand. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Due Diligence.  Contact the county and zoning offices to verify title and other restrictions.  Visit the land or hire a local to visit and send you some pictures.  For the property we sell, we’ll provide you with a detailed property report. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Enjoy Adventure?  If your up for it camp on the property especially if you intend to use it for that purpose.  This is not required for other land use purposes. www.yourlandlinks.com

Financing  Pay cash.  Owner financing agreement with the seller. At LandLinks Properties we offer owner financing option. www.yourlandlinks.com

Buy !!!  Initiate the transaction by expressing an interest to buy the property.  Close the transaction and you are now a Land Owner. http://www.yourlandlinks.com/

Buy with us. www.yourlandlinks.com yourlandlinks@mail.com Facebook.com/yourlandlinks twitter.com land@yourlandlinks.com

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