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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: raven5ive

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Raven5 Contest

CONTEST MARKETING Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

WHAT IS SOCIALMC2 About Socialmc2 Contest marketing assists advertisers in developing new and existing content to attract customers. It builds brand awareness and provides offers to a wider and varied marketplace. Additionally it provides a higher incentive for customers to opt-in and follow your brand. Everyone loves to win something, most importantly a contest provides favorable brand attitudes and company awareness. Contest marketing is the best way to engage current brand customers and provide incentive for new customers at the same time. By providing customers with the chance to win a prize for engaging with the brand you can easily maintain your audience and increase your reach with new customers. Socialmc2 is our custom designed contest marketing platform, providing you with a powerful tool for promoting your brand and engaging your customers.

WHAT IS SOCIALMC2 About Socialmc2 • STRATEGY Planning out the right type of contest for your needs based on your target market. • DEVELOPMENT Design and development of a custom contest microsite that fits your brands look and feel. • PROMOTION By using the right mix of email, social and online advertising we put the word out. • EXECUTION The entire contest is handled top-to-bottom including prize fulfillment and ballot counting. • METRICS Providing monthly reports, campaign reports with analysis and further recommendation.

WHAT IS SOCIALMC2 • The primary objectives of a Smc2 program are to build and expand your email database, and to increase your social currency (the extent to which people share a brand or information about a brand as part of their everyday social lives). Building Facebook “Likes” and sharing is a specific primary objective. • 5 distinct types of campaigns can be run, each tailored to a client’s needs. Contests or Coupons, as well as e-commerce campaigns for Donations, Products or Tickets. • A standard Socialmc2 Campaign runs 91 days, driven by email a minimum 3 times (once monthly) to the same list. Given email open rates are between 1217%, this ensures maximum reach within an email list. • Social Sharing is a pivotal component of the Socialmc2 process. Entrants are given the opportunity to share via Social Media Platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as friend-to-friend email sharing.

WHAT IS SOCIALMC2 About Socialmc2 What is social sharing? Social sharing is the broadcasting of our thoughts and activities. It’s a sociological phenomenon and it’s accelerating at the speed of light. Why is this an issue? Knowing what people are doing, where they are shopping, with whom they are interacting with, and knowing how much they are willing to spend, are all great marketing opportunities. Where? Facebook is the first place people look. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare are close seconds. When do you start? Your social media presence should already be established and if it’s not, you’re behind in the communications race, not to worry, one of our partners can get your program on the fast track. How? We have the solution, Socialmc2 combines sharing technology and our willingness to share with family and our friends just about anything.

WHAT IS SOCIALMC2 About Socialmc2 What is Social Currency? Sharing useful information, finding a deal, assisting someone with any kind of information increases your points, builds equity and can generate positive consumer attitudes about your brand. Sharing therefore acts as a form of currency. It's critical to remember that 83% trust the referral of a friend, while only 13% trust advertising. As such, Social sharing is the perfect referral vehicle for marketers. Determining those that influence your product and brand is critical to your future success. “Word of mouth advertising” and “Social Currency” are concepts that are imperative to your internet marketing and online advertising. You’ll be amazed at the results that social sharing can provide your brand and your messages.

About Socialmc2 WHY SMC2? Put it to work for your brand Contest marketing allows brands to attract, engage and convert new customers, fans and advocates. Add social media and you have a powerful catalyst for spreading a brand's message where it matters most. Socialmc2 Platform Benefits: • Increase email opt-in addresses • Increase Facebook friends and/or Facebook Page “Likes” • Increase Twitter "followers” • Increase your response rates • Gather Customer Data • Distribute content, offers or information

About Socialmc2 WHY SMC2? 1. Build Your Brand's Fan Base Whether you have 100 or 100,000 LIKES on your Facebook page, contests offer a proven way to increase that number. It can increase from 50 to 1,000 and from 15,000 to 30,000 LIKES in a matter of days or weeks when running the right contest. This isn't the only measurement to think about, but it is the one measurement that shows the power of promotion. A simple enter-to-win giveaway with a lower barrier to entry is usually the best option for those who are just starting out with contests or don't already have a large fan base in place.

About Socialmc2 WHY SMC2? 2. Engage Your Audience In addition, increasing the sheer number of people who interact with your brand through contest provides a means to deepen the connection between you and your consumers. A user-generated content promotion such as a photo or video contest is an excellent way to do that. These types of promotions tap in to the human drive to compete against one another. They allow everyone an opportunity for their 15 minutes of fame. Most importantly, when users enter their personal content (ie. photo, posting) to your contest they are naturally inclined to invest in your brand.

About Socialmc2 WHY SMC2? 3. Learn About Your Consumers With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process. You don't want to introduce too many barriers, but you also don't want to miss the opportunity to gain knowledge about your consumers. E.g. how they found out about your contest? What their favorite product is? Remember, that what you ask should be of equal value to what you offer in return. In addition, to collecting data as part of the entry process, you can also learn a great deal from the interaction and conversation that takes place around your contest, so be sure to pay attention.

About Socialmc2 WHY SMC2? 4. Empower Brand Advocates How would you like to have hundreds or thousands of fans helping to do your marketing, and spread the word about your campaign? It is important to have a promotional plan that encompasses multiple marketing channels, but thanks to sharing via social media, contests today enable an amplification of your marketing message that was not possible before.

The Socialmc2 Process A personalized email drives traffic to main contest microsite. A prospect is presented an offer, which they must validate by opting-in. This allows you to interact with your prospects while qualifying those interested in your brand and/or offer. This offer may be a prize or prizes, a coupon, or both. The prize should be relevant to your brand and service/product. The offer should be strong enough to cause prospects to take action. Keep in mind an offer will be extended far beyond your original list. In the instance of Bernina Canada, a Grand Prize had been offered followed by a “10% off any Bernina Product or Accessory” coupon to further entice a click-through to the contest microsite.

The Socialmc2 Process Microsite – Opt-In The email takes the prospect directly to the microsite, which reiterates the offer in the email and provides a form field for collecting data. In the instance of the purl link (personalized url), these fields will be pre-populated with as much information as is available from the supplied mailing list. The entrant merely needs to confirm the information is correct, and that they’ve read the Contest Details and Privacy Policy. Keep in mind that Opt-ins range from 45-55% when using purls, and approximately 12-20% without.

The Socialmc2 Process Microsite - Coupon The entrant is immediately given the opportunity to select 1 or more coupons, which will be rewarded at the end of the process.

The Socialmc2 Process Microsite Survey The survey is a great opportunity to learn more about those who are interested in your brand or product. You may ask as many multiple choice or single-choice questions as you’d like, however 3 questions are recommended (and no more than 5), to retain the entrant’s interest and promote completion of the process.

The Socialmc2 Process Microsite - Share Entrants are given the opportunity to share your offer in 4 ways: via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email. A standard image and short text message accompany each share. This is one ‘generation’of sharing. If you’ve shared with a friend, and that friends has then shared with another friend, this is two generations of sharing. Multiple generations of sharing is a great indicator that your offer is compelling, and people are engaged with your brand and offer.

The Socialmc2 Process Microsite – Thank you and Coupon The final step is a personalized ‘Thank You’ to the entrant, and the personalized coupon can be printed. There is an option to include a ‘Handoff’ link to a destination outside the microsite (as an example – ‘Homepage’). If a Facebook page exists, an official ‘Like’ button is embedded to increase your fan count and social reach.

Reporting The Socialmc2 Process Clients receive a bimonthly report detailing activity and Opt-ins on the microsite, as well as any survey results. Additionally, email deployment reports are provided. Opt-in results Survey results

Contest marketing allows brands to attract, engage and convert new customers, fans and advocates. Add social media and you have a powerful catalyst for spreading a brand's message where it matters most.

Stay In Touch: RAVEN5 Ltd. 461 North Service Rd. W, Unit B31 Oakville, ON, L6M 1Y3 T - 905 469 8345 T - 1 855 543 8345 info@raven5.com www.raven5.com www.raven5media.com www.socialmc2.com

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